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Collaboration: Bigger Than Me

Author's note: This is a collabortaion, if you would like to join in you can find us in the writers workshop...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is a collabortaion, if you would like to join in you can find us in the writers workshop section of the fourm under "A Line Game,"  « Hide author's note
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The Real Problems

Zack was actually glad to get home, until his parents started to talk to him. "Atom's mom just called and said that Atom came home crying, do you have any idea as to what is wrong?"
He froze not knowing how to respond, part of him wanted to break down and tell his mother everything and another part knew that he had to keep Atom's secret. "No," he said.
"Oh, I just, I saw you talking with him outside and was hoping you knew."
"Sorry," he
Again this is all SweetPolarBearHugs, UnderHisFinfer, TyTy22, and RyanTyler. You know where to find us if you want to add something and please leave a comment and a rating to tell us how we are doing.
"It's alright," she shook her head, "Some things wrong with that boy, he's been having fits like these for some time now." Zack was silent trying to take in the information presented to him, he hadn't heard about Atom having problems until now. "First that suicide attempt, now he's just falling apart. I told his mom that she should have admitted him into some sort of mental hospital but she wouldn't listen." Zack was shocked, one that Atom had attempted suicide and two, and he felt as if his mom was trying to make sure he didn't end up an emotional wreck like Atom.
"Mom why would you even say that!? We're teenagers, we go through a lot!" Zack snapped. His mother sighs.
"I'm sorry Zack...I should have known but he's been trying to kill himself!!!!" Zack swallows hard.
"He's just having a hard time just like me after all Karman had-" He stops both faking and really feeling upset. Zack didn't notice he was crying until his mother held him in her arms. He sobs as he shook hard.
"That’s why he's been trying to kill himself?...Because of Kerman?"
Zack weeps harder and cries out "YES!!!" He knew he had half lied half told the truth. Yes Atom missed his sister but that wasn't the reason why he was probably trying to kill himself.
”Dinner will be ready soon we're having pasta tonight.” She kissed him on the head, ”And were still going to talk about the therapy sections, not just for you but the whole family.” Zack nodded not wanting to argue with her. He then made up his mind that he had to have a
more serious talk with Atom.
Zack slipped out the back door making sure no one saw him. "Atom," Zach whispered hoping he could hear me.
"Zack?" His voice was watery and Zach immediately felt bad about what had happened earlier today.
"Atom, why did you try and commit suicide?" The fact that he would ever try and purposely die was beyond Zack! He heard someone suck in a sharp breath and turned around to see his mom standing behind him. "MOM!" Zack cried out startled she had followed him.
”Nice to see you.” Atom smiled up at Zack's mom trying to wipe his eyes.
”Zack why did you sneak out? You could of just asked if you wanted to go see Atom.” She said.
”Sorry I just, I needed to make sure he was okay.”
His mom nodded, when Atom's dad came out, well, they heard him before they saw him, “Atom you better not still be out here crying like a damn pussy!!!
Atom tries but straightened out, “I'm out here talking with Zack.” He yelled back.
”I swear some times I think you and that boy...” He paused seeing Zack's mom.
"Hello Jim." Zack's mother says a little annoyed by what he was about to say.
"Oh umm Betty. I didn't know you were here." Atom's father says shocked that she was here.
"Yes. Me and Zack just wanted to make sure that Atom was okay."
"Yes...my wife told you didn't she?" He says a little bit angered.
"Me and Gigi are close friends and she tells me every thing." Zack knew what his mom really meant by that. She meant you-better-be-careful-of what-you-say-for-now-on-or-else. Zack, for once, was glad that his mother had fallowed him.
”It was nice seeing you Betty.” Him said curtly, “We were just about to sit down to dinner, would you like to come in?” He asked just because it was polite but anyone could tell he didn't really mean it.
”No thanks, we need to get home. Goodnight.” The walk home was mostly silent, Zack could tell his mom was in deep thought about something. Even, when they got home it was quiet until he went to bed. He was able to hear parts of their conversation. “Did you know that poor boy has a girl friend now?” His mothers voice.
”You mean Atom?” He could here his fathers laughter.
”I wish you were there, you can tell his dad knows but won't let him be.”
”Maybe I should talk with him, the boy needs a real man role module in his life.”
”You should take him and Zack out to do something.”
”I will, once we get back on track. What did he say about the therapy section?” ”He doesn't want to.”
”He'll come around.”
Zach wished they wouldn't talk like they thought he wasn't listening. Zach leaned back down onto my pillow, scared at what might come next. Adams dad, my parents, Kimmy.....Even though he knew it would never happen Zach wished it would all just go away
At school it seemed like Atom was avoiding him. He pasted by his locker with out even looking at Zack, sat on the opposite side of the room from him in class and was no were to be found at lunch. Kimmy said that he'd been doing the same thing to her and that she was worried this random withdrawal.
Zach was confused on why Atom was avoiding him; he thought they had straightened it all out yesterday. "Atom?" Zach called as he walked into the bathroom he had just seen Atom run in moments before.
"Go away Zach!"
"Why?" Zach was flustered, Atom was his best friend!
"Dang it Zach! Does there always have to be a reason?!?!"
"If it means avoiding me then yeah!" Zach felt his breath catch as he watched Atom walk out of the stall. The bruise took up most of his face making Atom have to squint partially. "ATOM! What happened?"
Atom sighed a sarcastic grin on his face, “You know what's funny? All of this started because I wanted to help you. That was the one thing I was always good at, taking care of you. But some how I even managed to screw that up.” He was laughing in a bit of a giggle fit leaving Zack to wonder if Atom had more issues than he lead on. ”I almost told him everything last night, I went to open my mouth and it was like he knew what I was about to say and he punched me in the face. Normally it's always the torso so no one will see the bruises. But he was so mad that once he started he just wouldn't stop.” Tears were streaming down Atom's face as he braced himself on one of the sinks. ”And I was crying, Dad stop, please!” he was actually yelling now, ”but he wouldn't. So I looked at my mom and asked her to make him stop but she just shook her head and left.” He collapsed to the floor holding himself as he sobbed.
Zack was outraged; anger was starting to flow through his veins. "That's not okay!!! That's just- just-" He couldn't get the words out of his mouth since he was so angry.
"I-I kept on screaming for him to stop...he just wouldn't stop, Zack. He just wouldn't!! He left me laying on the floor.. He made my little brothers watched, Zack!!! He yelled at them. "You see this!? This is what will happen if I ever find out that any of you are gay!!!!!" Atom sobs louder, his body shook even harder.
”What’s going on in here?!” Ms. Brown asked as she stepped into the BOYS bathroom. Everyone must have heard the screaming. Ms. Brown looked at the scene in front of her, a crying Atom and an angry Zack and made a conclusion. ”Zackary what did you do?!”
”It wasn't me!” Zack defended.
”It wasn't him.” Atom confirmed, trying his best to pull himself together.
”What happened to your face Atom?” She asked gently, like when his mom asks a question she already knows the answer to.
”I walked into a door.”
”What about the bruise l on your neck, it looks a lot like two hands.”
”It's nothing.”
”Atom, if you want this to stop you have to us.”
”I'm fine!” He yelled. Ms. Brown didn't even look fazed. ”I'll give you a minute to compose yourself and then you're going to the nurse.”
”Ms. Brown, can I talk to you?” Zack asked.
”Sure, I'll be right back Atom.” They stepped it of the bathroom.
”His dad did this to him.” Zack blurred out, hoping she wouldn't ask why.
”I know.” Was all she said, “You should get to class.”
”But... What about Atom?”
”I'll take care of him.” She promised, “Now get to class.” Zack nodded leaving to class and he wasn't surprised to see Kimmy waiting for him.
”Did you talk to him.” she asked impatiently.
”It's a long story,” Zack sighed, ”I don't want to talk about it.”
”You didn't do anything to him, did you?” Her eyes narrowed.
”Why does everyone keep asking me that.”
”I know I've only known him for a little while, but everyone there's something wrong with him it's either you or his dad. So talk.”
Zack notices Brian sneaking out of an exit door behind Kimmy. He groans. Now what's he up to?! "Looks like class will have to wait a little bit longer." He starts to run towards the exit door where is another friend had went through.
"Where are you going?!" He heard Kimmy yells.
"I'll tell ya later, cover for me until I come back." He slips out of the door, not waiting to hear her reply. He sees Brian running up the block and quickly starts after him. Where is he going!? His mind asks as he ran up the block. He stops, hiding behind a tree as Brian walks into a flower shop. He peeks over just in time to see Brian come out holding a bunch of blood red roses. Flowers? What's he going to do with them? He has no girlfriend.... He watch as Brian gets on him black and silver motorcycle, putting on a dark red helmet that looks just like a speed car racer's with that black thing that covers your face. Zack watch as Brian starts to drive off and quickly starts to run. He knew where he was going to...the cemetery.
Zack sighed when he recognized which cemetery it was. He watch as
Brian put the flowers down on Karman's plot and started to talk to her. He couldn't really make out what he was saying so he went to move closer only to be stopped by a hand on his arm. He turned around and to his surprise saw Kimmy. ”What are you doing here.”
”You rushed off really quickly so I came to make sure you we're okay, that and I wanted to make sure I got my answers.” Zack just looked at her trying to figure out how he hadn't noticed her following him.
”She never did know he liked her did she. I mean it was pretty obvious that he was always flirting wasn't it. It's a same how sometimes you can miss the most important thing in life.” Zack decided that he was defiantly taking up his moms offer for therapy, because there was no way Kimmy could of said what she just said because she wasn't around during the time of his sisters death, and no one told her so how does she know.
"H-how did you know that?" Zack stutters a bit. He watches her as she gazed at Brian, thoughtfully.
"Such a big mistake." She looks up at him with sadden eyes. "It really was, Zack. You should have never had taken her to that lake." Zack stares at her bewilder, he was freaking out in his head.
"How the hell did you that?!" He half yells half whispers so that Brian wouldn't know that they were here.
"She told me."
"Who told you!? No one else knows about it, so how would you know!?" He felt really angry and sad at the time. She sighs. Zack notices that she had dark purple circles under her dark green eyes.
"It is hard to explain...I'll tell him when the time is right okay." Zack heard her mumble the last sentence under her breath.
She sighed, “You want to make it up to her don't you, about what happened that night.” Zack stayed quite not knowing what to say. ”A lot of stuff is about to happen. Brian will hate himself for it and Atom will die in one of there ways. Brian hands, his fathers hands or his own hands. You can stop this if you want to.”
”How?” Zack asked.
”That's up to you; just remember that every favor needs to be returned eventually.” And with that she walked away.
”What are you doing here.” Brains voice suddenly demanded from behind.”
”B-brian” Zack stuttered out.
”We're you spying on me!”
”It's not what it looks like.”
Brian picked him up by the front of his shirt. ”Don't give me that garage!” Zack knew what was coming next, ever since Karman's death Brian had been increasingly violent.
”Brian please don't...”
”What's wrong your boy friend not around to save you this time.” Before he could answer he felt a fist in his stomach. ”That was a warning next time it will be worse.” Brian dropped him, got on his motorcycle and drove off. Zack got to his feet deciding to head back to school. He had to talk to Kimmy.
Zack slips through the same exit door from before. He looks both ways, trying to see if Kimmy hadn't gotten to her class yet. He sees her as she turns around the corner. He dash after her, trying not to pay attaining to the pain where Brian had punched him. He turns around the corner, watching as Kimmy walks down the hallway in a very slow way like she was trying daydream and walk at the same time. "Kimmy?" Zack went over to her, walking by her side. "Kimmy, we need to talk about this more." She doesn't answer. "Kimmy!" He looks at her eyes, noticing that they looked sort of vacant. "Kimmy, are you okay?" No answer. "Kimmy, say something!" He steps in front of her, grabbing both of her shoulders roughly. "Kimmy, answer me!!!"
Her sparkless, empty like dark green eyes look at his face, "I won't do it." She whispers.
"What? What do you mean by that?"
"No, I can't. It might kill him!" Zack was getting confused and scared.
"Kill who? What are you talking about!?"
She starts to shake. "I WON'T DO IT!!!!!" Before she could hit the ground from fainting, Zack pulls her to his chest tightly. What the hell is going on!? His mind yells at him.
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Quite interesting...keep writing :)
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