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Unwilling Secrets

Author's note: This is the first of four novels that I am working on, I hope you guys like it. Please send me...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is the first of four novels that I am working on, I hope you guys like it. Please send me some feedback, Thanks for reading!  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1

Four minutes. That's all I had left to wait. I had been waiting for this moment for the entire day and finally, it was only four minutes away. My pen impatiently tapped on the mint green desk as I studied the cartoons that had been etched into it over time. I attempted to focus on the teacher. I sat behind my pile of textbooks, intensely watching the clock, waiting to hear that ding. Being that new student isn’t all its cracked up to be.
Flinching slightly, I was tapped on the back. Turning around I was found myself staring into the pale blue eyes of a round faced girl. I could see the intense curiosity in her eyes as she studied my every feature. Miserably, I confronted the same question I had heard from everybody.
“Hi, I’m Amber you’re new here right?”
“Yes.” I was never much of a voluble girl. I kept to myself and said as little as possible, knowing it was better this way. Since age five to my now age of seventeen, I haven’t lived in the same town for more than a couple of months. My Father and I move around a lot. I simply stopped trying to talk to new people thinking it would make leaving worse. Amber’s high-pitched voice pulled me from my trail of thoughts once again.
“Oh, first day at this school?”
“Yea, it is.” I said with no manner of emotion.
She started to gaze at me like I was either insanely shy or just plain insane.
“What’s your name,” She continued, after a moment.
Boy is she persistent! “It’s Alexis Parks but everyone calls me Lexie.” I said, not like having to tell people my full name. I wish I could permanently rename myself Lexie, just Lexie. I gazed at the minute hand moving sluggishly pleading to the clock to move faster if only for a moment.
“Pretty,” she chirped enthusiastically.
“How do you like it here?”
“It’s pretty nice here.”
“If you need a place to sit at lunch you can sit at my table if you want.” I could see a glint of hope lighten her eyes as she waited for my answer.
“Uh,” I stuttered wasting time, “I don’t really know where I am sitting but…” To my utter satisfaction the bell answered my prayer before Amber could get an answer out of me.
“Well nice to meet you Lexie.” She called cheerfully.
I merely nodded in her direction as I picked up my textbooks and stumbled out of the classroom door comforted by the fact I would not have to suffer through many more shy “hellos” and “Do you need help finding your next class?” from any more students.

I fumbled with my locker combination as my other classmates giggled and chatted their ways down the hallway. Some moving towards their own lockers and inserted their combinations flawlessly, while others disappeared down the further linking hallways. The shaggy brown haired boy with the band tee on my left turned his torso in my direction.
“Your new here right?”
“Yea,” I sighed, “I am.” I settled my misty gray eyes on him; he was staring at me with an expression I could hardly make sense of. My thoughts of myself were average, just another girl, and I liked it that way. When people thought of you as average then they never really thought to get to know you, they just look over you like your not there. My Carmel brown hair hung down past my shoulders. I hoped to blend in and kind of morph into the walls of the school unnoticed. Third period I had miserably found out no such luck. I had by that time heard from at least fifteen people that everyone was so excited that they had a new student and how everyone wanted to meet her.
I sighed. Great, just perfect I get exactly what I didn’t want, just what I need more attention. As I internally fumed, the boy continued to stare.
“The names Ethan, What’s yours?”
“Lexie,” I said shyly. I examined him as he raised his broad eyebrows in response, like he was flattered I was blushing, self-conscious. I had never been good with talking to people, let alone boys. I quess you could say I was somewhat a loner, but I didn’t mind, I liked it that way.
“Cute name,” he continued, “I think you’re the only one in this town with that name in fact, and I pretty much know everyone. How bout’ I show you around sometime?” He winked at me playfully.
I struggled for an excuse. I had better things to deal with.
“Thanks, but no. Sorry.”
He kept smiling totally oblivious and unaffected by my rejection, “Its ok, tell me if your up for it another time.
“Mhm,” I mumbled. Something in the back of my mind told me it wasn’t going to be easy to discourage him without hurting his feelings.
“Catch you later Lexie.” He smiled boyishly, turned, and strolled down the hall. I sighed in relief, the school was mostly empty now and sneaking out to my car unnoticed would be an easy task.
I staggered out through the deserted parking lot to my car, angry and thankful. The first school day was over, behind me. I took in deep breaths trying to calm myself with the fact that the worst was over. School was such a bother sometimes I wish I could just walk on out. Why did people have to talk to me? I never like to make friends with my dad’s never settling job. What was I going to do about Ethan? I did not want a boyfriend, also, did he really like me, or was he just goofing off to the new girl?
Lost in deep thought I scarcely noticed my keys slipping through my fingers into a nearby puddle. I reached mindlessly to pick them up, but they weren’t there!
Questions flew threw my head like arrows in an archery field. How could they disappear? How will I get in? What will my father think if I call looking for a spare? I began to feel very idiotic for losing such a simple thing to keep an eye on. I shifted my body to a standing position and spun in a circle, keeping my eyes glued on the concrete beneath me. Did I drop them by the…
A close by throat clearing broke me from my frantic search; I realized I was casting my eyes on a startlingly gorgeous face not two feet away. I froze.
“Your keys I presume?” He inquired in a beautiful, yet subtly mocking voice, raising his eyebrows at my petty performance of idiocy. I stared across his plains, taking in the striking icy blue eyes, the strong jaw, and the luscious lips.
He had noticed my stupidity, yet it intrigued me how polite he was nevertheless. All the sudden I felt myself wish I knew him. My heart clenched and my eyes widened. Mutely, I nodded in response, too taken aback to even mutter an answer. The silence held, handing the keys to me I couldn't help but feel that from one look of his eyes he had already judged me, that he knew my darkest secrets, and that he had seen straight into my soul. I could tell that he could completely understand me, and that he already knew everything there was to know. Not knowing what to say to this man who had already determined my entire character within a simple stare, I subconsciously held out my slightly shaking hand to receive the keys. Handing them to me he watched me with his piercing blue eyes, and I felt like I was going to collapse. Breaking off the stare, he turned away, and with a swoosh of his jacket walked down the pavement in the opposite direction. I continued staring at him strolling away content that he had broken off the connection before I had passed out. At moments like this most people have questions flying through their head, but I had only one. Who was this man?
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This book has 4 comments. Post your own now!

Jurdibird said...
Sept. 18, 2012 at 8:44 pm
I'm trying to write as fast as possible. Sometimes I just get really distracted though which stinks :b i should have more up soon though!
half.note said...
Jun. 4, 2012 at 12:14 am

To describe this:

Fantastic, terrific, amazing, and synonyms alike!

You have done a great job with your characters and plot. I can't wait to read more!

Keep up the good work. :D

Jurdibird replied...
Aug. 28, 2012 at 9:37 pm
thank you! also if you have any critics I would love to hear them aswell(:
half.note replied...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 10:50 am
There's not much for you to improve on. You have a great plot and excellent dialogue. If anything, pay more attention to sentence structure and punctuation. Try reading out loud to yourself--pausing at commas and stopping at periods-- to see how it sounds. If it sounds wrong, add punctuation where it will sound right. I hope this helps. :)  And please post more soon. I'm waiting...

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