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The Rejects

Author's note: For a friend Tina.
Author's note: For a friend Tina.  « Hide author's note
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Meet the rejects

Subject # 848 Name: Lilly Age: 8 Subject born with 80% human d.n.a and 20% insect d.n.a from a monarch butterfly. Has two bright and brown black and yellow wings with very thin bones. Too delicate for long fighting scenarios. Only flies up to 70 miles an hour and has major digestive flaws. REJECTED

Subject #787 Name: Sam Age: 12 Subject born with 65% human d.n.a. and 35% feline d.n.a from an african cheetah. Has spotted fur all along his pointed ears, forearms and tail. Also has wishers
for balance and retractable claws with a 75% kill accuracy. 20-10 vision with 17-17 hearing capabilities. Mute. REJECTED

Subject # 636 Name: Meg Age: 16 Subject born 100 % human and at age 10 was grafted with lupine d.n.a in the "Eraser" trials. Only successful known female "Eraser". Has developed an unusual maternal bond with subject #787. Rebellious and easily angered compared to the normal "Eraser" data. REJECTED

Subject #545 Name: Tina Age: 16 Subject born with 90% human d.n.a. and 10% avian d.n.a from a mix of a parrot and a blue jay. Has bright white wings speckled with spots of blue and red. Has strong agility and the ability to mimic sound, voices ext. to the exact tone. Flies up to 120 mph and can carry up to 20 pounds times her own weight. REJECTED

Subject# 424 Name: Jason Age: 17 Subject born 100% human then grafted at age 7 with reptilian d.n.a from a chameleon. Natural skin color has become a dark green. His eyes can dart in several different directions at the same time. Versatile spinal column and has suction-like fingertips and feet allowing subject to cling to objects and clim walls. Has the ability to change skin tone to blend into surroundings. Often has trouble altering other items color. Has un-useful talkative tendencies. REJECTED

Subject# Name: Nate (NATHANIEL)
Age :18 Subject born 100% human then grafted at age 4 with reptilian d.n.a from a water moccasin viper. Has dark features and pointed canines that can release a toxic poison upon impact. Versatile spinal column. Expiration date was over two years ago but subject continues to thrive. REJECTED

This small band have been hiding out in a small town in Arizona since they escaped their imprisonment from a "school" in New Mexico avoiding the authorities, Scientists and Erasers. This is their life.
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