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The Forgotten Goddess

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The Traitor Falls out of the Sky

“Why is it that whenever we try and sleep somewhere, we always end up being attacked, almost assassinated, or betrayed.” I complained.
We were flying in the air again, Liz was looking a bit green again.
“Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s because YOUR the most wanted criminal by the Eye and they are sending people to try and murder you and murder anyone who is with them.” Liz said, my iPod Touch in her hand.
I sighed, this was true after all.
“Hey, a senile old lady was found sleeping in a shopping cart in a Walmart parking lot.” Liz announced.
“Excuse me?”
“Mrs. Alora Parkins, 78, was found sleeping in a shopping cart in a New York City Walmart parking lot. It was found out that she said she was scaring off the dragons. She was sent to a nursing home.” Liz continued.
“And I care, why?” I asked.
She shrugged her shoulders and kept on going searching the news.
“Wait a second, uh oh.” Liz said, turning even greener.
“What?” I asked, annoyed.
“We are now on a wanted list.”
“What?!?!” I screamed.
“Yeah, apparently you should’ve disintegrated that lady. Because, she said that you attacked her with a knife and that you hit it on the side of her head, making her unconscious.” Liz said.
“I hit her in the head with a freaking FRYING PAN!”
“Well, now you are wanted dead or alive?”
Wait a second, they want me dead or alive? I thought alive was the only option for children.
“Do you have a tent?” Liz asked suddenly.
“Okay, do you have money?” she asked.
“Yes,” I said slowly.
“Well then, let’s go camping.” she announced and she started going into a steep dive, going near a REI.
I had no choice but to follow her. When I started to dive, I felt someone grab me from behind.
Did I scream? Of course I screamed.
Liz stopped in mid dive and wheeled around and screamed, “Look out!”
I ducked just in time because, a brick went straight past my head and hit my captor. My captor scream, it was a girl’s voice. I spun around and saw Jemma falling, down to her death. She was crying.
“Help! Help!” she kept screaming.
I saw that someone was diving toward her, a girl also, she had strawberry blonde hair, and- OH MY GOD, that’s Kiera.
“LIZ LET’S GO!” I screamed as I dove toward Liz and I started flying over the REI store and once I flew past it, I lowered myself so that I was level with the tree tops. I looked behind me and I saw that Liz was following me. After about an hour of this, I went into a dive toward a place that was flatland and that was concealed with trees, with a clear river flowing right next to it. As soon as I landed, I passed out.

I was walking in a clearing like this, but Liz wasn’t there, only a woman was standing there she looked very kind and intelligent. She also looked a bit like, me?
“Mom,” I said, in a barely audible voice.
“Yes darling, it’s me.” my mom said, smiling.
“What’s happening?” I asked.
“You are one of the most powerful people in the world. Angels are very rare, even part angels. And angels, well they tend to be immortal. Also, they tend to be very powerful and with power, come great risk.” She said sadly.
“So, I’m not a full angel?” I asked.
“No, only half, I’m a full angel, and your father is, well was a psychic.” She said, with a kind expression on her face.
“Why are they hunting me? Why?” I asked.
“Because, there is a prophecy about you, and you are said to bring power to our people. And to restore everything to it’s rightful place. Because, you are not in our world. You are needed in your home, your kingdom.”
“Wait, hold on. I have a kingdom?” I asked.
“Yes, everyone must make the journey. Only the true Queen can find the way. And only the loyal friends can find you.” My mother said.
My mother turned around suddenly. The move startled me, I didn’t know that my mother could move that fast, even in dream form. Someone was coming from the forest, a young girl. A smaller version of me. In this dream (If you can call it one) I was standing
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4

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