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Vampires vs. Shapeshifters

Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires
Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires  « Hide author's note
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The Stranger

There was one thing that I knew for sure and was that I was a shape shifter. I have been a shape shifter ever since I was a teenager. I was taught by my father, who was also a shape shifter. There were two kinds of shape shifters, there was the one that could turn into any animal and the second was the one that could only turn into two animals, one for land and one for air. The second kind was the most popular and there was usually a rare case of the first kind. I was the first kind. When I was little my grandpa bestowed it on me so everyone that was a shape shifter knew what I was going to be. My dad was the second kind and my mom had no idea about shape shifting. It was a secret that she would never know. I turned into the second kind of shape shifter because my elders of my tribe was my dad, well so I thought anyways. My dad was afraid that he would lose my mom if he told her the secret. I had to stay with my new family. They were also shape shifters, but they could only change into two animals. There was Tina, Jake, Dalton, Morgan and I. They were shape shifters too, except Tina. They lived in a small house. Tina was a witch and could do many magical things. She could duplicate things and makes things seem smaller, but if you went into it then it would look huge. That's€™s was she did to the trailer that we live in. It was small, but on the inside it was huge and everyone had his or her own room. Since I was the newcomer I lived in the smallest room. We made a pack and we to it. We got along fine and our enemy that we have been killing for a long time was the vampires. The vampires were the worst to us. It was during the summer and I got to go home again. I was just finishing high school. I was riding the bus and I got dropped off. I lived in the country so I had to shape shift and run there. I transformed into a cheetah. I ran straight home. When I got there I scratched on my dad's window. He opened it and saw me. Of course he knew it was I. He helped me in. I ran straight into my room. I transformed back into a human and got dressed. I walked back into my dad's study. He was at his desk doing paperwork.
I smiled at him. I walked through the bushes below the window and went to the front door. I knocked on it and my mom answered the door. She gave me a hug. And let me in. We ate at dinner and I was telling them everything about what I have done. Everything was a lie. That I was lying in my bed. Everything was quiet until I heard a knock on my window. It was Jake. He smiled at me. "Are you ready to go? Vampires are not going to wait for us, so we need to go," he said
When we transform we usually don’t have clothes on. So we usually carry them with us unless we are traveling a long distance. I crawled out the window and followed him. He ran right into the cornfield. I transformed into a bird and flew into the air. There was a light in the distance. It was the trailer. I flew down and hid in the cornfield. I walked up to the door. Tina answered it and let me in. The trailer was beautiful. She smiled at me. The leader of the pack came in and looked at us. It was a girl that was older than we were. stuck. Her name was Tory. She was the oldest; therefore she had to be the leader.
"Are we ready?" She spoke in a soft tone. She looked at everyone as they smiled. "A mutt has been spotted off the coast of the island. We will leave tonight."
Everyone cheered. A mutt was a term that we used for when a vampire can shape shift into evil animals. We walked out the door and shape shifted shifted into animals. I was a dog. I ran as fast as I could. I was the fastest in getting places and that was because most of the second kind were fast. When I got there and hid in the bushes. There they were. They were soaked with blood. It dripped from the chins. They had just killed a human. Tory gave us a signal and she attacked. Everyone followed close behind her. I attacked too. The vampires were fierce, but we beat them. I looked around as they fought. A vampire ran into the words. I ran after him. I knocked him down
He begged, "Please don’t hurt me."
I could see his fangs. I transformed back into a human on accident. What have I done. He looked at me as I fainted. There must have been something wrong with my powers, I thought. I woke up in a small cave. He was at the darkest part of the cave
"Where am I?"
The man came out of the dark. His eyes were clear and were an emerald by the way they glowed when nothing shined on them. They were hazel. He had brown hair too. "You are in my home."
He spoke like a soft animal would speak to me.
"Why, why have you saved me?"
He smiled a crooked smile and sat beside me. He took my hand and turned it over. There was a long scare that was on my forearm. He took his arm and showed me the same scar. His touch was icy cold. He frowned, You and I are just alike. We have been scared for life by the same vampire. I never wanted to be a vampire. You must trust me.
I looked at our scares and the flashback of the king came into my mind. The king of all vampires let me live. He had no time to kill me because my people were going after him. I looked at the man who sat beside me and I had no idea whether or not to trust him. I said, “We do not have anything in common.”
"Just give me a chance to prove myself to you." He smiled a smile that was telling me to trust him.
I frowned as I looked at the bandages that were on my stomach. One spot was soaked with blood. Did he bite me when I was asleep? I was ready to leap at him. He was a vampire and how could I trust him? I was reminded of my mother when she said, 'You should never judge anyone.' I stared at him with a worry. If i did not trust him i knew I would die. I sighed a long sigh and took a deep breathe in.
"I trust you."
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 22 Next »

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smurfette27 said...
May 10, 2013 at 1:52 pm
you keep putting the vamp's name as both cody and luke. it's confusing.

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