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The Forgotten Goddess

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My Rotten Luck, and many other things

The Amanteia burst into the small bakery, wailing and screaming. The cashier lady screamed and ran to the back. But, wasn’t quick enough. One of the Amanteia grabbed her and was about to rip her head off until I yelled, “Stop!”
All of them looked at me. Even the cashier lady.
“You shall not tell us what to do, immortal. This human is going to become our feast. We are so longing for human flesh.” One of them hissed.
Wait, wait, wait, me immortal? Okay this day was starting to get really weird.
The Amanteia holding the lady lowered her face near the lady’s neck and her fangs popped out. Ready to bite and kill her.
Just then, I got one of my crazy brain waves. I ran to the cash-register. I grabbed it and threw it at the Amanteia. It hit the Amanteia in the head and she wailed and dropped the mortal (it feels weird calling people “mortal” now). They hissed at me. They started gliding toward me, mouths open wide. Showing their great fangs.
“Don’t get bitten!” Jemma shouted.
“No, really?” I yelled sarcastically back.
I looked around for Ana and saw her kicking Amanteia butt.

She was punching and kicking the Amanteia, she was too fast for them actually, she was a blur. Moving around the Amanteia, making them fall to the floor with surprised look on their faces. I suddenly saw who she really was, a tall, willowy girl with shockingly red hair running around and stabbing the Amanteia with a knife. I immediately knew who she was, she was a shape-shifter. When all of the Amanteia were on the floor in a heap, the little girl Ana came over to me smiling.
“That was amazing Ana!” Jemma exclaimed, rushing over to hung her.
“Why did you lie to me?” I asked flatly.
“What do you mean Celeste?” Ana asked her eyes widening.
“Your a shape-shifter, not an angel.” I said calmly.
“But-” Ana started looking pale.
“Oh come on Celeste, she’s an angel. You must be going mental.” Jemma said.
“No, all I saw was the real Anastasia. She had red hair and she was a shape-shifter.” I continued.
“Oh! I am sorry!” Ana said bursting into tears, transforming back into the tall girl with red hair and jade green eyes.
“I’m not angry.” I said calmly. “I just want to know why you lied.”
“My name is not really Anastasia, it’s Liz, Liz Anderson.” Liz said, still sniffling.
“Liz, why did you lie?” asked Jemma.
“Because, I was being followed by the Eye, you know, Chaos’ followers. And so I transformed into a little girl and hid in the bushes. Then Celeste found me and I wanted to get away from that town as fast as I could so, I came with you. And-and I knew that you were like me, special.” Liz said, calming down.
“Okay,” Jemma said looking a bit befuddled.
“I don’t blame you if you want to leave me.” Liz said.
“Oh! We’re not leaving you!” I exclaimed.
“Really!” Liz exclaimed, looking really happy.
“First, we have to find a place to stay over night.” Jemma said.
“Okay, but where?” Liz asked.
“We can go and find a room at a fancy hotel.” I suggested.
“Uh, you have any money?” Jemma asked looking doubtful.
“Nah, well I do but not enough but I have an idea.” I answered.
“What?” Jemma and Liz asked at the same time.
“Well, Liz can turn into a child and she could try persuading the lady to let her and her sisters stay at the hotel for a night or two.” I answered.
Liz thought for a moment and said, “I like it.”

We walked to the first hotel we saw and entered. It was very fancy, and clean. A crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and some very plush couches in the front room. As we walked up to the lady at the front desk, she smiled.
“How may I help you?” she asked politely.
“Please, can you give us a room?” Liz asked.
“Um, I am really sorry, but I am not allowed to give a room to unaccompanied minors.” the woman said, looking sorry.
“No, you don’t understand.” Liz said starting to sniffle. “Our parents are dead, killed in a car crash and our house was burned down so, we need a place to stay and we don’t have any money.
“Oh, you poor dears!” the woman exclaimed, looking deeply distressed.
“Can we stay?” Liz asked, now crying.
“Oh of course,” the lady said smiling, “I just need your names.”
“My name is Isabella.” Liz said.
“And my name is Cara and that’s my twin sister, Kiera.” Jemma said, gesturing toward me.
I was going to kick her in the shin for that one.

The lady handed our key to “Isabella” and told her where our room was and where everything was. I sent Jemma a mental message,
Jenna looked so surprised when she got the mental message.
“What’s wrong Cara?” I asked innocently.
I just ignored her stuttering and walked up the stairs with Liz. Just as I closed the door behind me, Jenna started talking fast, “I heard a voice in my head, I heard something. Someone is here! We have to leave!”
Liz and I made a huge mistake, we glanced at each other and then we started cracking up. Jemma looked at us, horrified.
“Guys! There are some of the EYE in here!” she practically screamed.
“No there isn’t,” Liz said, gasping and trying to stop laughing.
“You didn’t hear the-” Jemma started and then she rounded on me and narrowed her eyes.
“Yes,” I said, failing to sound innocent.
“Celeste Nova Nighte! I am going to kill you!” Jemma screamed.
I of course, did the only sensible thing, and ran for it. I ran out of the room and down the long narrow hallway with Jemma in pursuit. I rushed up the stairs and stopped in my tracks. Their was a girl, but she had the bottom half of a snake and the top part of the normal human girl, she might be a dracaena. She was talking with another girl, the other girl was almost transparent, but she wasn’t a ghost, her hair was blowing around her face and she was talking in a high voice, maybe she was a wind elemental or something. Just then, Jemma ran into me as she came running up the stairs. I fell to the ground with a crash. The girls glanced at me and glared, and then their eyes widened at the sight of my wings.
“What are YOU doing here?” the snake girl asked, putting her hands on her hips.
“Running away from a fairy, how about you?” I answered.
“This is a private floor, and I can call security.” the snake girl hissed.
“Oh yeah, like that’s gonna do any good.” Jemma sneered.
“Excuse me?” The transparent girl asked, crossing her arms.
“We can just fly out of here and the security is going to think that your a delusional brat wasting their precious time.” I said smirking.
The snake girl stamped her food in frustration.
“What’s the matter?” Jemma asked innocently.
Then the transparent girl screamed, and let me tell you... it was the mother of all screams. It was very high and very loud. I covered my ears and saw the window at the end of the hall break and armed men started rushing toward us.
“Nice meeting you!” I yelled at them as I ran down the stairs, hearing bullets hitting the wall where we were just standing.
We rushed to our room and grabbed Liz and our belongings.
“Now what did you?!?!” Liz exclaimed, coughing and wheezing from our run out of the hotel.
“Well, Celeste kind of angered a dracaena.” Jemma said.
“Excuse me?!” I said defensively. “Who was chasing me up the stairs and who fell on top of me?”
“Yeah, but if you didn’t do that creepy mind trick on me, I wouldn’t want to kill you.” Jemma said plainly, as if she had a perfect point.
“Oh come on.” I pouted. “I didn’t know you would react that badly!”
“Well, you know what, at least I knew, not to anger a dracena. Because, MY parents told me.” Jemma said angrily.
Ouch. That struck a nerve. And Jemma knew it. I was about to punch her nose, when Liz screamed. I whipped around and saw, a group of people in black, with hoods pulled over their face and they were walking straight toward us. They had long swords in their hand and they had an eye in the middle of their robes.
“I’ll deal with you later!” I yelled at Jemma.
“Run!” Liz screamed.
We started sprinting away from them. And sprinting through a busy sidewalk is not easy, let me tell you. We got several weird looks from people and we were shoving people out of the way. The cloaked people were slicing through the crowd, killing whoever got in their way.
“We have to fly!” I yelled at Liz and Jemma.
“What?! No!” Liz screamed.
“Oh come on, you got the hang of flying when you were in child form.” Jemma panted, having trouble running and talking.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you, I’m afraid of heights!” Liz wheezed.
“Now you tell me!” I shout back.
“We’ll catch you if you fall!” Jemma coughed.
“Oh fine!” Liz yelled back, her green eyes full of fear.
She then started to transform. She disappeared with a crack and reappeared, looking normal enough except for the tawny wings, protruding out of her back. Then we all started running and I unfurled my gray wings and I jumped. I beat my wings hard and I went flying into the sky. I turned and saw Jemma and Liz next to me. Jemma was grinning wildly, and Liz was looking a bit green. We started flying, Jemma was leading us.
“Where are we going?” I finally asked.
“HQ.” Jemma answered simply.
“HQ for what?” I asked.
Jemma ignored my question. Then she started going into a steep dive.
“You must be joking.” Liz groaned as she dived too.
I followed them and I dove. Wind hit my face as my hair flew behind me. I saw Jemma land on the ground in a small, deserted looking town.
“Where are we?” I asked.
She ignored me (again).
“Oh, don’t ignore me.” I said, irritated.
“We’re in Intesiea.” Jemma finally answered, “where the White Rose is.”
“Uh, does it have a shanty town theme?” I asked, looking around.
Jemma frowned. “No, it is usually full of people, I wonder what happened.”
I looked around and then saw a little girl come out of one of the shanty houses.
“Oh! Hey Kelia!” Jemma yelled, smiling.
The girl didn’t smile back, she started walking toward us.
“Um, Jemma. She looks a bit murderous.” Liz murmured.
“You shall not pass.” Kelia said, standing in front of us.
“Have you been watching too much Lord of the Rings?” I asked suspiciously, ticking her off enormously.
Kelia snarled.
“Is that a yes or a no?” I asked again.
“Oh my god Celeste, shut up!” Jemma whisper shouted.
“What? It’s an innocent question.” I said, failing to sound innocent.
“Now, who’s your favorite character from Lord of the Rings?” I asked Kelia.
Kelia totally lost it and turned into who she really was, she was an Amanteia. But, she wasn’t a full sized Amanteia, just a small one, just a microscopic one (well, maybe not that small).
“No more jokes! You die now!” Kelia screamed in a raspy voice.
“But, the joke is on you.” I said simply as I snapped my fingers.
I didn’t really expect anything to happen, but boy was I wrong.
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