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(DREW exits the school on his cell phone.)
DREW-yeah, I’ll be there. Friday, right?
I might bring someone, yeah.
…Corey Simmons…
It’s okay, he’s cool…hello? Hello? (Hangs up.) Dammit…(he looks around as MARTY comes up from behind and scares him.)
DREW-(Startled) AH! Holy-s***…uhm-hi-Marty, right?
MARTY-That’s right.
DREW-You scared the living hell out of me.
MARTY-What’s going on Friday night?
DREW-Oh, just a small get together at a friends house.
MARTY-Doesn’t sound like just a small get together. Is Corey that other guy who sang with you at the talent show?
DREW-That would be him.
MARTY-I hope he doesn’t get too offended then…(She inches towards DREW who takes a few steps back.)
DREW-Why would he be offended?
MARTY-Cause I think you’re much more attractive than he is.
DREW-Oh,well I appreciate that very much. Thank you.
MARTY-He acts like such a child.
DREW-He’s a tad bit immature, but he means well.
MARTY-He’s nothing of a man that you are! (She leaps up onto DREW wrapping her legs around him and smuggling him with kisses. She falls off while both are gasping for air.) That was terrific!
DREW-Wow…uh..yeah. Let me ask you something? Would you have ever done anything like that if I hadn’t had a multi-million dollar contract?
MARTY-contract-schmontract! Who cares? I just wanna do you!
DREW-Please, you’re too kind, but I gotta say, you’re not really my type?
MARTY-You’ll come around.
DREW-(Starting to leave) I certainly hope not. (COREY exits the school to see DREW walking off and MARTY standing alone.)
COREY-Oh, hi Marty!
DREW-(hearing COREY and turning.) Perfect! Just the man I was looking for!
COREY-You were looking for me?
DREW-Of course! We’re friends, right?
COREY-I assume so, yeah.
DREW-Then I have a proposition for you. What are you doing this Friday?
COREY-Nothing that I know of right now.
DREW-Well, youre busy now.
DREW-you and I are going to a party downtown.
DREW-Yeah, at a buddies house I know.
COREY-(pauses)…I don’t know.
DREW-Come on, it’s one night. We go, hook up with a few hot chicks, maaaaaaybe drink a few and then leave. No harm done what so ever!
COREY-It’s a party though. It’s not my scene.
DREW-What’s wrong with it?
COREY-Well, the loud music, the people no offense and I don’t drink.
DREW-you are a piece of work. You don’t have to drink, just show up, converse a little and leave.
DREW-Live a little!
COREY-What if people don’t talk to me?
DREW-Dude, we’re almost famous now. Mr.Brians is our ticket to new places.
COREY-He’s a nice guy…
DREW-Yes, yes he is. (He pats COREY on the back.) Party starts at nine.
COREY-In the morning?
DREW-At night?
COREY-Till when?
DREW-Whenever everyone leaves. (Starts to leave) See ya later!
COREY-(Thinking) That sounds exhausting…
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 12 Next »

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