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Running Roads

Author's note: I thought of this novel, and randomly decided to start writing. My inspiration comes from my...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I thought of this novel, and randomly decided to start writing. My inspiration comes from my mind..., and that's why I am writing it.

I hope you all get that you can't run away from situations. You have to deal with it, because most likely you'll end up in a worse situation.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter Three

Xavier flips on the light, and I mumble under my breath. Turning on my stomach, I stuff my face in the pillow as I try and block out the light. "Get up." He laughs. yanking the covers off of my body. I shake my head. This bed is too comfortable to want to get up from. "I made breakfast, c'mon, Maria!" He says, grabbing my waist.

I use all my strength against him as he pulls on my waist to try and get me to sit up. "No. I don't eat breakfast." I mutter. After a minute of resistance, I let me pull me up. I glance over at Xavier, and he has a silly grin on his face. "What? Is it my face...hair?" I climb from the bed and rush over to the mirror on the wall.

My hair is sticking up on top of my head. "S***!" I say, trying to comb my fingers through my hair. I can't believe Xavier is laughing about this. This mess on my head is nothing to be laughing about. "I see nothing funny, Xavier." I mumble.

When I realize my hair is going to be impossible to tame, I quit trying to calm it down. "Um...look at yourself once more, and then you'll see what's funny." He grins. Xavier stands up and walks over to me. He has on gray jogging pants and a White Tee. His hair is perfectly laid out on his head and his skin is shining brightly in sun that is shining in from outside. "Like I said, I fixed breakfast. Oh...and I scheduled a Home-school Teacher to come and teach you. I don't think going to school is a smart thing for right now.

"I thought that." I say. "Won't they ask questions?"

"Nope. I told them you were my little sister." I raise my eyebrow. "Oh- shut up." He says, grabbing my neck and pulling me into a headlock. Giggling, I wiggle as I try and get his grip to loosen. "Is that funny?" He chuckles before letting my neck go. "Now come and get breakfast...and then you're going to need to fix...that." He says as he points to my head, laughs and then walks out of the room.

I roll my eyes and open my suitcase. All of my clothes and shoes and other belongings are not in there, so I open the closet. My belongings are hanging up, sitting on shelves or on the floor. After I surf through my outfits for a moment, I pick out a pair of white AE shorts and a AE tank top. I strip out of my pajamas and put on my clothes, and choose some AE socks, too.

After I manage to pull my hair into a decent ponytail, I go out into the diningroom. Xavier is sitting down and stuffing sausage and eggs in his mouth. I sit down across from him at a plate with two sausages, eggs, some grits and a breakfast bun. A glass of Orange Juice is placed to the side. "Aw, I didn't know you could cook." I grin.

"Well, you don't know me at all then."

"Sure. What time is the teacher coming over?" I mumble. Bending my head, I say my grace, and then lift my head once more. "I think I need more time to fix my hair."

Xavier raises his eyebrows and nod his head in agreement. "Uh-huh. Sure do!" He takes a sip of his Orange Juice and continues to eat his food. I follow him, and take a bite of the sausage. Closing my eyes, I nod my head as I stuff the rest of the sausage in my mouth.

"This is great! How did you learn how to cook like this?" I ask, biting my lip. Taking the spoon, I begin to eat the grits, which taste just as good. "This is awesome, too."

"Sounds like you haven't had a home meal in a long time." Xavier chuckles. "Oh, and the teacher will be here in a hour. I have to go to my college classes. I'll be back around five, and I'll pick up dinner tonight."

I nod my head. "Okay. You should get Jet's Pizza."

Standing up from the table, Xavier grabs his plate and shakes his head. "No. Healthy stuff." He walks towards the kitchen and I roll my eyes. Another health freak. Xavier returns after a minute, and he leans on the wall. "How was your conversation with Maddie last night?"

I pause for a second, looking up at Xavier. "It was fine..." Not wanting to talk anymore about the subject, I continue eating my food. When Xavier doesn't budge, but continues to stare at me, I realize he wants to know whether I told her where we are. "No. I didn't tell her where we are, relax babe. But, she does want to know if she could come over."


"But Xavier!" I exclaim, standing up to go after him as he walks out of the room abruptly. "Why not?" I grab his arm and he yanks away from me. He spins around and his eyes and hard.

"Because, I said so, Maria. She wasn't happy when you told her how old I am...was she?"

I scrunch up my eyebrows. "Wait...you were eavesdropping!" I cross my arms. "That was none of your business, that was private." I say. My jaw tenses.

That was the problem at my parent's house, too. No privacy. All my conversations were overheard by my parents someway. They say that I am too young for privacy.

Xavier grabs my arm roughly and forces me against the wall behind me. I try and get his grip to loosen, but he doesn't budge. "This is my house, Maria. I can eavesdrop if I want, too. Don't raise your voice at me, and I won't raise mines at you. And I said no, she can't come over."

After that, Xavier lets go of me and storms off to his bedroom.


"Do you understand?" My home-school teacher asks, pointing at the math problem on the page. I nod my head, not really paying attention. "Explain it to me then." He snaps.

I turn my gaze up at him, "I get it. Can we leave it at that?" I snap back, pushing away from the table. The thought of how Xavier got so mad at me is still stuck in my head. I've never seen him this upset, and he most definitely manhandled me like that when he has gotten mad at me.

"Okay...since you get it, what is 2(a-3) + 4b -2(a-b-3) + 5?"

Zach, my teacher's name, taps his nails on the table. I lean back in my chair and roll my eyes. "I don't know." I mumble. "6b+5." Crossing my arms, I smirk because I know that is the right answer.

Zach nods his head. "Okay, I guess you do understand this. Well, do your English studying and Math studying. Tomorrow we will work on Science and Civics." He stands up and begins packing up his stuff. "Here is your books." He slides some books towards me and I nod my head.

"Okay. Bye." I leave the books sitting on the table as I stand up and head towards the door. Zach comes up behind me and and I swing the door open for him. Taking a second, I sigh. "I am sorry I am so moody now. I'll study."

"It's okay. It's your first time being Home-schooled. Um...when is your brother home?"

I stare at Zach for a moment, confused. Realizing that he means Xavier, I shrug my shoulders. "I am not sure. Why?"

"No reason."

Zach jogs down the stairs and disappears around the corner. Right as I get ready to shut the door, a familiar face stops me. Maddie jogs up the stairs and waves at me. "Hey, Maria. Glad to see me?"

"What the hell! How'd you find me?"

Maddie grins, stopping in front of the door. "Well...the way you angled the camera yesterday gave me a glimpse of the Apartment name...and I just asked for Xavier at the desk downstairs." She wraps her arms around my neck. "Happy to see me?"

"You are such a dick! Xavier will be so pissed if he knows you are here." I mutter, stepping back in the apartment so Maddie can walk through. She looks around as she steps into the apartment. I see her eyes widen in amazement and I go and sit down on the couch. "Why are you stalking me?"

"You're my sister. I couldn't not know where you are."

I twist my lips up. "Fine. But don't randomly show up because Xavier could be here. Hey...did you grab my phone for me?" I ask. "I know I didn't ask, but knowing you-" Maddie cuts me off mid-sentence by flicking my phone on my lap. I grin, "This is why I fucking love you."

My phone lights up with 5 Missed Calls, 8 Text Messages and 5 Voice Messages. "Was my parents there? I don't want to put you through anything."

Maddie shakes her head. "Nope. Now give me a tour of this place." She reaches down and yanks me off the couch. I laugh and yank my arm away. "Or...just show me a picture of this man you are oh-so-in-love with." She grins, drawing a heart in the air.

"I am NOT!"

"Yes you are. Do not deny the love."

I purse up my lips. "Whatever. C'mon." I show Maddie the kitchen, dining room, Xavier's bedroom, my room, the other guestroom and the two bathrooms.

"This is shitty amazing." She says, clasping her hands together. "But what's up with your hair?"

I place my hand on my hair. I totally forgot about my head situation. "Oh...I forgot to fix it up this morning." I mumble. "Can you...like, help?"

"Course!" Maddie places her purse down on the kitchen counter and pats the chair in front of her. I plop down and cross my legs over one another. "Okay...where are your hair products?" Instead of waiting for an answer, she walks off towards the main bathroom and returns a few minutes later with my bag off hair supplies. "I know you too well." She mutters, her eyes sparkling.

I let out a tiny yelp as she begins to yank on the ponytail holder. "Damn it! Be careful." I yell, smacking her hand away from my head. I then take the ponytail out instead, and then let her take back over. "My head is very sensitive."

Maddie smacks me on my head with the brush in her head and I jump out of the chair and turn around to hit her. She runs away from my reach and out of the kitchen into the livingroom. I chase after her, and right when I am about to grab hold to her, trip over my feet. "Aha!" Maddie appears in front of me and I squint my eyes.

Reaching out, I grab her foot and yank it out from under her. She flies down on her butt and lets out a shriek. "Ha! Now we are even." I laugh, climbing onto my knees. "I don't know how I managed to trip over my own two feet." I laugh, "Now c'mon. My hair is still messed up."


Maddie grabs her mini-mirror out of her purse and holds it up in front of my face. She pressed and curled my hair. My hair is falling around my face and down my back. Some is pulled up into a hump and in the back tied into a bow. "Oh my living god." I mutter, staring at my reflection. "I didn't know you could do hair this good." I say, getting up from the chair and wrapping my arms around Maddie, "You are a lifesaver!"

"I know!"

I pull away from Maddie and examine my hair once more. "Okay. Now you have to go, Xavier will be home soon, and remember to call before you ever come over."

"Ugh! This sucks...I want to meet him." Maddie whines, puffing out her lips and crossing her arms. "But, just to be the bestest sister slash best friend, I will go." She bats her eyelashes a few times before spinning around and heading towards the door.

"Sorry, but text me."

She waves her hand in the air, swinging open the door and shutting it behind her as she walks out. I quickly begin to put my hair things back in the bag and return it to the bathroom. Going out into the livingroom, I turn on the TV to The Nine Lives of Chloe King and Alek's and Chloe's heavy kiss is on the screen. "Damn it." I mutter. Everytime I end up watching this, I miss the entire episode. I pull up the guide and smile when I see it is coming on next, too.

I think Alek and Chloe would make the cutest couple, but Brian always ends up ruining it. That sucks, especially when Chloe knows she can't kiss Brian, but she can kiss Alek. And Alek is hot, and British!

My gaze moves up to the door when it swings open. Xavier walks through the door with a handful of mail. "Hey baby." He says, looking over at me. I wave, before changing my attention back on the TV screen. "What're you watching?"

"Nine Lives of Chloe King."

"Oh. That show seems very stupid." He chuckles, setting the mail down on the coffee table and sitting down next to me. Xavier turns my head and presses his lips on mines. I close my eyes and moan as his tongue finds his way into my mouth. "What have you been up too since Zach left?" He raises his eyebrow.

I shake my head. "Nothing, really. Fixed my hair." I grin, pointing my my head and Xavier nods and smiles. "What did you bring for dinner?"

"I thought..." He kisses me once more on my lips ", we could go out for dinner."

"Sure. I need to get dressed though." I say. Right now I am just wearing my shorts and tank top.

"You look fine. Just put on some shoes." I stare at Xavier to see if he is really serious. Once I see he is, I pull my lips together and shake my head. "Okay. Fine, go change." I nod my head and stand up. Xavier smacks my butt and I shake my head as I go back to my room.
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Naomi__ said...
Oct. 1, 2011 at 11:53 pm
OMG! This is ah-may-zing! <3 You are a wonderful writer, pleaseeeee finish. :)

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