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A New Killer Is Born

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A New Killer Is Born (Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers Etc...) Chapter 1: Daddy and Me

I watched below from the top of the stairs as I saw the poor teenage girl run across the living room. She was screaming and crying as she searched for an exit. Sadly, the door was lock so there was no way out for her. I smiled evilly to myself as I saw my father enter the living room. He raised his machete over his head as he went to slash the girl. The girl let out a terrifying scream and ducked out the way as the machete came down and sliced into a wooden coffee table. I heard my father groan as he tried taking his weapon out. The girl was screaming and running away and tried yanking the front door open. I shake my head in annoyance and slowly made my way down the stairs. Each footstep I took made a thump noise and this caused the girl to look up.
Her eyes grew wide with shock and confusion as she saw me; just a normal looking 10 year old girl. I saw as she parted her lips, looking like she was about to say something until I heard a loud crash and looked over to see my father holding up his machete. The girl screamed and went to grab my arm, but I quickly snatched my arm away. Before the girl went to make a dash, I grabbed her by the back of her hair and yanked her back. She let out a scream as I pushed her on the floor towards my father. My father stopped in his tracks and looked down at the teen girl. Her face was covered in sweat and had the look of fear spread across her face. My father tilted his head to the side and slowly began to raise his machete. The girl let out a squeal and reached for my ankles.
“Please! Don’t!”, she screamed and suddenly, the screams stopped. The girl fell silent as my father slid his machete in the teen’s stomach. He pulled it out after a couple of seconds and stabbed her again, only deeper this time. When he pulled his machete back out, blood and pieces of ripped organs hung from the sharp blade. I made a disgusted face, but smile afterwards at my father’s accomplishment.
“You got another one dad.”, I smiled.
My father looked at me with his one eye. His eye twitched and then I heard him groan. It was hard to see if he was upset or just annoyed by what I said as his hockey mask covered his face. I decided to keep the next comment to myself and just decided to walk a silent walk home with my dad. When we walked after a fifteen minutes, I knew we were getting close to the lake, I stopped and turned to my dad. This was the part where my dad picks me up and carries me the rest of the way towards the old cabin. My dad looked down at me and then looked at the machete in his hand. He tucked his machete under his armpit and carefully picked me up without dropping his blade.
My dad continued walking with me in his arms. I let out a sigh and looked up towards the night sky. There was a full moon out tonight and there were hardly any stars out. I turned to look at my dad and began to wonder if I should try and start a conversation with him. What should I say though? I didn’t want to upset him or make him angry like I did last time. My father always gets mad when I ask him questions about the killing he does. I always wondered why he done it, but as always he never answers me. I always wonder also why he doesn’t talk. I even asked him that, but he never answered me. All he would do is sharpen his machete, set traps out in the woods and sometimes play hide and seek with me. Hide and seek was my favorite game. I was always the one to hide while my father would be out looking for me. It was such a fun game to play, especially when there was all kinds of hiding spots in the woods.
“Dad?”, I almost asked in a whisper.
My dad stopped in his tracks and turned his head. His one eye twitch as the other was shut closed. I always wondered why he never opened that eye.
“What are we going to do tomorrow?”, I asked.
My dad didn’t do anything except stare at me. Then after a few seconds, he started walking again. I let out a sigh and before I realized it, we were home. I looked up at the old cabin my dad and I lived in. It wasn’t much; it wasn’t cozy like some houses were, but it was home for me and my dad. I gulped and closed my eyes as I saw a glimpse of a few dead bodies that lay on the ground next to the steps of our cabin. My dad wasn’t the type of person to clean up after himself. He always store dead bodies inside a closet that stood in the room where I slept. Yeah, it scared me very much, but I didn’t want to say nothing to my father about it.
My dad sat me on the ground and I smiled at the thought that I was finally home. I ran up the steps of the cabin and headed straight to my bed. I jumped on the old, raggedy bed and let out a sigh of relief.
“Home sweet home.”, I called out and hugged my dirty pillow. I heard footsteps enter the house and I knew it was no other than my dad. Just then, his head popped in my room and he slowly walked over towards me.
I quickly sat up as he pointed towards the old dusty dresser that stood in the corner. That meant that I need to change into my PJs. I nodded towards my father and went over towards the dresser and pulled out a pair of old boy pajamas. I went into the bathroom that was out in the hall and went into change. After I was done, I brushed my hair and went back into my room where my father was sitting on the edge of my bed waiting for me.
I smiled and ran over towards my dad. He opened his arms and scooped me up. This was the time where my dad would want me to read a bed time story out loud to him. Right now, I was reading a book called, “Green Eggs and Ham”, by my favorite author Dr. Seuss. I read this book about fifty times and I still enjoyed reading it. My dad enjoyed me reading it to him as he would pat my head as if telling me Good Job.
“Green Eggs and Ham.”, I smiled and opened the pages. I began to read the short story and my dad sat me on his lap and stroked my head. After I was finished, I put the book away. It was now time for bed. My dad picked me up in one arm and pulled out the bed covers in the other. He laid me down gently and pulled the covers over me.
“Dad?”, I asked with a smile.
He took my hand. I smiled at this and asked, “Would you stay here with me until I fall asleep?”
My dad nodded his head and then sat down on the floor with my hand still in his. I nuzzled under the covers and closed my eyes. After what felt like forever, I finally drifted off to sleep.
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