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The Forgotten Goddess

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The Traitor

Kelia the Amanteia burst into white flames and turned into gold ashes. No, I am not kidding, really, gold ashes. Then the wind picked up and scattered the ashes.
“Holy kibbles and bits.” I said.
“How did you do that?” Jemma asked, gaping at me.
“Do what?” I asked.
“Turn the Amanteia into flames.” Jemma said, still gaping.
I honestly didn’t try to do that. I just wanted to add effect, but it turns out I can turn things to ashes, sweet.
“I didn’t try to!” I exclaimed.
“I thought we were your friends.” Jemma pouted.
“I didn’t even know I can do that!” I exclaimed, exasperated.
“Sooooooooooo”Liz said. “Where to next?”
Then, Liz’s and Jemma’s eyes widened.
“What?” I demanded.
Liz pointed to my leg.
I slowly turned to look at my leg.
I screamed.
“Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!” I screamed, running around.
It was a green, slimy thing and then suddenly it bit me. I screamed again.
I snapped my fingers and screamed, “GET OFF ME!!!!”
You know what happened? If you guessed, it disintegrated, you were 100% correct. And if you guessed, that it did nothing and just sat there you were 100% wrong.
What can I say? I have a gift for disintegrating objects.
“Well, that was eventful. With the little girl, obsessed with Lord of the Rings and a green slimy thingy that bit me.” I said.
“Oh my god Celeste, stop it with the Lord of the Rings!” Jemma said exasperated.
What can I say, I have a gift for ticking people off.
“Before anything else attacks us, where are we going to now?” Liz asked.
“Can we go skiing? I’ve always wanted to go-” I started, until I was rudely interrupted.
“No!” Jemma and Liz shouted at the same time.
“You know it is very rude to interrupt people when they are speaking.” I said, irritated.
“No, skiing, I hate the cold and snow.” Jemma said, stamping her foot.
We should sooooo, go bungee jumping! Like that would be so much fun! The only problem is Celeste... Jemma thought
“No bungee jumping then.” I said pouting.
“Hey! Did you read my mind again?” Jemma asked suspiciously.
“Why?” I asked innocently.
“You’ve got to stop doing that!” Jemma exclaimed, “I can’t think in private!”
“How about, Vegas?” Liz asked, looking a bit hopeful.
“Yeah, no.” I said.
“Come on Celeste! PLEASE.” Jemma and Liz pleaded.
“I’ve got a better idea, how about NYC?” I asked.
Liz and Jemma never got to answer me. Someone grabbed me from behind and held my arms behind my back.
“Let go of me!” I shrieked.
I was now in full panic mode. I was kicking and screaming my head off. I saw that Liz was being taken away, she was screaming too. But, Jemma wasn’t being captured, she was grinning wickedly at me.
“Honestly Celeste, you can’t have expected me to really be on your side. Chaos will swallow everything, and destroy everything. Only his faithful followers will remain.” Jemma said, smirking at me and Liz.
I glanced next to see Liz, she was being held from behind from a tall boy, with black hair and black eyes, as dark as coal. She was trying to break free, but she couldn’t. Just then, I felt a fist connect with my nose, I felt my nose break. I gave a small shriek of pain. The boy smirked at me as he threw Liz in a black van, with a huge, ugly eye on it. He went back for me and threw me in. My shoulder slammed against the truck wall and I groaned.
“I can fix your nose.” Liz said, looking at me nose.
“Really?” I asked.
She nodded and crawled toward me. She touched my nose and I got a flash of her life. Her growing up, with a little brother. She loved him more than anything in the world. Then I saw a gruesome sight, her brother and parents were laying on the ground, dead, blood covering them. I saw her kneeling over them, crying. I now understood why she wanted to leave, she didn’t have a life there any more, with her brother and parents dead. I opened my eyes and I felt my nose, it was as good as new.
“Thanks,” I said, smiling at her.
Then, I felt the truck start, at a moments notice. Liz and I slammed into the wall. We both groaned.
“Keep it down in there!” the boy yelled from the drivers seat in front.
“What if we don’t want to be quiet?” I asked tauntingly.
“Then I’ll break your nose again!” the boy yelled back.
“Oh, like that’s going to do any difference!” Liz shouted.
“Excuse me?” the boy asked turning around at us.
“Honestly, you have to look up who you are capturing before you actually capture them.” I said, smirking.
“But, Jemma told us that you were an angel and she was a shifter.” the boy said, looking a bit nervous.
“Darling Jemma didn’t tell you that I can disintegrate things at a moments notice. And I have a power for ticking people off.” I said proudly.
“She didn’t tell you that I can heal wounds,” Liz said smirking.
“And now we are going to escape and there is NOTHING you can do about it.” I said smirking as Liz opened the back door of the truck.
“You have to lock all escape routes, all GOOD kidnappers know that.” Liz said smiling.
Then we jumped, Liz started changing in mid air and she now had wings. I pushed upward with my wings and I started flying in the sky. Liz and I high-fived each other.
“That was awesome!” Liz exclaimed.
“Look, they are stopping the van, too bad they won’t be able to catch us.” I said.
The boy was screaming bloody murder at us. Of course, Liz and I were laughing our heads off.
Then we saw who the boy really was, he transformed into a kinda half-wolf. He was still standing on two legs and he had two arms, but his whole body was hairy. He started growling at us.
“We better go before they get Jemma.” I said.
“Okay, where too?” Liz asked.
“Not NYC or Vegas.” I said.
“Hmmm....” Liz said.
“Wait! I have a perfect idea!” I exclaimed.
“What?” Liz asked excitedly.
“We’re going to the last place Jemma would look for.” I answered.
“And that is?”
“We are going skiing in Colorado.” I said grinning.
“Fine with me!” Liz said happily.
We started flying west. To Colorado.

Okay, it was pitch black when we found a fancy (yes fancy) skiing resort. We were ready to pass out. As we land, Liz collapsed, and started trying to get up. Even my legs were wobbly. That’s what flying for about 4 hours does to you. We walked up to the door and we pushed it open. Liz then transformed into a small girl, that was in a pink party dress with pink ribbons (I personally think she went overload on the pink). We walked up to the counter and Liz peered over the the counter.
“Hey sweetie, how can I help you?” the young woman at the front asked, smiling.
“Can you get me and my sister a room pwease?” she asked, a bit over dramatically.
“Of course, where are your parents? They need to sign a form.” she said, still smiling.
“Dead,” Liz said pleasantly.
The woman choked on her coffee.
“Your parents, wait hold on. They’re dead?”
“Yes,” Liz said sadly, “died in an accident.”
Then the lady started sobbing, “Oh you poor dears!”
Okay, what is it with grown-ups and breaking down sobbing when we tell them a stupid story of our parents dead.
Liz then lifted her hand and grabbed a key that said, Room 619.
“Thank you.” she said sweetly.
Trying to find a room number in like a 20 story building, is not a piece of cake. The place had no elevators. For such a modern looking place, they had serious design flaws. Since having to climb twenty stories, is not fun. Liz happened to grab a key that was on the 20th floor.
“C’mon Liz. Couldn’t you have like gotten a key that was on the 1st floor or something, not the 20th floor on a building that has no elevators.” I complained, climbing the 16th stair case.
“It’s not my fault!” she protested. “That lady put the key on the desk so I grabbed it!”
“Well, next time before the person starts crying, ask them for a key that is on the LOWER LEVELS of the building.” I shot back.
Finally after a while of us arguing, we reached the 20th floor and we were looking for Room 619. But, the room number wasn’t ANYWHERE. I finally asked a passing maid, “Excuse me, where Room 619?”
“Oh, your looking on the wrong floor darlings, they had to relocate in on the 1st Floor.” she said smiling.
You have got to be kidding me. After all of those staircases we climbed, we are told we had to go back down. Liz went to the nearest wall and started banging her head on the wall saying, “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.” over and over again.
“You mustn't do that.” the maid cackled.
Liz stopped abruptly and stared open mouthed at the lady. I don’t know what she saw, but whatever it was, it wasn’t good. The lady started transforming, her hair growing longer and transparent. Her face becoming younger and her maid outfit started slowly elongating into a gray dress.
“I usually don’t feed on girls, but you girls, are special. You have a big price on your heads. And now, I have captured you. You will be dead, dead, dead.” She said, smiling cruelly, showing her fangs.
I looked down the hall, there was a frying pan sitting there. Brainwave.
“Hold that thought.” I said to the demon lady.
Then I ran toward the frying pan.
“Celeste! What are you doing!!” Liz screamed.
I grabbed the frying pan and ran toward the demon maid, lady thing. I then smacked the frying pan against the side of the demon lady’s head. She crumpled like a marionette.
I pointed my finger at the demon and said, “Disintegrate.”
Nothing happened.
“Disintegrate.” I tried again.
I kicked my foot against the wall.
“Oww!” I complained.
Liz looked like she was trying so hard not to laugh.
“What? You can do better?” I demanded, crossing my arms.
She shut up at that. Then we heard a deafening roar.
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