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Thick and Thin

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The End

Richelle looked at Danny with distaste “You devil!”
Danny put his hands up in surrender, “He will get his memory back, and we’ll find a way.”
Richelle sat down, exasperated. “But what if we don’t? Seven and my relationship will never be the same again!”
“The nurses and doctors know what they are doing. Everything will be fine.” Danny’s phone rang, he answered it. His face looked sullen as the person on the other end spoke.
He nodded, “Ok, I’ll tell her.” He hung up, and put his phone away. “Richelle, I’d hate to tell you this, but the only way for Steven to get his memory back is with open heart surgery, along with some head surgery. His heart stopped again during the surgery. His heart stopped, well, a bit too long. Some of his memory nerves died. To get them working again, he’ll need those two surgeries.”
Richelle took this all in silence, “So, one more surgery?” Danny nodded.
“He won’t be back in this room for about another day.”
Richelle nodded, an idea forming in her head, “Then let’s find our shooter.”
Danny shook his head, “No, you stay here, I will go. I bet is Jacob, he’s always up to no good.”
“The voice sounded like Dave.” Richelle commented.
“We’ll check on both of them.” Danny said, putting his arm on Richelle’s shoulder.
“Oh no, you cheater,” Richelle pushed Danny’s arm off, “You keep some distance from me, or I’ll call the police, again.” Danny took two steps away from her. “Good, now let’s talk to Dave.”

Dave was sitting outside his house, with a beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other. “Hey, Danny,” his words were slurred, but drunk or not, he was going to give them some answers.
“Dave, you shot Seven.”
“Yah, so?” he puffed some smoke out, and Richelle waved it away, coughing.
“Because he gave Danny the wrong directions. I needed to get back at him. Jacob was with me, he was the one with the gun. I was the one that shot Steven. Jacob was the idiot who missed.”
“Why you!” Richelle ran to him, but Dave just smacked her. He dropped his cigarette and beer, running inside. Danny came barreling to the door, where it opened to Dave holding the gun at Danny’s chest.
“APOLOGIZE!” Danny yelled, stopping.
“No can do bro,” Dave burped, and fingered the trigger.
Richelle’s cheek burned, but she wasn’t going to give up, she ran straight to Dave. Before he could pull the trigger, she jumped him, so the shot went right into the sky. Dave held up his hands, and Danny called 911. “Police, I’d like to say who the people who shot Steven Boyard were.”

As the police took Dave away, and went for Jacob’s house, Danny got another call from the hospital. He frowned, and then looked at Richelle in shock. He hung up without saying a word, and looked at Richelle with tears in his eyes. Richelle got the message immediately. “No, no, NO!” She punched him in the nose, and started to bleed uncontrollably. “HE’S NOT DEAD! THERE HAS TO BE SOME MISTAKE!”
“No, no mistake.” Tears were streaming down Danny’s face now, and not from pain. Steven might have been a pain to him, but he was still Richelle’s best friend. “Richelle, Richelle, Richelle,” that was all he could say.
“Seven is not dead, please let this be a dream, LET THIS BE A DREAM!!!!!” She pinched, clawed, bite, punched herself, and all that did was making her cry worst. She ran away, straight into the woods.
She made it to the clearing of the woods, where a river laid. Tears ran down her face, and she whispered, “Seven, I’ll be with you, through thick and thin, thick and thin.” The mimed their secret hand shake, and dived into the river.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 Next »

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