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(COREY is sitting in the nurses office. He has an icepack on his crotch area and winces at every movent he takes.)
NURSE-Tall kid, shortish brown hair.
COREY-It was Hank “The Tank” Hudson, yeah…
NURSE-Honey, you shouldn’t be messing around with those big kids.
COREY-It’s not like I went up to him and pleaded “Please punch me in the balls.”
(DREW enters.)
DREW-Hey, I heard you were in here. Are you okay?
COREY-After the swelling goes down, I should be alright.
DREW-Look…I want to apologize about what happened to you and Brit. I know that’s why you’ve been acting so differently today.
COREY-…how do you know?
DREW-Uh-a little birdie told me.
COREY-Well, that’s nice and all, but the pain is still there…I mean my emotions not my balls.
DREW-I got it…
NURSE-Honey, do you have a note from your teacher to be here?
DREW-Uh-no actually. I was just visiting him. (She looks at the two boys.)
NURSE-(Questioning.) Uhm-you two aren’t…you know…(She gestures towards one another.)
DREW-What do you mean?
NURSE-Do you have a kink in your neck?
NURSE-Damn, are you two gay…?
DREW-(Steps back) Whoa-no! Nonononono!
COREY-(Confused) What? Why not…?
DREW-WHAT?! You’re not gay are you?
COREY-Of course I am! (He smiles while both look at him oddly.) What’s wrong with that?
NURSE-Honey, these feelings are normal for people, regardless of the sex you are attracted too.
COREY-I get that…but I don’t understand why it’s a bad thing.
DREW-Youre gay!
COREY-Yeah, I’m gay, I’m happy…well not that my nuts are on fire, but I’m happy.
NURSE-Oh…you’re HAPPY…gay…happy(Gestures to DREW.)
DREW-Oooooooooh! Happy…! Riiiiiiight!
COREY-What did you think I w-(Thinks. Starts to laugh.) Oh my god! I cant believe you thought that! (Starts to cough and hold himself tighter.) Ow ow ow!!! (Looks up at DREW.) Sorry for the miscommunication.
DREW-Believe me it’s okay. I’m relieved really. (The nurse gives COREY some pills)
NURSE-I want you to take a few each day till the swelling goes down. If it doesn’t go down, I would say go see your doctor for you may have a hernia or possible internal bleeding. You’ll find THIS out if you start peeing blood. (COREYs eyes widen.)
COREY-I don’t wanna pee blood…
DREW-(Cuts in.) youre not! (They look at him.) Look, if you’re interested, I was invited by a few girls.(Starts to count to himself.) twenty-five actually, to a party this weekend. Now, I know you’ve been a little down on your luck since your break up so…why don’t you go with me to the party. We can hook you up with someone.
COREY-(Sighs) I don’t know…the party world isnt really my scene.
DREW-Great, so you’ll be there?!
COREY-What, no I-
DREW-I’ll talk to you about it later. Gotta get back to class. BYE! (DREW quickly leaves as COREY remains with ice on his crotch. The nurse looks at him.)
COREY-Stop looking at me…
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 12 Next »

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