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Drama sucks But so do we

Author's note: I started writing this book waaay before I even started writing books online. I never posted it...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I started writing this book waaay before I even started writing books online. I never posted it because I felt it would not be very likeable but I have changed my mind and would like everyone else to enjoy the humor and suspense within my book. Enjoy:)  « Hide author's note
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All About Me

Have you ever been somewhere, and felt like you were home? Some place that makes you happy, and feel loved? A place that makes you feels like you belong?
I have a place like that. It's the greatest place in the world. It's my true home. The skate park...

Hi. I'm Kayla Santiago. I'm the best there is in my town, and I'm not being cocky.
I've done every trick in the book. You name it I've done it. Skate boarding's my life.

I'm not like most girls. I don't care
So I know this sounds boring but this is just how I felt I should start it out:) it gets better along the road.
what people think about me. I prefer to stand out then blend in with the plastic Barbie’s.
I mean don't get me wrong, I wear makeup, and stuff, but I don't obsess about my appearance. It's not my highest priority.

I don't date much, because well I'm kind of a smart ass. I can't help it. Every time a guy tries to flirt with me I throw some smart-ass comment at them, and they back off. It's in my nature.

Guys don't usually like girls with big mouths.
I know your probably thinking that my attitudes probably not the only reason guys don't like me. Well I can tell you now I'm not ugly. I'm like the total opposite. If I didn't have attitude problem's guys’d swarm me.

You see I have pitch black, shoulder length hair with bright red highlights, light green eyes, a natural golden tan, and a curvy figure.

If that doesn't convince you then this will.
On the first day of my freshman year I went to school in sweat pants, a t-shirt, flip flops, no makeup, and my hair was thrown in a pony tail.

With in ten minutes of being there I had been asked out like five times. I can't even count the total from the whole day.
Of course I don't get asked out as much anymore, because everyone knows me now, and they don't feel like getting brutally rejected.

Now you probably thinking that since I have such attitude, and anger issues that I'm a troublemaker with bad grades. Sorry if I burst your bubble, but I'm pretty much a strait A student in every class, but history. Although the first part is an understatement. I'm much worse than a troublemaker. I'm a fighter...

Like I said I have attitude, and anger issues. There's always some punk guy that thinks I need to be taught a lesson, so needless to say I get into a lot of fights, but here's the good news. I've never lost.

My mom put me in Karate when I was four, because she didn't want anyone to be able to hurt me. Karate is almost as important to me as skateboarding.
It shouldn't be that such a surprise that I'm a black belt to most guys, but every time I kick their ass.
I can tell you now I'm not a bully. I fight for good causes.
You’d think that because of all my fighting, that everyone would hate me, but no. Fighting is how I gained my respected from everyone in my town.

I guess you could say my town is very violent, but that's not completely true. We're family, and family's always fight. We love and hate each other. That's just how things go.

Now where do I live might you ask? I live in Pleasanton Kansas, with my mom, dad, and little brother.
My brother, Kevin is twelve. He's a little demon.
My dads not usually around much, because he travels a lot for work, so my mom raises us all by herself.

Well now that you know pretty much everything about me, let’s move on to my everyday life.
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Sarah1311 said...
Feb. 14, 2012 at 11:58 am
I like it, honestly it sounds like something I would read, and other then a few missplaced words you did a good job. Is this a summery for a future story of yours?

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