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Stroke of Midnight chpt 1

Author's note: i hope u all like this
Author's note: i hope u all like this  « Hide author's note
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hurt feelings

“Hey, Paige, what is your maiden name?”
She didn’t answer.
“Did you hear me?”
“Leave her alone, Claire.” Kai warned.
“Paige what is you maiden name?”
“Leave her alone.” He warned again.
“Paige what is your maiden name.” I asked again but before I could flick her in the head Kai had my hand.
“I said leave her alone.” His irises were a dark purple behind brown contacts.
Mikayla walked up to the table.
“Do you want to come to my house, Claire? You can help me with some task for college.”
“That sounds delightful.” I said quickly, getting up and following her.
“I thought you could use some help to get out of that mess.”
“You are an angel.”
“I know I am.”
“So why are we going to you house?”
“To help with some college applications.”
“Sounds good.”
“You’ll get to meet my brothers also.”
“Then let’s go.”
I followed her truck out to a two story white house. I got out my car and walked to the doorstep with her. She knocked and the door swung opened. On the other side was a boy my age with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was extremely tan and gorgeous. He kissed Mikayla on the cheek and she walked in. The interior of the house was cozy with a small piano, large rug under the wooden table, a blue La-Z-Boy recliner, and two tan couches. There was a small dog kennel and a fireplace. The boy spotted me for the first time.
“Are you one of KK’s friends?”
Mikayla laughed. “I’m KK Claire, and that’s my brother Derek.”
“Oh, then where is your other brother?”
“Bryce is in the backyard with one of his new girly friends.” Derek explained.
Mikayla led me up the five wooden steps that lead to the second story.
“This is my room” She said opening the door.
She had a fairly large room. A bunk bed with Blitz laying on the bottom bunk. There was a shelf with a basket on it and a large TV. The walls were painted a light blue with a wall covered in quotes from books and movies. There were pictures on the wall of her and Derek from when they were little to now.
“You have an awesome room.”
“It’s average.”
“So the college applications?”
“On the bottom bunk.”
I laid down and held Blitz in one hand while shuffling at the applications. One of them caught my eye.
“You got accepted to Harvard law school?”
“Yes but I’m not sure if I want to go. I also got accepted to the University of Hawaii but it’s not a big deal.”
“Not a big deal? You got accepted to the university of Hawaii! Hawaii!”
“I’m not much for the sun. I like the shade a lot. Plus if I got to go to Harvard I’d feel like Elle Woods.”
“Legally Blonde?”
“You aren’t blonde though.”
“But I’m from California.”
“You are?”
“Well I’m from Brooklyn.”
“Someone carried you in a basket all the way from Brooklyn to California?”
“They must have been desperate.”
We looked through the applications some more.
“Did you see Kai blush? It looked like someone had hit him in the face.” She asked.
“I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that.”
“The way he was staring at me was weird.”
“I didn’t notice that.”
“I guess I was just imagining it.”
“I can’t believe I actually had to mention to his face that he was staring at me.”
“He stopped though.”
“Yah I haven’t mentioned it to Derek yet because he’s very protective of me. I think it’s something else but I’m not for sure yet.”
I looked at the clock: eight p.m.
“Do I need to leave?”
She glanced at the clock. “Derek will probably be in here in a few minutes so yes.”
“Bye then.”
“Good night.”
I drove back to the still house in the woods thinking over the school day and how protective Kai had gotten of Paige in just a few seconds. I walked into the still house and into the kitchen for a snack. I flipped on the lights and Paige was on the counter like Kai was this morning. Five bottles of champagne were empty and broken around her. I backed up a few steps but the door slammed behind me and Paige was in my face smiling wickedly.
“You can’t run, Claire.”
“What do you want.”
“Everything that I can’t have.”
“I can’t help you with that.”
“Yes you can.”
I glanced at her eyes surprised when they weren’t black but the dark red that had no emotions. She was hiding them from me.
“You are drunk, Paige you don’t know what you are doing.”
“Alcohol doesn’t get me that way, Claire, nothing can break through me I’m invincible.”
I growled a warning and she laughed.
“What do you want?”
“Your life.”
“My what?”
“Stay still and it won’t hurt.”
She pulled out a knife and I ran but she was right there, slamming me onto the ground. She plunged the knife into my heart and everything went black. Then I was drifting peacefully on water. The clouds where snow white and the sky was the brightest blue. I saw a small boat nearby and people were arguing on it. A storm started and the boat was rowing away quickly. Something dragged me into the water and I screamed and kicked trying to get to the surface. The water turned red and black as I screamed more.
Then I was awake.
Everyone was staring at me. James had the knife in one hand and the other hand was on my heart healing it over. Paige looked at me and disappeared. I remembered what had happened and shook the memory away.
“Why aren’t I dead? She stabbed me in my heart I should be dead.”
“But you aren’t.” James remarked.
“I should be.”
“Do you know what happened?”
“I walked into the kitchen Paige was drunk and she killed me.”
“Just give her the drugs already.” Kai said stubbornly.
There was a prick in my arm and I faded to the blackness again. When I woke up I was in my own room and it was night. I checked my calendar to see that I had slept for two straight days. I heard a door slam and I ran downstairs in a robe. I hid on the staircase so that they couldn’t see me. Paige had a black suitcase in her hands but Kai had his hand on the door blocking her. He led her to the couch and sat her down.
“Why are you leaving?” He asked.
“Because of Claire.”
“Don’t let Claire run you out of your house. You were drunk and you didn’t know what you were doing.”
“That’s not the issue it’s just that every time I look at Claire it reminds me of her. Then I think of my family and Christopher. I think of how I couldn’t find Chasidy and how they probably dragged her out to be a savage like they were. It makes me think of everything this life has taken away from me and how I’ll never get those things back. How they thought I was lying and locked me up in that mental home because I wasn’t ‘safe enough to be around other kids my age’ ” She was crying at this point. “I can’t take it anymore and I just want to get away from here.”
“I’m sorry Paige, I shouldn’t of done this to you. You weren’t ready for this life and everything that you would have to sacrifice. I was wrong for stealing you to this life.”
She hugged him crying and he pulled her away to kiss her for a while. I had to cover my own mouth to keep from yelling at her. She buried her face in his chest ad curled into a ball. I crawled back to my bedroom and laid on the bed cursing Paige under my breath for kissing Kai. The next morning I heard everyone talking downstairs. I dressed quickly and ran down the steps to the kitchen.
“What is it?” I asked Kyoko.
“Kai and Paige are gone.”
“Where did they go?”
“We don’t know.”
“They just vanished?”
“Yes, and Dakota left this morning and Kai has a coven to lead now and he isn’t here.”
“Get someone else to do it.”
“We can’t it has to be Kai he is the next in line to lead.”
“How could he just vanish?”
“I don’t know!”
The rest of the day went like that but we couldn’t find them. It has been thirteen days since their disappearance. I was worried about Kai but Paige can get mauled by a bear for all I care. It was ten at night and the whole family was gathered around the couch by time the door opened and Kai and Paige were in the doorway. Everyone was staring at them and Paige disappeared only to be at the top of the staircase waving for Kai to follow her. He jumped on the arm of the couch quickly before jumping to the next object of furniture and ending on the end of the staircase missing the arms that tried to grab him effortlessly. He wrapped his arm around Paige’s waist and turned his head around, growling as they walked up the steps.
“I’ve seen this happen before when Paige got really depressed over Christopher. They will be back to normal tomorrow morning.” Logan explained.
I slept on the couch that night and woke up to the smell of something burning. I ran into the kitchen and saw Paige laughing. She saw me and walked over to me squeezing me in a tight hug.
“Morning, Claire!” At least her voice didn’t change with the attitude.
“Good morning, Paige.”
“Sorry if the burning smell woke you up but I was trying to cook. I guess Kai was right when he said that cooking wasn’t a talent of mine.” She giggled slightly.
“Do you feel ok?”
“Why would you ask that?”
“Well you are just…extremely happy.”
“This how I always am.”
“No your some type of serial killer chic who wears black all the time.”
“Black is my favorite color.”
Kai walked in the room and I left to get dressed. Taking a shower and dressing quickly then running downstairs where Kai and Paige were.
“Good morning, Claire.”
“Good morning, Kai.”
He was messing with something black on a plate.
“What is that?” I asked concerned that he might actually eat it.
“Paige thinks that you cook Jell-O in the oven.”
“Why is it black?”
“I have no idea.”
“Why is Paige happy?”
“I bet her my gold watch that she couldn’t be nice to you for five minutes. She proved me wrong though and now I don’t have a watch.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 16 Next »

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Nothingbetterthanawesomeness said...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 7:57 pm
I think your story is ok, but work on explaining things more; i was confused about a lot of things, like if Logan was a boy or girl.

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