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Claudia's Second Savior: A Play

Author's note: Bring hope to others.
Author's note: Bring hope to others.  « Hide author's note
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Act 1 Scene 1: A street in Rome, Italy. 1511

(enter Francois, Nicolas, and Benito)

Francois: A good day to you, Nicolas and Benito. I wish I could say the same for me. My servants have been fired and my wife has gone her separate ways. I am all alone, with no one except my cat, Feral. Tis a tragedy, how someone who was at first happy and mischievous is now lonesome and depressed. It aches my heart to the very thought, but as you two should know, it is all my faults that have lead up to this tragedy. My wife, I have been unfaithful to. And my servants I have treated like vermin from the sewers. I wish to see them again and bid them an apology. I also want to make a new life with them. O, how I wish this were possible.

Benito: Possible it is.

Francois: How? My wife has taken her servants to Venice, with her new lover. I am not prepared to make such a journey.

Nicolas: She's bound to come back, within a matter of months. By then, you should get your chance to talk with her. I doubt the man she resides with is no more faithful than you were to her.

Benito: And if you don't have her, you'll still have us, your friends, to rely on.

Nicolas: You also have Feral to seek, in order to gain some company. Surly Feral needs someone to have a conversation with.

Francois: You are right, I do have Feral to talk with.

Nicolas: Excellent. Now beware, the guards have a look on us with suspicion. We need to evacuate before their suspicions are confirmed.

Benito: I see no guards.

Nicolas:...The hay.

Benito: What about the hay?

Nicolas: The guards reside in the hay.
(draws sword)
They're watching us like how a mother hawk watches her pray. I see it within the deformity of the batch. In that batch, I see something that reflects light, such as the guards' armor. They've seen me, when I pick-pocketed from the jesters. Have they seen you, Benito?

Benito: Not that I could recall. I have been careful with the pick-pocketing.

Nicolas: But, the guards have a sharp eye on those who act with suspicion. They use stealth to see what's really happening around their shoulders. I beg you, Francois, to leave. You will be under the suspicion of the guards, if they see you talking to me or Benito.

Francois: I shall go. I pray for you, Benito and Nicolas.

(Exit Francois.)

Nicolas: I beg you Benito to draw your weapon. We are going to be in a fight of epic proportions.

Benito: We would have no fighting chance! We should exit calmly now and remain undetected until we become anonymous.

Nicolas: O Benito, you have much to learn. Tis no amusement if we were to retreat like cowards. Now draw thy sword!

Benito: We'll be outnumbered.

Nicolas: I said draw thy sword!

(Benito draws sword.)

Benito: We'll be dead men, it's ten to one.

Nicolas: Not exactly, you see those two men by the market? I have been allies with those men for many years. They are excellent fighters and they know how to swish their swords against the air and cut through flesh. Those two have never lost a battle.b I call thee, Anthony and Fernando.

(Enter Anthony and Fernando.)

Anthony: I suggest from the surroundings that we're in for a fight. I have been looking for a challenge, now I finally get one.

(Anthony and Fernando draw their swords.)

Benito: I'm still having concerns.

Nicolas: Just fight. Here comes some of the guards right now. On my cue, we fight the guards with all our might.

(Enter Guard 1, Guard 2, and Guard 3)

Nicolas: Is something the matter?

Guard 3: Your face bares a resemblance. You look like the man who pick-pockets from the king's entertainers.

Nicolas: Do you think I am the man?

Guard 3: Your face bares the resemblance. Put your weapon away.

Nicolas: I think not.

Guard 2: Do not deny the order! Put thy weapon away!

Nicolas: You say resemble the man who pick-pockets from the king's entertainers?

Guard 3: If thou continues to deny the order of putting your weapon away, we will take thee to the gallows!

Nicolas: I be the man!

(Nicolas stabs Guard 3 who falls and dies.)

Guard 1: Villain! Thou shall pay for the crime!
(draws sword)
Reinforcements! I command thee to come!

(Enter two other soldiers armed with swords.)

Fernando: Come at us with full force if thou durst.

Guard 1: We durst!

(They fight, two guards get stabbed by Anthony and Fernando and the guards fall.)

Anthony: Your strike is swift, Fernando.

Fernando: Your strike is powerful, Anthony.

(The fight continues, two more guards enter the scene. Benito stabs one of the guards and the guard falls)

Benito: Madness! This is too much to bare!

Fernando: The fun's only getting started. Here come more soldiers! O the excitement!

(Enter two more soldiers. The fight continues, and Fernando stabs another guard who falls.)

Benito: Tis too much to handle! I have make a retreat. I fear for my life!

(exit Benito)

Nicolas: Coward! He shall surly taste the end of my blade once we're through with these guards. I swear I will spill his blood onto the floor, removing the coward's heart.

(The fight continues. Nicolas gets stabbed by Guard 1 and falls.)

Nicolas: I am hit! O fate, how does thou conspire against me? I have not yet killed my best friend who chose to be a coward and commence the retreat. O now I have nothing to breathe for!

(Nicolas dies.)

Anthony: Nicolas!

Fernando: Dear Lord!

Anthony: I will avenge thy death with the one who sentenced you to your grave.

(Anthony stabs Guard 1 who falls and dies.)

Anthony: Ha brute! Revenge is bitter sweet! Nicolas is at peace with your blood!

(All guards stab Anthony who falls and dies)

Fernando: Ah no more!
(drops weapon)
I surrender to you. For now I have no one to fight on my side.
(gets down on knees)
I give my hands to you noble guards, take me to my punishment.

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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