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There's A Rainbow Always After the Rain

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Author's note: I was inspired to write this because I have experienced this. And I am hoping that my ex...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this because I have experienced this. And I am hoping that my ex boyfriend would have to read this and hoping that with this, he'll know what my heart speaks and then he'll come back to me.  « Hide author's note
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Have you experienced being in love with your text mate?

That you can say to yourself that it’s love in its truest

sense because if you’ll ask me, I have experienced that kind

of experience already. I didn’t expect to know someone like

him; someone who will love me in spite of my imperfections –

in spite how imperfect I am. Even though we haven’t seen each

other yet; even if we just talked in the phone; even though

text and facebook are our only communications, I can always

feel his presence unlike those other people there, even if

they’re always seeing each other, everyday, they will just

snob each other; not even talking to each other. So, seeing

each other every day is just useless! Love isn’t about how

many times you see each other, it’s how your heart met and

connect even if you’re far apart. But, in my part, in my

situation, it’s different. Really different! I can always feel

I have a loving and caring boyfriend that I can say to myself

that I have already found the best man for me. That I can say

to myself I have met my angel even before I reached heaven.

He’s the only one who gave importance to my existence. I know

that you find it hard to believe what I’m talking about. I

know that you doubt our relationship. I can’t blame you

because I was also like that before. I don’t believe love in

just text! Disadvantages? You’re not seeing each other; you

don’t know what your boyfriend/girlfriend is doing; you don’t

know what he/she really felt; you don’t know if he/she is just

fooling you around and just making fun of you; and, most

especially, you don’t know if you’re really the only one for

him/her. Those were the disadvantages but, if you have trust

to your partner, you can handle your relationship well. And if

you’ll ask me, I’m serious here! I love him and I’m not

fooling him. He’s the only to me. I have fallen perfectly in

love in an unexpected time and with the unexpected person like

Shaun Brent Chiong del Castillo.

Love really moves on such a mysterious way because, it’s

really a mystery how his mind leads his hand to type my number

and dial it. ‘Do not find love; love will just find you’.

Really true! Because I’m not looking for love the moment he

step into my life. Actually, I’ve been trying my best to

escaping from Cupid’s trap. I’m trying to run away from his

stupid arrow. But, what can you do if love comes along?

When you love, distance is not a hindrance – it’s not a

reasonable reason to give up your feelings. Who cares? What if

were too far from each other? The most important thing there

is that; he loves me and I love him too. We love each other –

we really love each other’s imperfectness. And, no matter what

happens, I will still love him; always and forever.
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