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The Fire in the War

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1:

When I broke through the deep forest brush to that very bright light all I saw was a clearing and in the middle of that clearing there was a girl about my age, that one girl looked like all of mother earth’s prettiest females combined in one. She was standing there in the middle of the clearing wearing a white robe in the middle of this snowstorm that’s what I don’t get right now. How can a beautiful girl like this wear a white rope in the middle of this blizzard that made the forest look like a big giant cloud that is touching the ground as it enjoys its stay with the grass?
“Hey!” I call out to her but she says nothing in return but just standing there, her back turned to me. The source of that light I mentioned earlier was the intense candle light and lanterns everywhere on the trees. I just hope I’m not hallucinating because of my hunger or this is a dream I would hope I’m not going crazy or at the brink of death.
If this was the brink of death I would see the light or God while I was going to heaven or I would see the bottomless pit open up and take me to hell. She was about to turn to look at me when I stepped on a tiny stick. I ran back through the forest brush and retraced my steps which I could hardly see anymore but I found the imprint of my body in the ground from when I passed out a while ago. I ran past it to try and get out of this dark forest, it feels like I am going in circles around the forest, I think I heard something behind me a second ago.
Just as I looked back a giant wolf jumped out of the dense bushes and attacked me knocking me to the ground. I am trying to get the wolf off of me using my gun which is the only thing stopping it from eating my face off. I was now forced to use my bayonet to slash at it when I had a chance. That chance was very slight, so slight not even a trained swordsmen could be that precise in that cut I gave it. The way all these odd things are happening to me I think God is trying to punish or test my courage. This wolf is really starting to piss me off because it takes all of my strength to push it off of me and shoot it. It takes about three shots with my musket to kill the damned thing. Those shots probably have alerted the Redcoats by now unless the battle ended while I was knocked out for a few hours. Wait I think I heard signal shots, they are the shots fired to signal if where a Redcoat has been spotted I guess the battle is still at foot but who is winning.
I hope to God that we are winning because it’s been three years into the war and I just want us to end this thing. The tides of this war have changed since we have been using guerilla warfare tactics like the Indians and the French who are now helping us since we proved to be a liable ally at The Battle of Saratoga took place a year ago. I’ve met the General George Washington once before so if I die in these at least I’ll know I met General George Washington the leader of the rebel force.
This forest seems like it will never end considering it’s like I’ve seen the same tree for hours. I guess now I should set up camp and sleep the night away then continue my trek in the morning after breakfast. I put up my tent quickly and set a blanket down on the ground so I can sleep on something softer than dirt, I also put the lantern on the branch of tree that hangs low. I wake up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare about a girl who kills me by draining me of my blood. I look up outside to see it is early morning so I try to get a fire going by collecting wood from the tree branches that don’t have snow on them. I use some of the rocks around my tent to ignite the wood and start cooking my food I have in my backpack. After I eat all of my breakfast I take down the tent and put out the fire in the lantern and on the ground. I put away everything to make it look like no one was there so if Redcoats pass by they won’t know someone set up camp and have a few officers track me down. I head towards a dirt trail which is only a few yards from where I am. The dirt trail has footprints on it meaning the Redcoats passed by me at night and didn’t see me or my lantern’s light. A little while down the trail I spot a dead body I recognize the body as my friend, Richard. I run to my friend’s body and fall down near his body crying screaming at God,
“Why God why him he didn’t deserve this, he was a good man with a loving family and he helped the poor and homeless!” I never thought this could happen to him, I always told him he would live longer than me but I guess that changed. I remember that I need to get out of this forest of frozen white hell. I run down the dirt trail as fast as I could with my gun and equipment I soon see a few horses heading towards me. I knew that would mean there was a town ahead so I go into a dead sprint towards it. I reach the town and start asking people,
“What town is this?” until an elderly man replied,
“This here is the town of Philadelphia in the colony of Pennsylvania.” I am shocked at that fact I was in the woods two-hundred miles away from the regular thirteen colonies. How could I have walked that far in one day?
“That’s why it looked like I was walking around in circles at night.” I told the old man. After my experience with the old man, I decided to find work and the only thing on the “HELP WANTED” poster was a job as a bread maker in a local bakery. I decided to take up that job and I instantly got hired due to the lack of people asking for the job. I started my job just a day after I got hired and when I first went in there, there was one thing the guy forgot to mention it was that I was the only worker plus him. I complained to the man in a nice calmly way saying,
“How come you did not tell that I was the only one here in this bakery?” He replied with a sad smile brought down on his face,
“I didn’t tell you because my family owned this business and I worked here with my father until he passed and gave it to me but I didn’t want this I wanted to be a rich man in all the colonies writing stories for the king and for the whole world to enjoy.” I did not know this old man wanted to write, I should have not asked. I tell the old man,
“I am very sorry that I did not recognize your dream and I just barged in complaining about being the only worker.” With that said I left the room to carry on with my work thinking of how I can get this old man to live his dream. I left work with only 1 pound in my little wallet that I got when I enlisted for the Rebel Army. I walked down the block into the house I was staying at thanks to a woman who kind at heart let me stay with her there since I had nowhere to live her name was Mocha, it was a nice sweet name that rang and whenever I said her name we both laughed at how funny it sounded. When I got to the house I knocked on the door waiting for her to answer but she never did. I assumed she was out somewhere so I went around looking for her so I can get into the house. I looked everywhere in the town except for the bakery and the local tavern called “Irish Beer and Such” but I know that she could be in one of those places. I walked for about five minutes according to my pocket watch. I got to the tavern and walked in I saw in the corner of my eye, three tough drunk guys punching each other to see who can take the most pain, I think in my head,
‘Stupid drunks always trying to see what they know will kill them eventually.’ I saw what looked like a girl sitting at the main table drinking tons of cognac; her description matched the same of Mocha’s. I know because Mocha has blond-silver looking hair, white skin, and always wears nice clothes that are usually blue. This girl had blond-silver looking hair, white skin, but wore ragged clothes. I knew that couldn’t be her so I just wanted to make sure though I walked up to the girl sitting down and said,
“Hello, how are you doing this fine and lovely evening?” She did not reply one bit at my remark. The only thing she did was turn her head to look at me and when she did I realized that she looked a lot like Mocha but was different, I guess it is her sister although Mocha doesn’t talk about family. The girl got up and left leaving me at the tavern I stayed there until eleven o’ clock when I realized that Mocha would be home. I left thanking the bar tender for his service. The walk home took a few minutes but when I got home there was a note on the door it read, ‘Wyatt, the key is under the mat.’ I looked under the mat and got the key out from under it. I put the key in the door and turn it but when I went in I saw that the lady from the tavern was sitting on the chair Mocha usually sits at. I chuckle at the saying of her name in my head. I walk towards the kitchen door to hear Mocha crying to herself. I walk inside the kitchen and ask Mocha,
“What’s wrong Mocha?” She laughed for a second when I said her name but then continued to cry. I asked her the same question but this time she replied,
“The person sitting is my sister who just told me our parents died and since she is 15, she has to with us for now on.”
“What is your sister’s name so I know what to call her?” She tells me her sister’s name is Ruby which isn’t as funny as Mocha. I tell Mocha it’s going to be okay and kiss her on the forehead. I leave her in the kitchen with a surprised look on her face. I try to talk to her sister Ruby and she looks at me and finally speaks after a couple of minutes,
“You love my sister don’t you?” I try to respond but she cuts me off,
“Well back off my sister doesn’t have time for the likes of you scumbag!” I notice the air getting heavier as she gets madder at me. I wonder where her sister from, probably hell. I yell back at her,
“I love your sister and nothing you can do will stop that!” Mocha bursts into the room and yells,
“STOP BOTH OF YOU!” I calmed down but her sister gave a ‘ugh’ sound and stormed out of the house. Mocha looked at me after calming down and said,
“Is it true do you really love me?” I replied with hesitance saying,
“Yes, I do very much I mean you’ve helped me out a lot these past few days.” She jumped into my arms pushing me to the ground in a hard manner. It felt like she would break my ribs in that instant. I looked at my pocket watch hanging from my pocket like a mouse hanging from a clock hand. It was twelve o’ clock and I had to work at the bakery in the morning so I spoke to Mocha,
“We need to go to bed or if we don’t I won’t wake up for my job and trust me my boss gets mad.” I realize one thing the whole time I was talking Mocha was lying dead asleep on my chest. I say her name in her ear so she wakes up but all fails so I pick her up making sure not to wake her and walk up three steps almost falling backwards on the third one.
When I reach her room which is down the hall from my room, I kick open the door slowly with my foot. I hope to God she doesn’t wake up because if she does I’ll be screwed. I can explain why because if someone wakes her up she gets all grumpy. I walk to the corner of her room where her bed is before I put her down I look around her room to see all her little ballerina figurines that are probably her sisters’. I set her down on her bed only to be flipped on to the other side of her.
I see she had her eyes open the whole time waiting for this moment. She spoke saying,
“This is where you are sleeping right here with me.” She had a devious smile on her face, but this one girl packed a huge punch when it came to strength even those drunks from the tavern would be crying if she hit them. I was amazed at how she planned this whole thing out. I lay there looking at the ceiling of her room while she clings on to the side of my neck making sure I don’t move. I start to drift off into sleep after staring at her entire room for awhile. I look over at Mocha and I stare at her until sleep takes over me.
I wake up to the smell of eggs and ham I jump out of bed looking around remembering that I slept in Mocha’s room. I head towards the door when a voice behind me says,
“Where are you going?” I look behind me to see Ruby but this time she had silver-gray hair and red piercing eyes.
“What are you doing here Ruby?” I ask scared. She replies with a toothy smile,
“I’m here to end your life!” I scream for Mocha who is downstairs waiting for me when she hears me scream her name so she runs into her room practically kicking down the door in the process. I see she has a gun that even I have never seen before in this world ever. Mocha yells at her sister,
“Back off Ruby or this will be the end of you right now!” I get scared of what is going on in front of me although I was trained not to feel fear. Mocha’s sister jumps out the window and disappears into the town square I decide not to ask Mocha what was going on until later.
Mocha and I don’t talk much that day and when I try to talk to her she just runs straight into her room. This time I walk to her room and knock on the door speaking in a very calm tone,
“What’s wrong Mocha you haven’t talked to me all day?”
I can tell she fell walking towards the door because I heard an “Ow” from her room. She opens the door only a little bit and I can see she has been crying judging by the way her eyes are red.
She pulls me into her room and tells me to sit on the bed, I do while she walks back and forth pondering what to say to me. She finally finds the right words and says,
“You know how you saw Ruby with the silver-grey hair and red eyes?”
“Yes.” I tell her hoping for her to tell what the hell is going on. She starts to get nervous but spits her words out,
“Well my sister and I are from a family of vampires.”
I laugh harder than I ever have in my entire life. She slaps me and it stings really bad I hold my cheek in pain. She screams at me,
“It’s true and do you want to know why I don’t let you go near my breasts, it’s because my seal is there and if someone who loves me pulls it off I transform!” I ask her if I can pull it off. She replies saying,
“That would mean you would have to touch my breasts?” I smile at that fact, which she catches and hits me in the side of my ribs and screams,
“You are the biggest pervert I have ever met Wyatt!”
I try to find a way to defend but she is already on the defensive side. I speak calmly grabbing her and pulling her into my arms, at which she blushes,
“I promise I won’t take advantage of you.”
She slowly and hesitantly unbuttons the top buttons of her blouse exposing her breasts and in between a cross which I tug on and it creating a purple aura around her and causing the air to get heavier. This new Mocha has s hair and red-slitted eyes. I jumped back in fear of what could happen if this one does not like me. I stutter a few words out of my mouth,
“Hello Ms. Vampire?” She looks at me and talks in a voice that could scare the British Army and Navy combined,
“What do you want filthy human?” I try to speak even though words won’t come out due to the immense pressure in the air making it hard to breathe. She speaks again but this time a lot calmer than she did before,
“Hello Wyatt.” I think how does this girl know my name, then I remember that is Mocha. I worry that having this in front of me will be the end of my life then I remember the time I was in the forest over a week ago. When I was in that clearing, I remember that this girl was there I remember her hair and her almost pale skin. I ask her this one question,
“Where you ever in the woods during the time of one week ago?” Her reply is,
“Yes and why do you want to know?” Well when you were in the clearing...” She snaps at me yelling,
“How did you know I was in that clearing?” I try to tell her that I was lost in the woods before she flipped out completely. I stood up and pulled her into a hug but I realized worst mistake of my life because right when I did that a foot was sent flying into my face.
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ILoveWritingAlot said...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 2:48 am
one word for the book OMGITSSOAWESOME!!!
epic...!!pls read my book and tell me your views...and happy writing!!

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