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Thick and Thin

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Richelle looked at Seven’s bloody, half-alive body, in shock. Out of all people, he needed his mom? She knew better than do disobey Seven. She rang the doorbell 3 times, before someone answered. “WHAT?!” A cranky voice answered.
“Ms. Boyard? Your son is dying on your front lawn.” Richelle yelled, tears streaming down your face.
“Richelle, it’s not nice to make jokes like that,” Seven’s mom opened the door, and shutting it. She looked Richelle in the eyes, then around her, spotting Seven. “Oh, dear you weren’t joking!” Ms. Boyard shrieked, “Call the police, the fire department, the CSI, the FBI-“
Richelle gathered her courage, “Just 911 is fine,” Ms. Boyard nodded in disarray, as Richelle called. “Hello, police, I’d like to report an accident. Someone shot a boy in the back with what seems to be a revolver, from the bullet.”
“Is this boy still alive?” a voice said on the other end.
“Yes, but not for long,” Richelle started to hypervenalate, “Please hurry. We are at, 456 Falls Gate Street, Roaring Rivers.”
“Ok, paramedics are coming, stay calm. What is your name?”
“Richelle Myra.”
“Richelle, what is this boy’s name?” the receptionist asked in a calm voice.
Richelle started to calm down, and looked over at Ms. Boyard leaning over Seven’s unconscious, bloody body. “Steven Boyard, but I call him Seven.” She explained why, and how, and the receptionist was quiet, not interrupting.
“So you two are best friends?” The receptionist asked, and Richelle heard faint sirens.
“Yes, know each other for 13 years now.”
“So you both are 18?”
“Yes, we both go to Roaring Rivers College. I moved out of my family’s house, he still lives with his mother.” The sirens were becoming louder, and she spotted a red ambulance turning the corner.
“How nice, my son goes there too,” the receptionist replied, sadly, “His name is Danny. Well, I can hear through the phone that the ambulance is here, so I have to go now.” The phone clicked to a dead line.
All Richelle saw was a blur of colors, and Seven on a stretcher. “Hey kid, you wanna ride the ambulance with Seven?”
Richelle nodded, realizing the receptionist must of memoed the paramedics about their names. She walked up the steps, following Ms. Boyard. She hugged herself, knowing Seven will be ok. As the back of the ambulance closed, some nurses were hooking Seven up to machines. Richelle looked to see Seven’s heart rate on a screen. She gasped as it slowed down, and then just a straight line. “NOOOOOOOOOO!’’ she screamed, and Ms. Boyard fainted. The nurses rubbed together two medal circles, and yelled “CLEAR!” they pushed it onto Seven’s chest, and the heart rate started to go again. Richelle looked in dismay as they arrived at the Emergency room. They wheeled him through at lightning speed to the surgery room.
Richelle started to follow, but one of the nurses held her back. “You might be 18, but you aren’t a surgeon, so you stay here.”
“But, but, I NEED TO SEE HIM!”
“I know you do, honey, but, how about we sit here, and wait, he will be fine.” They both sat, Richelle hyperventilating again.
“Why did his heart stop?”
“The bullet was too close to his heart, so he lost too much blood. He’s in the surgery room right now, so they can fix his heart and get the bullet out.” The nurse said, her tone soothing.
“When will he come out?”
“Well, we gave him a shot, so he won’t wake up until later. If the surgery goes well, he will be out in a week.”
Richelle forgot how to breathe, “A-a week? Our exams are in two days!”
“Let me finish, sweetheart. If he feels well tomorrow, you could leave, and have just enough time for the exams. I take it you won’t leave this hospital waiting room until he’s fine.”
Richelle shook her head, “The second he leaves the surgery, I’m following him strait to his hospital room.” The nurse nodded, and gave a small smile.
“Are you sure you aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend?”
Richelle looked at the nurse, dumbfounded. No one ever asked her that question, they all knew their story. They held hands, went to movies, but they were more like brother and sister. “Positive. He’s like my brother, my ‘other half’ so to speak.” Richelle’s phone buzzed, she answered it. “Hello?”
“Hey, this is Danny,” a male’s voice said. Richelle’s face went redder than Seven’s blood. She excused herself, and went outside.
“DANNY! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU! YOU ALMOST KILLED SEVEN!” she then called Danny a few unflattering words of loathing
“Richelle, I swear that wasn’t me! I might have done it 2 hours before, but now then. I was still at the park looking for you!”
“LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she said a string of curse words, “I BET ONE OF YOUR BUDDIES DID IT! HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY THEM? $10, $50, $100-“
“Zero. I swear to God, I do not have anything to do with this.”
“YOU ARE THE WORST LIAR THERE IS!” Richelle kept on cursing, and Danny’s end was silent. She calmed down, breathing hard.
“Got it all out?” Danny’s voice rose, as if he was challenged.
“Yah,” Richelle said in a small voice.
“I’m coming over-“
“Oh no you’re not! You stay away from Seven, you smoker!”
“Richelle, I haven’t smoked in 5 months-“
“You drug addict!”
“Haven’t had any since December of last year-”
“You alcoholic!”
“Haven’t had a can of beer since the semester began.”
“How do I know you’re not lying.” Richelle raised her eyebrows.
“I am hooked up to a lying detector. The second you called 911, I was a prime suspect. I wouldn’t talk to the police, unless I talked to you. So they hooked me up, so I wouldn’t lie to you, don’t believe me?”
“Not one bit, you cheater.” Richelle remarked.
A bunch of static was heard from the other end, and then Danny asked, “Richelle can you hear me?”
“Yah,” she said.
“Ok, police say hi,” Danny’s voice rang out. A bunch of ‘hi’s’ ‘hello’s’ and ‘how ye do?’ was heard on the other end. Then there was more static, and Danny’s voice came back on, “So, believe me now?”
Richelle sighed, “I guess I have to. If you really wanna come over, then come, but expect a big punch in the gut. From me, and Seven.” She hung up, and went back inside, the air too cold and crisp for her liking. She then cried herself to sleep on one of the benches.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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