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Author's note: I love Bizenghast and decided to pay tribute to it!
Author's note: I love Bizenghast and decided to pay tribute to it!  « Hide author's note
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Another Vault

"I am quiet and quick, a sneaky snake of white and red. Thy pyre waits for thy gypsy love? And forth we pray for forgiveness. Yeah I've got no clue, any ideas Edaniel?" Quizzed Dinah at the plaque acknowledging the entrance to yet another creepy mausoleum ghost world.
"The first part is a riddle of fire I know that." In put Edrear, "And a pyre is where witches and gypsies used to be burned in ancient times."
"The girl's name is Ainia, she was a lovely lady with a perfect life yadda yadda,"
This and all other chapters have already been posted on Fanfiction.net under the penname animeclaimer, who is still me.
started Edaniel, in his most pompous I-know-more-than-you voice. "Her husband betrayed her (in a way not to be divulged to you, I don't know why but Edrear told me so) she went totally nutsso and killed her three small children then herself. In that process she also burned down the whole town and there were no survivors." His toothy grin grew in self celebration.
"That makes no sense to the riddle at all." Laughed Dinah, striding up to a small headstone engraved with a burning cross. "Do you think this is it?" she said tapping it lightly with her foot. Edaniel poked around it and nodded. "So how do we get in?"
"I'm guessing it has something to do with that key hole," pointed Edrear.
"Yeah, I kind of figured that… so where's the key?" Asked Dinah, sifting through the overgrown grass surrounding them.
"Here it is!" Exclaimed Edaniel, pulling a kitchen cleaver from a small rose bush. Both Dinah and Edrear raised an eyebrow. Why always the rose bush? She thought dolefully. She grasped the old fashioned wood handle and slid the blade into the key hole. With a quarter turn to the right they all heard a small click. The headstone sank to reveal a small stairway.
"Allow me to enter first Miss Dinah," Said Edrear drawing his twisted sword. He clasped her hand and started down. Edaniel followed close behind. Together they slowly made their way down. They emerged into what appeared to be a late 1800's style town square. People milled about in the mid-day sun, laughing, talking, and going about their daily business. The church bells rang signifying it was about noon (well more like mid-night to Dinah).
Dinah couldn't help but smile at the simple pleasant lives of these people. "Are you sure this is the right place?" she giggled as a group of small boys ran by waving sticks at one another.
A scream broke the back ground babble of the town. "YOU SICK BASTARD!!!!!!!!" Cried out a woman's voice, "HOW COULD YOU!?!?!?! DID OUR VOWES MEAN NOTHING TO YOU!?!?!?!" A slightly drunk man flew from a small window of a nearby house.
"My love I apologize, I made a mistake! Please forgive me!!!" He begged shifting to his knees.
"A MISTAKE?!?!?!! YOU WERE HAVING AN AFFAIR!!!! WHAT ARE OUR CHILDREN GOING TO SAY!?!?! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THEM?!?! TO ME!?!?!?!" Wailed the woman poking her head out the window, tears streaming down her face. The man winced as he was struck in the face by a shoe flying from the same window.
"Found our girl!!!" Cried Edaniel.
"You don't say," said Dinah in complete sarcasm.
"Miss Dinah!" Edrear yelled as he tackled Dinah out of the way of more random objects flying from the window. He covered her trembling body with his until the onslaught was over. "Are you alright, Miss Dinah?" He asked extending a hand to help her to her feet. She nodded, blushing.
Smoke began to rise into sky. "You guys can flirt later; I think we've got a problem." Edaniel stated pointing to the growing column of flames rapidly eating away the house. People ran screaming and the trio jumped into action. Edaniel conjured up a fire extinguisher. "Somehow I doubt this will be enough to put that fire out." He muttered, shooting white foam at the middle of the towering flames.
"Not Helping!" called Edrear as he ran here and there moving as many innocent bystanders as he could.
How do we pass this ghost on? Dinah wondered, wrinkling up her forehead. Screams erupted from inside the burning house. "Help Us Mommy!!!" Children cried. Dinah's eyes widened in understanding. She bolted toward the house.
"Miss Dinah, STOP!!" Called Edrear, running after her.
"No can do, we have to get those kids. This ghost is held back by guilt, the guilt of killing her kids and her town. I'll get the kids, you guys put out that fire!" She smashed through the door and into the uproar of burning memories.
Now where are you? She glanced every which way till her eyes fell on a staircase. She ran up it as fast as she could without tripping and falling to the burning abyss below. At the top of the stairs was a small sitting area surrounded by doors. She kicked down each door as she came up to it, all the rooms were empty. One last door. She kicked it, yelps of fear and surprise rang form the three small children huddled in the room's center.
She ran up to them. "You're going to be okay now," she smiled, hefting one onto her back and another into her arms. She took them and ran blindly toward the exit. Just a little farther. She stumbled and fell, "Run!" she gasped to the children, they wriggled away and ran tears steaming in the heat. Smoke filled up her lungs, and her vision started to get blurry, she could feel her dress catch on fire. Her whole being burned, practically screaming for relief.
"Miss DINAH?!?!?!" came Edrear's alarmed cries. Wait for me guys… I'm coming…just let me rest…. Just for a moment... I just need a little break. She blacked out. "Miss Dinah?! MISS DINAH!?!?! MISS DINAH!!!!!!" Edrear picked her up, cradling her gently. "Hang on Miss Dinah; come on you'll be OK. EDANIEL!! We have to leave!! NOW!!!!!!!" Light exploded around the three hunters as Edaniel waved his magic wand and Edrear held Dinah close.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 15 Next »

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