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Life's Long Journey: Cindy's Choice

Author's note: I was inspired to write this piece when I read an article about the 9/11 attack. I was fascinated...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this piece when I read an article about the 9/11 attack. I was fascinated and completely scared after reading it. I decided to write about a girl's journey after she was being affected by the attack, as well.
I hope people will understand that real people are going through or have gone through something similar, sometimes resulting in something far worse then becoming Gothic. I hope people will be able to put themselves in Cindy's shoes and figure out how they would deal with a loved one dying. I hope people will learn and love my story!  « Hide author's note
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September 9th, 2001-10 Years later

Chapter One
September 9th, 2001- 10 years later

“Mom?! Where are my denim jeans? I need them for school tomorrow!” Cindy yelled to her mom.
Cynthia Jillian Tarry was medium height and has soft, silky blonde hair. She also has
muscular legs and arms. But, the only thing on her that made her unique was her deep, soft, purplish eyes. She received her purplish eyes from her father who also had blond hair and was muscular. She was teased for her blonde hair and purplish eyes. She didn’t exactly know why her and her father had purplish eyes, and neither did the doctor. It could have been a combination of colors from her grandparents. Her mom poked her head in her daughter’s room and answered her inquiry.
“They’re in the laundry room, Bubbles.”
Her mom also called her Bubbles like her father did. Cindy’s mom was medium height and had brown hair which was daily put up in a bun. She has brown eyes. Her mother’s name is Geraldine. Her mother had a soft light voice which was a big benefit in Cindy’s part. Cindy often was caught in an argument with her mom.
“Mom, when’s dinner?” I am starving!” Cindy called.
Her mom didn’t answer at first and then called back to her nagging daughter.
“Honey, stay patient, it’ll be done in one hour,” she said calmly.
Cindy couldn’t wait an hour so she called her best friend Chelsea.
“Hey Chels!” she chimed on the opposite end to her friend.
“Hey Cindy! How’s it goin’?” Chelsea asked gaily.
“Fine. But my mom is starving me! I am so hungry!” she complained.
Cindy and Chelsea had a moment of silence until Chelsea broke it like popping a balloon.
“Hey, do you want to go shopping?” Chelsea asked her friend.
Cindy paused to think the question over.
“When are we gonna do this?” Cindy asked.
Her friend immediately answered with excitement.
“Right now!”
“What?! Are you CRAZY?!”
“Of course not!” Chelsea said. “You can sneak out your window, and I’ll meet you in my car behind your house at the back road.”
“I don’t know-”
“Cindy! What is there to think about?”
“Alright, alright!” Cindy reluctantly agreed.
She got ready quickly and stood at her window and looked for Chelsea. Her friend soon arrived ten minutes later. She signaled Cindy to come out. Cindy opened her window and carefully climbed out. Luckily, her house was only one story, and it was easy for her to get out. Once she was through, she closed the window silently so her mom wouldn’t hear. She ran to Chelsea’s car and climbed in.
“Hey!” Chelsea exclaimed.
“I can’t believe I am doing this,” Cindy said shakily.
Chelsea sighed loudly. She started her engine and drove down the back road and onto the highway. Chelsea turned on the radio and opened the top of the convertible. Cindy and her friend put on their sunglasses and sang along to the hip hop song on the radio.
“I love this song!” Cindy said excitedly.
Chelsea laughed and nodded, agreeing with her friend.
“Hey, has anyone asked you to the dance yet?” Chelsea asked turning the volume down.
Cindy frowned and shook her head.
“What?! Well, I was asked. By Logan Jameson!”
Cindy shrieked and hugged her friend.
“No way!”
“Yes way!”
“Logan is the hottest guy in school! He’s also the captain of the football team!” Cindy exclaimed.
Chelsea drove into the mall’s parking lot and immediately began looking around for a parking spot.
“C’mon!” Chelsea said angrily.
She soon found one and, once she got parked, another car parked beside them. A pink bug. They knew who it belonged to. Chelsea’s other friends. The girls got out and walked up to Chelsea’s car.
“Hey girl!” one of them said.
Her name was Christy. She was Logan’s ex-girlfriend.
“Hi!” Chelsea and Cindy said, together.
They were all popular in school, especially Christy. She was known as the ‘ring leader.’ Her two other companions were Eve and Lili-Anne.
“Are you two going shopping?” Eve asked Cindy.
“Yeah, we are.”
“Well, we are going to look for dance dresses at Deb’s,” Lili-Anne said happily.
They had entered the mall. The clique walked in a groups towards Deb’s. Lili-Anne and Eve walked together, and Cindy, Chelsea and Christy walked together. They first stopped at the food court and bought latte’s. Then they headed on toward Deb’s. They soon arrived but were soon told to exit from the store when the manager scolded them.
“Hey! You know you aren’t suppose to drink in here!” he said.
Christy Frowned.
“Fine! Whatever!” she balked back.
They walked out and threw away the drinks, even though they weren’t finished. They walked back in and began to look for dresses.
“Hey, Cindy, check this out! It’s a purple dress. It matches your eyes really well,” Eve said. “Might even make them prettier.”
Christy giggled softly.
“I’m joking!” she said.
“I know!” Cindy assured her.
They continued to shop when Cindy looked at her watch.
“It’s 5:45! I have to get homes” she told Chelsea.
Chelsea sighed and nodded.
“Gotta go!” she paid for her dress and walked out.
“I am so sorry!” Cindy apologized as they were headed down the corridor of the mall.
“It’s fine, I was actually getting bored in there,” Chelsea said.
They exited the mall and walked to her car. They got in and put on their sunglasses and Chelsea turned on her car radio.
Cindy glanced at her watch.
“You are fine. I’ll get you home.”
They sang along to the radio again. There was a soft wind. It blew Cindy’s hair around. The second song came on again. Chelsea pulled up to Cindy’s backyard and said goodbye. She drove away. Cindy looked at her watch to see what time it was.
“5:57,” she muttered.
The stocky teenage girl ran to the window and opened it up and crawled through, trying not to make any noise. Cindy changed back into the clothes she had on before she left for the mall. Her mom knocked on the door.
“Come in,” Cindy said, giving permission.
“Honey, time for dinner.”
Cindy walked out with her and into the kitchen. She helped her mom put the supper on the dinner table. While Cindy brought out their salads, her mom made a conversation.
“Are you hungry enough for dessert?”
“Sure! Like what?” Cindy asked.
“Nothing much, just devil’s food cake.”
Cindy gasped with excitement. Her mom came out with two plates each with a slice of devil’s food cake. It had thick, creamy chocolate icing. Whipped cream swirls on the top and the they curved perfectly. She sat them down at each spot on the table then sat down in her chair. Cindy then sat down and positioned herself comfortably. Her mom held her hand, and they bowed their heads. Cindy’s mom closed her eyes, but Cindy didn’t. Her mom began the prayer.
“Dear Heavenly Father. We pray for the unfortunate people in this country. The sick, and troubled. Please extend Your hand to them. We also pray for good health for us. And keep our dear Paul safe in your arms. In Jesus name we pray, amen.”
They began eating their salads.
“Honey, how was school today?” her mom asked and then put a forkful of lettuce into her mouth.
Cindy paused before she answered this one.
“OK?” her mom repeated.
“Yes, OK.”
Cindy stopped eating and set down her fork.
“Mom, why did you, during the prayer, mention dad?”
“Why not,” Her mom answered.
“He’s dead?” she said, in a reminding tone.
Just then, the phone rang. Cindy’s mom scurried to answer it.
“Hello?” she solicited the caller. “Excuse me? When can we see her?” she questioned tensely.
Cindy’s mom soon said goodbye and put the phone down frantically. She quickly grabbed her shoes, jacket and purse.
“Wha- what’s wrong?!” Cindy quickly asked.
Her mom pulled her out of her seat and they both rushed out the door. Luckily, Cindy had shoes on. They dashed to the car. Cindy sat in the passenger seat and her mom sat in the driver’s seat. She started the car and in 30 seconds was out of their driveway.
“Mom! What’s going on?” Cindy repeated.
Her mom hesitated before she started to answer. She spoke in a somewhat peaceful voice.
“Dear, your grandma just had a heart attack. They don’t think she’ll make it so we are going to visit her.”
“Grandma?” Cindy mumbled.
That was her last living grandparent. Her other grandparents died on her mom and her dad’s side. They soon arrived in the hospital’s parking lot. They parked and ran across the blacktop, through the automatic hospital doors. Cindy stopped and looked around to see an older woman on a bed being rolled hastily down a hallway. Cindy ran after her. Her mom got a glance in the same direction and followed. The doctors and nurses rushed into a room and shut the doors. Cindy and her mom were too late to get any information, so they sat down on a bench set up in the hallway. Cindy kept having flashbacks of being in the same hospital when her dad died. I keep seeing him in his bed. My mom’s face when she heard the news, and the words “I love you, she thought.
“Is grandma okay?” Cindy asked feebly.
She felt like she had no power. Like she couldn’t do anything to help keep her grandma from slipping away.
Her mom shook her head, her eyes beaming with concern, and shrugged.
“I don’t know.”
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