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RED the ending

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The beginning

I sat there in the bleak dampness of my cell. I was completely consumed by darkness. I struggled to find a speck of light to adjust my eyes to, but there was none. I had to rely on my nose and my hands. Something slowly moved down the back of my neck. I tried to reach up, but my hands were bound to the ground. I found that the same was done with my legs when I tried to move them. I sniffed the air, focusing around the area at the back of my neck. It was a foul smell. Sweat, I thought to myself. I sniffed the air again trying to find out if anyone was in the cell with me; nothing, just my own scent. “Wolf.” I said softly, the words bounced off the walls and reached my ears quickly. From this I predicted that the cell was square in shape and small in diameter. Great, I thought as I blew my hair away from my left eye. I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep.
I awoke to the sound of the door unlocking. It slowly creaked open as several strands of light shot in the small cell illuminating my lazy and wild features. There stood Len-Ky Hironisha, my sworn enemy. Two men dressed in black outfits entered the cell and unbound me; they lifted me up then pushed me forwards; slowly I trudged out of the room. The first thing I looked upon then was the lights on the ceiling. There were many illuminating the room, I squinted my eyes as they adjusted. Len-Ky walked down the hall, the guards motioned me in the opposite direction. Supposing I had no choice, I walked that way, one guard behind me another in front. We journeyed through many halls and past tons of cell doors. “You Hironisha’s really think you can keep me locked up in a prison.” I said freely, the guards kept silent. Truthfully I don’t blame them. They knew who I was and they also knew even though I was only fourteen I could take down every soldier in the building with my bare hands. They were afraid; I saw this fear in their eyes and in their hesitation.
The guard in front of me stopped at a large glass door; inside I saw blood splattered across the white walls. There were lights on the roof, so there was no single patch of darkness. Which results in no escape, I thought to myself. The man behind me grabbed both my arms as the man in front of me opened the door. The man stepped back as the one behind me moved me into the room, he then bound me to several chains on the wall. The man drew a katana he had belted to his waist. The other man closed the door and locked it. “Torture room, eh?” I said smirking as I closed my eyes and thought out a plan of escape. During all off that time the man prepared to strike me. I opened my right eye keeping my left closed. “Dumbass.” I cursed at him. Enraged the man began to swing his blade. At the last moment I dipped my head missing the lethal blow by several inches. Strands of my hair that had been cut by the swipe floated towards the ground. The man drew his sword back. At that moment I quickly looked up and let my left eye open, the iris which was lined in gray slowly turned to the color timber wolf. The man tried to look away, but it was all too late. “Unchain me,” I said, the man did so. After the task was done his body fell lifelessly to the ground, dead. I stepped over his body rubbing my wrists which were turning red due to the cuffs. I reached down and grabbed the man’s katana.
I shook my head in disappointment as I easily charged through the glass door. The shattered glass sprayed everywhere and a loud siren sounded, calling all guards. The first man had fallen back after attempting to enter and help his friend; I slashed him in the neck. I jogged down the hall following the scent of fresh air; this would be the key to my escape. I turned a corner; there to meet me were three guards. They had their katana’s out at their waste’s ready for the worst. I tucked my head; eyes still fixed on the guards and sprinted towards them. Their speed was nothing compared to mine, in a few short moments three bloody carcasses lay strewn across the ground. I continued my journey.
I moved my eyes slightly to the right. I looked out a small window. Below were the peaceful forests of Japan. I clenched my teeth, my k9s showing razor sharp. I sprinted down the hall towards an elevator. My nose picked up the scent of thirteen guards; in that group somewhere was Len-Ky. “Get him you fools!” came Len-Ky’s voice from far behind me. I lunged into an elevator before the doors slid shut, after recovering from the long hurl I slowly stood up, popped my neck, and pressed the button with the Japanese characters for “lobby”.
As the elevator came to a stop and the doors slowly opened I dipped my head and put my hands on my knees, I took deep gasps of air. When the door fully opened I looked up to see the lobby flooded with tons of confused guards. I clenched my teeth baring my k-9s. The guards hushed and stared at me. Keeping my head low I charged at the guards, to this all drew blades. I blocked a stroke; counter attacked, blocked another stroke, and then swung fiercely at all who approached without caution, all the while I was making my bound to the freely open doors. The sight of the open doors was just like an invitation to freedom. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. I saw the movements of my enemies in slow motion, thanks to this I was able to react with lightning speed and accuracy, killing most before they even finished their strike. I ran out the door followed by the remaining guards that hadn’t been cut to pieces.
I ran through the dark forest floor, dodging trees and trying best I could to stay away from the moonlight and stay in the darkness. Soon I had disappeared to the guards and they gave up the chase, but I wasn’t going to let them go. I shot around in the dark and swiftly and with accurate movements I disposed of the scum. I closed my eyes and calmed myself relieving my kill impulse, I slowly stumbled away. After putting good distance between myself and the prison I stopped for a rest. I fell to the ground gasping for air. It was bad enough that my lungs were terribly dry, but soon a sharp pain occurred in my left eye, I closed it then grasped it with my left hand. I stood up then threw the katana I had stolen to the ground. I began a slow paced journey to the direction of the hills.
Once at the hills I had noticed the pain in my eye had vanished, I withdrew my hand. I walked close to the hills until I came to a slim gap in a hill; water trickled out the small space. I stood sideways as I maneuvered through the tight passageway; after a period of two minutes I had stumbled out of the passage and into a glorious valley. There was a stream that led into the passage, I washed the blood off my clothes then I stepped out and crossed the large grassy field. Once I had gotten to a large group of tents, I found they were abandoned. This was not a surprise, though. I think now is a good time to inform you on the history of my family. At the time it was the year 2007, the family I belonged to was the Setaki’s. My family resorted in the ancient ways of the ninja to end violence and war. Though all this did was wage a large war to end all others. My family was constantly on the move. The head family member had briefed all of the two-hundred and seventy family members that we were relocating to Saipan, a place where no one would expect us to be. Members like my brother Rain and myself where sent to live in other countries with large economies and monitor them. The reason we were chosen was because we were exceptionally fit, prepared, and unstoppable. My brother and I were constantly avoiding the Hironisha family, the largest family in the Japanese group of Yakuza gangsters. They endlessly envied our power and did anything to try to enslave us, as there “tools of war”. Len-Ky was the head member of this group. He was the one I had seen at the prison.
I found my way to my tent; unlike the other tents, which were completely empty, mine had my entire things still intact. I grabbed two backpacks. One of my family members must have packed them with my things and other items crucial for survival. My chain and sickle, the weapon I preferred, was neatly coiled on the ground, on top of it was a one way ticket to Saipan. I strapped the weapon to my belt then stuffed the ticket in my pocket. I slung the bigger backpack on my back and strapped the other to it, the lighter pack dangled by my waist. As I walked through the lush field back towards the passage I looked up at the moon. It was large and ominous. My brother, who was in the United States, would probably love for me to pop by. I grinned as I dug into my pocket then dropped the ticket to Saipan.
After maneuvering out the passage I made my way to the forest entrance. I stepped out onto the streets of Tokyo. I looked up at the brightly lit sky. The smell was foul of gasoline. Earth killers, I thought as I adjusted my backpacks then started towards the airport. Once entered I approached a clerk then said, “One one-way ticket to the United states, please.” I said. The woman stared at me. “Have you lost your momma?” she asked showing a fake smile. I dug in my pocket then held out an American Express Gold card. “Sorry, mister… Setaki.” She said as she read the card then swiped the card through a machine. She handed me my ticket and card and I walked through the metal detector, it blew up into sparks as I did so. I grinned as the security man scratched his head then motioned me on.
I sat comfortably in the first class section; I kept my bags in the seat next to me. “Food or drinks?” a flight attendee asked graciously. “No thanks.” I said. I turned on the small TV on the seat in front of me; it turned on to the news. Nothing important, just more killing in the Middle East, I thought to myself. I turned off the TV. I adjusted the chair backwards then slowly fell asleep.
I woke up to the feeling that someone was staring at me. I opened my eyes slightly and looked on the direction I thought the person was. There I saw a young girl, judging by her height she was probably around my age. She had long brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin. She looked a whole lot like a girl I knew from
Japan. My eyes shot open. Could it be, I asked myself as I thumbed my chain and sickle hidden in my jacket. The girl grinned at me then turned around. “Crap.” I said aloud, as my chain and sickle slipped out of my jacket and fell to the ground. It made a loud clank when it fell to the ground; I quickly snatched it then hid it back in my jacket. Fortunately no one had noticed. I looked back at the girl and focused a little bit more. “Huh”, I said acknowledging myself with the fact that this girl had green eyes and the girl I remembered had brown eyes.
When the plane had landed I stood up, Africa I’m half way there, I thought to myself. The girl stood up in front of me and grabbed her things, she slipped and fell backwards; I caught her. I hate being the good guy, I thought to myself as I helped her regain her footing. “Thank you.” She said as she turned around. She held out her hand, I shook it. “My name’s Autumn Revengal.” She said as she walked forwards. “Noma Darckus.” I said to her lying about my name. “So where you headed to?” she asked as we walked side by side through the airport. “United States.” I replied. “Me too”, she started, “maybe… we could, you know.” Autumn said hesitating. “Sit together.” I said. “Well if you insist.” She said smiling. I sighed.
“So enough about me.” Autumn said as she sat next to me in the first class section of the plane. “Tell me about yourself,” she paused, “starting with your real name.” she said as she quickly changed to a very serious outlook. “You’re a super soldier, aren’t you?” I said looking at her with my head raised up to a side, Autumn nodded. “Wolf Setaki.” I said. “Since I’m a super soldier I’m an enemy, huh.” Autumn said, I nodded. “Well that isn’t the case now.” She paused, “I am just a regular girl and you a regular boy.” She said looking at me. Throughout the flight the two of us talked about a lot of stuff, stuff two normal teenage kids would talk about. “We’re over the Middle East right now, you know.” Autumn said gazing out the window. Her eyes widened. “What’s wrong- before I could finish a loud whining noise arose all around me, ringing in my head. Something loud slammed into the plain. I grabbed Autumn by the waist. Then everything went black. Crap, I thought as I fell unconscious
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 13 Next »

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