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Frostbitten love

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Frostbitten love

"AHH!" I screamed as I bolted up. Drops of sweat slid down my face. I breathed heavily. I held my head with my hand and took a couple of deep breaths. I climbed out of bed and put on a zip up hoodie. I walked quietly down the stairs and put on my pair of Uggs. I opened the front door quietly and walked outside, the cold crisp air giving me comfort. I took out my phone and looked at the time. "3:15, great, why does it have to be the time of night everything goes bad" I mumbled under my breath. I stuck my phone back into my pocket and took a deep breath. I watched my smokey breath pillar out and evaporate in the air. I looked up the street at the hill there. I choose to walk up there and enjoy the cold air. It always seemed to calm me down. As I walked, the teen from earlier popped into my head. /Who was he?/ I wondered as I continued to move up the hill. I soon reached the base. A whistle sounded from behind me. I turned, my blonde hair swinging into my face and cover my right eye. I saw the boy in the blue hoodie from before. He was staring at something from behind me. "What are you looking . . ." before I could even finish my sentence he had a hand over my mouth in a flash. He looked at me with his ice blue eyes and put his index finger over his mouth, signalling for silence. I narrowed my eyes, but held my tongue. He removed his hand and pointed up the hill. I turned to see a black horse there. It was stomping at the ground, neighing angrily. He lead me to hide behind a snow mound.

"Don't let them hear you. That's your nightmare. When it hears your voice, it can easily track you down for . . . him," the boy shuddered at whatever his thought was, "let me handle it." With a smirk, he disappeared. I looked over the mound and saw him flying towards the nightmare with a staff in his hands. He shot out ice from his hands. He hit the nightmare and it neighed loudly. I watched it turn towards him and look at the boy with dark, cold eyes. It charged at him. The boy dodged and threw more ice at it. My eyes widened in surprise. I rubbed them, and looked back. The scene was gone. I shook my head, thinking that my mind was playing tricks on me.

I sighed and stood up. I pulled out my phone and looked at it. 4:00 am. "Sh|t" I cursed under my breath. I started to jog down the street, back to my house. I crept quietly down to the basement and pulled out my laptop. I logged on and opened the internet. 'Nightmare' I typed into the search bar. I clicked the first link and started to read the article.

"Nightmares are horses that are the essence of a bad dream. They are created by the Boogeyman, or known as Pitch, who is the monster under the bed that many children are afraid of.

When the person has a nightmare and wake up and speak, Pitch can use the nightmare to track down the dreamer for his own needs or purposes." I read out loud to myself. I looked to see a link at the bottom. 'The Guardians' I clicked it and found a page with more links on it. I read the pages on The Toothfairy, The Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Sandman, and there was one more link, off on it's own. 'Jack Frost.' I clicked on it and looked at the article.

"Jack Frost is a free spirit.He comes and goes as he pleases, bringing winter in his wake. He can control the weather, fly, and create frost. He is considered a Guardian but has yet to become a full Guardian because he has yet to discover his true potential.'

I looked closely at the image. The boy looked like the mysterious boy I kept running into. I sighed and minimized the web browser and opened up Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and started to sketch out the boy. I sketched out a full body picture along with a couple head shots and tons of poses and positions. I glanced at the clock, 5:00 am. I sighed and saved the file and opened it up in Photoshop. As I continued to work, I heard footsteps from upstairs.

"Sky?" I heard a voice call.

"Hm?" I said loudly. I heard footsteps come down the stairs. I glanced up to see my dad.

"Whose this?" he asked.

"I don't know" I said with a shrug.

Dad laughed, "How can you not know? You're the one whose drawing it" he teased. I shrugged as he took a seat next to me. "Whoever he is, he looks awesome" Dad chuckled. He stood up and grabbed his laptop and tablet and set up next to me. We had a daughter, father bonding time; learning from each other. Nine 'o' clock rolled around and we paused to go up stairs to eat breakfast. I finished and went back downstairs. I sat down in my seat and looked at the screen. Above the full body picture were the words, Jack Frost written in beautiful hand writing. I looked around and saw a frosty hand print on the glass door. I got up and placed my hand gently on it. The hand print was much larger than mine. I blinked and looked at it. There was a hand on the other side of the glass. I looked up and I was met with a pair of ice blue eyes.
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