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Author's note: This piece is still undergoing some major work. I only have two chapters done so far.
Author's note: This piece is still undergoing some major work. I only have two chapters done so far.  « Hide author's note
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What the French Toast?! This Is Not Happening!

Richard Thomas was returning to his family after a hard day’s work. Richard, codename Maverick, worked for the CIA and is their top agent on the field. His wife Maura and daughter Jane was closely watched 24/7. Now a usual day for Richard contained getting shot at multiple times, coming home with cuts, grazes, and bruises, and feeling safe when he entered his house. He was good enough his work never followed him home, but tonight it felt different. Richard could feel something was not right; he shouldn’t have gone straight home, let alone agreed to the plan. He finally arrived home and slowly got out of the car. He only took a few steps when he felt a gun pressed against his back.
“Hello Agent Maverick.”
“Good evening Kirill.”
“Let’s see the family shall we.” Kirill pressed forward and let Richard lead the way.
Richard stopped at the front door and slowly turned his head to Kirill. “My family is not to be harmed do you understand. They have nothing to do with this.”
“I’ll be the judge of that, now keep going.”
Richard opened the door and Jane came running towards him. He took in the lively sight of his only child, how alive and thrilled she looked. She was a beautiful 11 year-old. Richard’s wife followed and then picked up Jane.
“Look whose home pumpkin. We weren’t expecting you until tomorrow night dear.” Maura walked over and gave her husband a kiss on the cheek and that’s when she saw Kirill standing behind him. Maura let out and scream and ran into the living room putting down Jane and grabbing the phone. Richard went to stop her, but he was too late; Kirill shot Maura. Jane screamed and ran upstairs to hide; Kirill took aim at her.
“I said my family is not to be harmed!” Richard spun around and started fighting Kirill off. Kirill hit Richard across the face making him unable to keep balance. Richard fell to Kirill’s feet.
“And I believe I said I would be the judge of that.” Kirill said as he closed the front door and locked it behind him. Maura started moving; Richard saw that it was thankfully only a shoulder wound.
“Maura! Maura, just stay where you are honey! Help will be here soon.”
Jane came from her room and hid on the staircase. Watching, waiting for her dad to get up and save the day just like he always did.
“This is not over Kirill! MI6 and CIA will be here any minute. You’re wasting your time.”
“See that’s where you’re wrong. Besides where is your partner, oh what’s his name Adam Morrison?? Oh that’s right I believed I left him unconscious. You see Maverick, no one is coming to save you not now and not ever. Say goodbye to your family.” Kirill shot Richard first and then shot Maura once again. Jane let out a squeal and ran back towards her room; Kirill followed closely behind. “Come here you little brat!” Jane spun around and kicked the gun out of Kirill’s hand. “Looks like Daddy has been teaching you a lesson or two.” Kirill knocked Jane to the ground and stabbed her in the right side and picked her up and threw her into the nearest closet and locked it. Jane was losing consciousness and the last thing she could remember was the smell of smoke and the heat of fire. She started screaming: “Daddy! Daddy!!! HELP ME!!”
“Jane, come on now! Jane wake up it’s only a nightmare.”
Jane kept screaming and kicking; Nikolai picked her up and cradled her in his arms. “Shhh Jane it’s okay I’m right here.” Jane woke up and saw Nikolai.
“Umm,” Jane began to speak while trying to sit herself up “I’m fine now you can uhh let go please.”
Jane Thomas and Nikolai Stunner were agents for the CIA. Nikolai specializes in combat and was Jane’s go to guy when she needed help the most. Jane specializes in weaponry - mostly guns, and she is also the CIA’s prodigy. She was like her father Richard, Agent Maverick, in so many ways. However, the CIA kept that a secret from the rest of the team except for Nikolai, who is Jane’s partner. They were inseparable. Nikolai helped raise and teach Jane mortal combat. They were only a few years apart but all they had was each other. After a couple missions, they got a place together. Jane could not be left alone, not with the dreams she had, and especially not with Kirill still out there.
“You sure you want me to let go? That dream was worse than the last one. I was afraid you were never going to wake up.”
“Nik I’m fine… so just please let go.”
“Alright, but I think we really should find you some--” Before Nikolai could finish his both communicators went off. Jane grabbed hers and Nikolai went to his room to fetch his and then came back. “If it’s another mission we’re not taking it you need rest.”
Jane flipped open her communicator and read:
“URGENT message to all CIA: There will be changes in the way we have things work. Each team will be assigned new members; you will receive new information upon arrival at base. Further information will be given then.”
Jane closed her communicator and jumped out of her bed and ran into the bathroom to freshen up.
“So much for resting.” Nikolai said as he went to his own side of the apartment.
A couple hours went by and Jane and Nikolai arrived at the CIA base located in Langley, Virginia. They went through security and headed to their main commander. The new commander would have been her father if he was still alive but Kirill took everything away, changing her life drastically. Jane was only 11 when that happened and when the CIA took her in for her own protection. For all she cared, her dad’s old partner should have never shown up and rescued her. Where was he when her father needed him?!
“You okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine.” Jane gave a fake smile, but like always, Nikolai was not fooled. “Let’s just get our new team assignments and be on our way.”
They entered the office just like any other day, always together.
“Ah! My favorite dangerous duo!” The commander smiled. “You are the best team to ever fight alongside the CIA. I hate giving you two more members but rules are rules.” He handed them the new portfolios of their two new teammates.
Jane was handed the portfolio of Clay Hunter, codename Archer:
“Age: 20 years-old. Specializes in technology; considered one of the best hackers around. Speaks fluent French and Hebrew. Description: Short straight blonde hair, rugged, 5’10”, pale blue eyes, fair complexion, with a slight, but muscular build. He was part of a bio-terrorism group at the age of 13 and was caught by MI6 for hacking their intelligence mainframe for international terrorism.”
Nikolai had the portfolio of Heather Meyers, codename Susie Q:
“Age: 19 years-old. Specializes in surveillance and counter intelligence - has many street contacts and is very skilled in surveillance. Speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Description: Long curly chocolate brown hair with natural highlights, 5’9”, forest green hazel eyes, sun kissed tan. Mentored by Adam Morrison, a retired top agent of MI6. Knows how to blend in well into any background. Had trouble with foster parents; constantly in and out of homes. Knows very little combat, but is great when put on the streets.”
Jane and Nikolai looked over each portfolio before asking any questions.
“So what we get MI6’s leftovers?” Jane asked.
“They are not leftovers Jane. Agent Susie Q happens to be MI6’s prodigy just as you are ours. Agent Archer and Agent Susie Q are MI6’s best team and we feel that by combining the four of you, your team will be unstoppable.”
“Wait back up a second, how is she a prodigy? She barely knows any combat. She’s just a chameleon. We have our own.”
“Jane, I’m sure you can recall her mentor’s name.”
“Yes he’s my father’s old partner. He is the reason why I don’t have a family and why I’m stuck here living a not-so-normal life. So what, that makes her a prodigy just because she was mentored by the very man who has betrayed my very own father? You’ve got to be kidding me!”
“Commander, what does this mean?” Nikolai asked.
“This means we are no longer known as MI6 or CIA. We are now and forever more CI6. With the new team assignments, you will be sent to London to meet up with your new teammates, and you will undergo more in-depth training together.”
Jane rolled her eyes, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“It’s another beautiful day in London, and I’m sitting here on a park bench wondering where the hell you are. Come on Heather, you don’t have to hide.”
“I’m not hiding thank you very much. I’m right here.”
“Well of course, now you are.”
Heather sat down next to Clay on the park bench. They were currently on their fifth mission which shocked every MI6 agent. Usually Heather only lasted about three missions before her partner got sick and tired of playing “hide” and “seek” with her.
“Did you find out anything?”
“Unfortunately not this time. My contacts are afraid to come forward… I don’t know what has them so spooked. What about you?”
“Nothing on their mainframe. I’m starting to think this is just something to keep us busy. There just might be something going on at MI6 which they don’t want us to know about.”
“If you’re talking espionage, you obviously have not been focused on your studies then.”
“Well excuse me, not all of us have the brain power for counter intelligence. So Miss Know-It-All, what’s going on at MI6?”
“I’ve heard some chatter about a new partnership.”
“A new partnership you say?” Clay brought up MI6’s mainframe and began hacking his way through countless files.
“You know they’ve updated that since the last time you hacked the mainframe. You won’t get in.”
“But that’s where you are wrong.”
“And in three, two, one.” Clay’s computer blacked out and a video chat with their commander popped up on screen. “See told ya.”
Clay gave her a smirk and turned back to the commander. “Why hello there commander!”
“Morning Agent Archer and Agent Susie Q. Since you two are ever so impatient you might as well head back to headquarters for a new briefing.” The commander signed off quite abruptly before Clay could ask why.
“We’re getting new team members, if that’s what you’re so concerned about.” Heather got up and began walking back towards headquarters. Clay followed but no matter how close he was to her, she kept disappearing.
“Right then. Guess I’m walking back by myself.”
Heather was the first to arrive when Clay found her waiting by the main doorway.
“You’ve really got to stop doing that. I’m responsible for you. I don’t want to lose my only partner.”
“You’ll get over it.”
They walked inside and went through security just like any other day. Heather as seemed to just slip on by like she was never there. No one ever seemed to notice, Clay did, but only when Heather was not paying attention. Clay did his best not to bring attention to her - it only made her uncomfortable. Heather and Clay arrived at their commander’s desk.
“Well hello you two. Heather I see Clay has yet to lose you.”
“Yet.” Heather said with a smile.
“You know you can be awfully mean these days.”
“Can’t help that you’re just too soft.”
“Ouch.” Clay laughed.
“Okay commander who is the new partnership with, and what teammates are we getting?”
“Ah! Someone was doing their homework.” The commander went to hand them the new portfolios.
“Of course! It’s even a bonus when you don’t get caught.” She smirked at Clay who just laughed and shook his head.
Clay was handed Jane Thomas, codename Crimson:
“Age: 19 years-old. Specializes in weaponry; most skilled with guns. Speaks fluent Russian and Gaelic. Description: Straight short red hair with bangs covering the left side of her face, grey steel eyes, pale freckled skin, 5’3”, knife wound on her right side. Story unknown to every intelligence agencies, including the CIA.”
Heather was handed Nikolai Stunner, codename Blackjack:
“Age: 21 years-old. Specializes in combat. Speaks fluent Greek and Farsi. Description: Short straight raven black hair, ocean blue eyes, 6’1”, sun kissed tan, extremely fit and well toned. Resident bad boy who was sent to the military for disciplinary problems at age 15 and where he excelled greatly. Trained with the Army Rangers. Can be very arrogant at times.”
Heather and Clay read both portfolios and gave each other a glance of curiosity and disgust.
“I hate to say it but I don’t see Blackjack and me ever getting along.” Clay was the first to speak.
“Oh really, I can see Crimson and I being the best of friends.”
“Could you two be anymore childish?”
“You really think we’re being childish? Have you read Jane Thomas’s profile? She’s just one riddle wrapped up inside mystery packs in an enigma.”
“Give her some credit. Didn’t you read that she has a knife wound in her right side? Maybe something bad happened in her past and the CIA is just keeping it hush hush.”
“Well that is not surprising, CIA is exactly like her; they’re all dumbasses.”
“Heather, come on now. Cut her some slack.”
“Clay, are you really sticking up for a random girl who you only have a portfolio and picture of?”
“Give me some credit here.”
“It’s nice to see that there is at least one person attempting to keep chivalry alive. Good luck with that though. After meeting these two, I think we’ll need to kiss our manners goodbye.”
“You actually know what manners are? Wow, I’m impressed, Heather! It’s so rewarding to see how much of a positive impact I’ve had on your life.”
“You two are not going to put MI6 to shame, so I demand that the childish antics stop here and now! These are very good agents from CIA - one of their top teams.”
“And your point is?”
“We are very grateful for CIA joining their intelligence center with ours. We are even more grateful for them letting us to join our best team with theirs. Our prodigy and their prodigy will be most feared.”
“Excuse me, prodigy?”
“Yes Heather a prodigy. Agent Crimson is their new top agent just like you are.”
“Ouch, bring out the mace.”
“Shut it Clay!”
“Both of you need to accept we are no longer MI6, but now CI6. It will forever remain this way, and Agents Crimson and Blackjack are now part of your family. They will be arriving this week. Then the four of you are being sent away to a training camp.”
“What the French toast? This is just going to be a fan-freaking-tastic team.” Heather said very sarcastically.
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Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 29, 2011 at 1:14 pm

This is a cool novel, I like the action/adventure ideas. There isn't enough focus on MI6 in teen's novels, this was a cool change of pace.


Please check out my novel SuperNOVA, I know you would like it!

dRAMageekRHS replied...
Feb. 2, 2011 at 8:41 am

Thank you so much!! I greatly appreciate it :)


I'll make sure to check out SuperNOVA

EternalNight replied...
Mar. 12, 2012 at 6:28 pm
I love this novel! I hope you get around to adding on to it soon!
dRAMageekRHS replied...
Apr. 12, 2012 at 12:42 pm
Thanks. I'm doing my best to add to it I'm always editing it before I post more

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