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Day Breaker Academy:

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The Lake

“Jump, Jump, Jump,” The group of boy’s yelled. The brown haired free thinker was backed up on the edge of the hill, which went over the school lake. The crowed of overly buff jockeys stood around him yelling at him. Telling him this was pay back. His Hazel eyes were wide with fear. He had no clue what he did. “Go on then. Jump,” Yelled the so called leader of the school. Griffin Redfern is the captain of the football team and is the stat quarter back of the football team. So really he is your typical high school hot guy. You’d think that he would go out with the head cheerleader. With her beach blond hair and blue eyes, but no he’s not your complete typical jock. “Jump dork. JUMP!” He screamed. Moving toward the fear stricken student on the hill. I looked over at Ali.
“Oh no, I know that look,” She said her hands going up as she backs away. My hand snakes out and grabs her writs. “Quinn, No,” she said planting her feet on the ground. “He’s a jerk, and he’ll hurt you again,”
“It’s better than this,” I said. Letting go of her wrist I start to walk over to the group. I called over my shoulder “You have to drive him home all wet in you car to,”
“Fine,” She said her voice reaching me just as she did. “I’ll help,” I smile my famous smile at her.
“Griffin! Your are suck a dick nowadays,” I yelled at him. At the sound of my voice his head whipped around. I saw the shock of seeing me fill’s his face. Quickly he composes his face, like any other jockey he doesn’t want his friends to see him down. His back up man, Cayden Wintusk, walks up and puts his hand on Griffins tan shoulder. All the while he was glaring at me. Why at me? He was the one who pushed me to do it. Griffins baby blue eyes lock on my chocolate brown ones. I bet that now you’re thinking. Oh so he has blond hair that looks like gold in the sun, and she does to. Well that just so happens to be true but it’s not his fault, but I don’t have blond hair like he does my hair is auburn, but it’s a reddish auburn. I keep it up in a bun because I don’t like it, and because he used to like it down
“Well if it isn’t Miss I’m-too-good-for-you,” he said with a sneer. He puts on a fake smile. He spreads his arms and bows. “Why do we owe you this extraordinary pleasure,” he asked sarcastically. As his arms go down I hear the sloshing noise of liquid in a bottle. My eyes flash to his tan arms and up to his hand. In it I see the source of the sound. The light hit the liquid making it shine amber.
“Oh so your now ridding your pain by alcohol,” I snapped at him. A smile spreading across my face, my perfect white teeth showing just enough to make it breath taking. “I thought you were better than that, but I guess not,” I watch as his breath gets stuck in his throat.
“We’re celebrating my freedom,” he said once he could breathe again. That hit a nerve, and he knew it. He saw the flash of pain in my eyes, and then sympathy and sorrow broke onto his.
“Then I’m glad I let you go free,” I snapped back at him. I walk right up to him and look him in the eye. I turn my gaze to Cayden. “Thanks,” I said to him. “Thank you for telling me what was going on. If you hadn’t I’d still be with this dick,” I push passed them and grab the arm of harassed guy behind them, and start to walk away again.
“Wait Quinn,” I heard. I turned and looked at Carter, and let go of his wrist. “They’ve been drinking and need a ride home,” he said looking back over his shoulder at Griffin and Cayden.
“I’m not driving yet, my birthday is in January. You have to talk to Ali,” I said with a smirk creeping into place. We both looked at Ali, I was shaking my head and she was looking back and forth from, me, Carter, and the two boys. Her eyes locked on Cayden and love filled her eyes. No her stupid crush on Cayden is taking over this decision. I rolled my eyes and stomped my foot.
“Come on guys,” She said waving her hand towards the parking lot. She looked at me and gave me a sympathetic shrug.
“Hey what about us?” Asked Jack. One of the biggest meat heads of the school. His brown eyes narrowed into an accusing stare.
“Sorry Jack,” Ali said “But I only have room for 5,” she said pointing to her little black convertible
“Who’s the fifth” Gavin asked his blue eye full of confusion and stress.
“Me,” Carter said raising a hand
“Why you?” Gavin asked again even more confusion dripping onto his face.
“How else am I gunna get home,” He said “She is my ride to and from school until my car is fixed,”
“I’m sorry to interrupt,” I said giving a smile “But I have to get to the barn,” With that Ali moaned
“That’s right we have riding today,” She said slapping her head. “Come on guys, move it or lose it,” She said rushing to her car. I opened the passenger door and moved the seat up.
“Get in,” I said to the three guys.
“Umm ladies first,” Griffin said
“Nope I get shot gun,” I said putting my hands on my hips.
“Why?” Cayden asked, well more like whined.
“Because for starters, I’m not drunk,” I said shoving them in.
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Savannahbookworm said...
Dec. 15, 2013 at 8:52 pm
That's really awsome! It sounds so cool, I can't wait to read more, I can already see the story unfolding!
Konabandit said...
Dec. 5, 2011 at 8:22 pm
anytime and Thank you!
Konabandit said...
Dec. 3, 2011 at 10:06 am
okay I love the detail you give and you do a spectacular job at keeping the reader in tune. However, I am still mildy confused at who is narating. Is it Quin? That would be all im confused about, all in all these three chapters are excellent and I cannot wait to read more :) great job
LlamaGirlMay replied...
Dec. 3, 2011 at 2:40 pm
Thanks, and yeah Quinn is the narrator. 

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