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The Silver Suit

Author's note: BlueCrimson is supposed to be together by the way. I can up with this after I had a dream that I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: BlueCrimson is supposed to be together by the way. I can up with this after I had a dream that I was a fugitive. The setting and some of the things you will come along: Energy Waves, Identity Swaps, and the setting were in my dream. This is what started The Silver Suit, and it just blossomed from there.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1: Project BlueCrimson

The FIA was a secret government branch that connected the FBI and the CIA. They had many locations around the world but everyone’s favorite was base 52. Base 52 was located in wooded mountains. A third of the building was outside, a third in the mountains, and a third underneath the woods. The rules for names used to be a field agent would start out with the name of a baby animal and the name would change as they moved up in rank. Research agents would name themselves after a city, county,
The very 1st paragraph of every chapter will be an 'information' paragraph; this means that it will have information on what will be in the chapter or about something confusing from the last chapter. It will always explain something whether or not it’s obviously connected or not.
state, or county depending on rank. More recently that rule has been changed so that all agents go by fake names.

A shadowed figure peered through the trees, blue eyes glowing, a smile crossing his face. Quickly scaling a tree, he carefully found his way through the branches till he was near an open window. With a slight whoosh the branch was left swaying in the wind.
Picking himself up from a crouch, he padded silently down the hallway. Throwing a glance around the corner he found a quarry. A mischievous grin pulled at his face. His quarry started walking away from him and the water cooler. Slinking up the hallway he got close enough to touch. Lightning fast, he put one hand across his quarry’s mouth, another restraining the arms to the body, and one leg coming out in front, tripping the man into helplessness.
“Guess who.” The shadow whispered in the man’s ear. The man mumbled something against the firm hand. Then suddenly-
“Asher!” the shadowed figure’s head jerked up and the let go of his quarry. The man fell to the ground on his face. “It’s been years since I’ve seen you. Where have you been?” Asked a freckled red head as she stepped out of her office. Her green eyes sparkled happily.
“Zana, you of all people didn’t know?” Said the man as he threw an only half playful punch at Asher.
“No, harry, I didn’t.” Asher easily ducked the punch and jumped over Harry’s head.
“I’ve been working on project BlueCrimson.” Asher announced, roughly rubbing Harry’s buzzed head, and flashing his puppy dog grin.
“What part? Where you research or did you actually go in the game?” Asher gave her a look. “Oh, right. Field agent. Sorry. I’m still not used to the ‘no code names’ thing here. It was so much easier back in Washington.”
“You’ve been here three years. You should be used to it by now.” Said Asher, walking back down the hall towards the stairs. “Let’s go to the B.C. room. I hate calling it a lab.”
“They’ve moved it. I’ll show you the way.” Said harry, he caught Asher’s skeptical look. “Don’t you trust me by now or has that game gotten to your head?”
“You know me,” answered Asher as he forced himself to hallow. “I find it hard to put my full trust in someone. See ya later Zana.”
Harry led Asher down the stairs and under the mountain. They came to a door where Harry had his eye scanned so they could enter. Once inside the room Asher winced and took a step back from the hustle and bustle and glowing blue computer screens. Men and women hurried across the room and back with messy stacks of papers in their arms.
A woman with a messy hair bun, thick black glasses and a black pin stripped skirt and jacket walked by and slipped on a loose paper on the floor. She started to fall back, her papers flying in the air when Asher appeared there in a flash. After helping her get her footing, he stared picking up her papers. As he handed over the papers he could see her trying to recognize him. Then her face brightened and she smiled, but before she could say anything- a big hand clapped Asher on the back. He turned ready to fight but saw a familure face.
“Asher! You’re back! What took you so long? You’ve been out of the game for, like, two months now. Oh and I see you met my new fiancée Martha.”
“Ya. Congratulations John. To you and Martha. What happened was when I woke up after exiting the game I woke up in a hospital. They wouldn’t let me out so it took me a few days to escape. Then it took me about a week to find out where I was 'cause I left town without seeing what it was. The last several weeks I’ve been picking my way back, and stopping by some old friends.”
“So … uh … did you find our new Silver Suit?” asked Martha shifting nervously from one foot to the other.
“Ya. I didn’t get to talk to him after the transfer though because you guys pulled me out so fast.” Looking around as he talked, Asher found an empty computer.
Quickly he took it and started typing in a code. Martha and John stood behind him watching in silence. Suddenly pictures where flying by across the screen, pictures of the BlueCrimson players trapped inside the virtual world.
Then it stopped. Stopped on a picture of a mid-teen boy. A boy with spiky blonde hair and piercing silver eyes that matched his new Suit.
“This is Ike.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 Next »

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