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Back to the Start

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James and Emma B.
Back to the Start
Summary: CRASH! BAM!

Loki gazed at the ignorant people around him as he calmly walked through the battlefield. Screams echoed through the air and the thud of bodies falling to the grassless ground resonated. What a glorious sound it was.

He smiled. All this because of him. What beauty! He bent down next to one of the fallen soldiers and gently whispered, “Was it worth it? Do you know you’re dying for a pampered man to get more money in his pocket?”

The man shuddered as he struggled to breathe but the bullet had wounded his lungs. His hands shook in desperate tremors and his forehead broke out in cold sweat. Loki smoothly stood up and continued walking. The village he was in was unbearably small, nothing compared to his beloved palace back in Asgard.

People were running in and out of the houses. Children were wailing for their parents and scampering around like rats. The smell of smoke and blood hung heavy in the air, and guns seemed to be shooting from all around.

As Loki leisurely walked through the unfolding massacre, he smiled to himself. The amount of confusion and chaos was overwhelmingly pleasurable. Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly saw something. A whizz of red hair zoomed past his view and a sudden curiosity filled him. What was a red head doing in the Middle East?

He quickly changed into a ten year old boy with pale skin and dark hair and eyes, and he followed the girl around the corner. People shoved past him and he growled at all the people who ran into him. As much as he liked chaos, he preferred momentary peace when he was in such a vulnerable state. Midgardians.

The red head girl was leaning against one of the walls and looking around with an eerie sense of calmness on her face. Her nine year old luminous brown eyes sparkled with excitement and Loki blinked in surprise. This was supposed to be scary not comical.

He walked over to her and she took a step back with a grin still on her face.

“What are you smiling about?” Loki asked.

“People.” She said simply, locking her hands behind her back. “They are so afraid of dying. It’s funny to see them. Don’t they know that to die earlier would be better than to die with leaving so much behind.”

“What do you mean?” Loki frowned. This girl must be crazy.

“When you are small, you have nothing to lose.” The girl articulated carefully. “When you are old, you are in love, there are people around you that love you, and you have a family and friends.”

Loki studied her carefully. This girl was obviously not like the others, besides her red hair that was different from everybody else’s. Her brown eyes held a subtle sparkle in them, but he couldn’t figure out the sadness behind them.

“So you want to die?”

“No.” the girl smirked. Another explosion echoed in the background.

“Are you human?” Loki sneered. This girl was interesting; not only had she puzzled him, the god of mischief and lies, but she did it to where he had absolutely no idea what she was suggesting through her cryptic words.

“Are you human?” the girl countermanded. “I don’t see you with any signs of having starved or fought.” She poked at his ribcage.

Loki glared at the girl. Despite being annoying, she was frustratingly smart.

Before he said anything, he sensed the precognition of a bomb going off. He threw himself on the girl, wrapping his arms around her and covered her as shards of glass and wood drove into his back. The girl’s chocolate eyes widened as his face scrunched up in pain. Midgardians were so easy to fool.

“Let go of me, you idiot.” She gasped as she turned him around to see the wounds. Loki smiled inwardly as she gasped at the glass embedded in his back. Her hands seemed to be unable to move for a second, and then he felt one of the pieces being slowly extracted from his back.

“Stop,” Loki sharply ordered, turning away from her.

“You have glass in your back!” she snarled, frustrated. As she reached for it again, a voice shouted,


The girl turned to the voice and Loki took advantage of the moment to disappear and transport himself on top of the building. He watched as a boy with a bow on his back came running towards the girl. Natasha.

“Clint, I thought you were at the van already.” Natasha said. Her voice lowered. Clint shrugged before nodding, leading her away from the scene. Natasha looked back to try to find the stranger who had helped her but she was met with empty air.

“Natasha,” Loki tried out the name softly and silently followed the duo of friends weave their way through the crowd and towards a white van that was driving towards the entrance of the city.

Clint and Natasha flagged it down and it stopped, letting them in. Loki’s eyes widened as he caught the sight of guns in there. He materialized closer to hear what Natasha and Clint were saying to the strangers.

“The suspect is dead,” Clint confirmed, “Natasha made sure I got out in time to not get hit by the bomb.” He flashed her smile, but all she returned was a firm nod. The man gave them a pat on the back and turned back to the driver.

“The spies are here.” The man snapped, “Hurry up and drive.”

So this strange little girl Natasha was a spy. How… peculiar. How exciting. He could only imagine the thrill of being a spy at such a young age. Where had she gone? She seemed to be experienced in this sort of thing. He really must ask her more about her interesting occupation.

As he transported back to Asgard, he was caught by Heimdall, the gatekeeper, who gave him a distrustful look.

“Loki, while on your visit to Earth, you were blurred from my vision.” He said softly. Loki could hear the warning tone lying underneath.

“How strange, Heimdall,” Loki cocked his head to the side, frowning, “Could it be you’re getting old and are losing your sight?” Heimdall scowled and Loki went back to Odin’s palace Gladseim laughing.

Even as his brother Thor caught up with him telling him about the new trick he had learned with his hammer, all Loki could think about was Natasha and her strange words. Maybe he could go back to Midgard and talk to her.

Loki frowned, shaking his head as he realized the thoughts running through his head. Why did he suddenly want to see Natasha again? What was so special about her?

“Is something troubling you, brother?” Thor frowned, placing a hand on Loki’s shoulder.

“No, Thor,” Loki smiled tightly, “Tell me more about your trick.” Thor didn’t hesitate into plunging into his rant again and didn’t realize until much later that Loki had zoned out again.

I will visit her tomorrow. Loki thought, nodding his head.

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