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Author's note: This took me awhile and please excuse my mistakes(if there are any). I barely had any time to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This took me awhile and please excuse my mistakes(if there are any). I barely had any time to actually work on it and I really wished I didn't have bad writers block. I would have ended this much, much better.  « Hide author's note
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Walking alone in the woods. Brushing my hand against all the trees when I pass by them. I have no memory on who I was or where I was at. Left alone in the woods.
The sun shines bright in the day as I run into the field of grain. Some deer lift their heads and watch me as I walk. The big strong buck watches me, ready to bold. But all I do is smile and walk away and the deer get back to grassing.
Looking down at my feet I see I have no shoes on. Why don't I have shoes on? Picking at my shirt I see it is worn down, faded, and ripped in many places; my pants are the same. How long have I been in these cloths? I thought. But I just smile and run into the woods again.
Men are in the woods now. Two big men with guns ready to hunt. I am curious about the two men and why they bring guns into the woods to hunt animals. But I keep my distance between me and the men.
"Hey, over here! Got some tracks." One man yelled to the other. His voice was like a loud boom in the silent night. When I heard it I jumped in fear and surprise.
The other man came running then stopped before the first. Bending down to look at some prints.
"Hmm... This ain't no deer tracks Charlie." Said the man that was kneeling onto the ground.
I wanted to get a better look at the two men but I didn't want to be seen by them. I quietly and slowly got up and started to creep towards the men, watching where I stepped so I did not make a sound.
"What was that?" The man that was on the ground was now standing up, scanning the area. With his gun up ready to shoot.
"Calm down Joel, It was probably just a deer or something," said Charlie with his hand on Joel's shoulder to calm him down. But the man called Joel didn't stop searching in the shadows.
When I stepped on that branch and snapped it I tried not to jump in surprise and make myself be seen by these mysterious men. I knew nothing about them so I kept my distance.
Later on that day I climbed up into an old tree. Sitting with my back against its big trunk and one leg dangling from a branch. A small raccoon climbed up to me and sniffed the air. I smiled then slowly reached my hand out to it-I've always had a way with the animals in the woods, they trusted me and they did not fear me. I showed respect to them as did they to me. We live in harmony, together in the woods- the raccoon brought its head up to my hand and sniffed it. Then she put the top of her head to the inside of my hand.
Stroking her soft black and grey fur I felt at peace with the animal, like I always do.
She made a soft sound then she crawled onto my lap as if she were like a pet cat.
Still stroking her fur, lessening to the sound of the woods, and watching the sun go down. From the tree tops it was the most beautiful view.
Then night fell and I climbed down from the tree to find a nice place to rest.
* *
"Gunshots." I whisper to myself.
I get up from where I was sleeping at. It has been the same place every night for a long time-I don't really have a sense of time, so I have no idea how long I have lived in the woods alone-
Grabbing my spear and quietly running through the woods, deeper into the shadows looking for the men who caused the loud sound.
All of a sudden I hear yelling. It was the man called Charlie who was yelling. Even though he was speaking loud I couldn't make out what he was saying but I tried my best to understand what they were saying.
"Charlie, I think there's someone out there," said Joel almost trying to whisper.
"Oh don't be such a baby Joel! If there is someone out here, let 'em be. We got guns, we got guts, nothin' can bother us!" Exclaimed Charlie but Joel didn't care what he said and he walked off into the woods.
Getting closer to see the camp they had set up I saw many tents then a gated in area.
Getting closer and closer to the small camp to look at it better. Leaning against a tree that sat up on a little mount of dirt. I leaned closer and closer, I fell forward and landed in front of Charlie.
"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Hey Joel! Get your butt over here, you were right for once! We did have someone watchin' us!" Howled Charlie, and as he said that Joel came up from behind me and grabbed me by my arm. He whorled me around and grabbed my other arm.
Trying to pull my arms out of his hands I wasn't able to get free.
"Let me go! Let me go!" Kicking and screaming at them did nothing.
"Put her out and throw her with the others Joel!" Ordered Charlie.
All of a sudden I was hit across the face and was knocked out. Darkness consumed me whole and I was out.
* * *
I open my eyes and saw the clear blue sky, and then a small round face appeared. Little blue eyes looking into mine and short light brown hair hanging down, brushed along her face.
"W-what? Where am I?" I say, trying to sit up but my muscles ache and my head is throbbing.
"You’re in a camp," said the young girl. She grabbed my arm and helped me up. "I'm Ashley... What’s your name?"
Looking around at the camp seeing more kids around my age chained up, I look at myself and see that I too am chained.
"Why?" I ask coldly.
"Are you asking why we are here? Because none of us know why we are here." Said a small voice. It was a little boy sitting in the corner.
Ashley turned to him then back to me and said, "He was brought here after me."
I nodded my head and got up to try and get a better look at the camp and the gated area we were in.
"Get up maggots! One of you is gonna fight today!" Yelled Charlie. When the kids heard it they all started to huddle closer together in fear.
Leaning over to Ashley I ask, "What does he mean by that?" Once I asked that her eyes started to fill up with tears.
"They make us fight," she said but I didn't understand that alone so I asked again.
"What do they fight?" Then she looked up at me.
"They make is fight in pits! We fight either each other, wild animals, or... Or... Them." I could tell she was terrified by just the thought of it.
"Them? You mean the men?" I asked and she nodded. She was done talking.
I wanted to ask more questions but I had no time. Charlie opened the gate with a key then walked over to the little boy who was in the corner. The boy jumped back with a cry of fear.
"How about you? You wanna fight today?" Charlie asked but it was sarcasm. He reached for the boy and grabbed the chain that kept the boy in the pen. Unlocking the pad lock and grabbing the boy’s arm, to take him where ever it is where they make kids fight for life.
"He is going to die..." Whispered some of the kids.
* * *
A few days later. Ashley and I have started becoming friends by chatting about the pits and other things.
I was almost picked to go and fight in a pit with a bear, but I wasn't picked. It was a small girl, she was so small, weak, helpless. I would do anything to save her, but I did not dare to say a word.
But one day I had enough, I didn't want to see any more kids go and not come back, some did come back but most of them didn't.
So one night I yelled out to Charlie and Joel.
"LET ME FIGHT! LET ME FIGHT! LET ME FIGHT!" I screamed and screamed, Ashley tried shutting me up but I insisted that I knew what I was doing.
"Oh so you wanna fight huh?" Mocked Charlie, "Well if you wanna fight, you can fight me or Joel, how about that?"
I got up and pulled at the chains taking a few steps toward him, Bearing my teeth and snarling at him like a wild cat.
"Oh such a tough girl, eh?" Said Joel who unlocked the gate and stepped into the pen. He then took my chain to unlock me, grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the pen. Charlie locked the pen up and walked behind Joel and I.
* *
Now standing in the middle of a large dug out pit at least nine feet into the ground, I was alone with Joel. Not alone; there were hundreds of people up above watching the fight, placing bets and chatting among themselves.
"Now everyone take your seats! We have a special fight here tonight! Joel our most respected bounty hunter, well other than me!" Charlie said then laughed, "And this young girl here is... Well we don't know our kids names but she was found outside our camp watching us." He went on about it when someone from the crowd yelled out, "Come on! Let see them fight! I wanna see a fight not hear stories!" And the fight begun.
* * *
All I had was a stick in my hand and nothing else. Joel on the other hand was big and full of muscles. But I didn't want to give up or go down and die, so I fought him.
He walked around me a few times, circling around me like a vulture. Then he jumped at me and punched me. I fell back and tried to recover myself in time, and I did. And when I did I swung my leg around and tried to kick his face. The fight lasted for a few minutes of him trying to hit me and me hitting him. Since I lived in the woods for a long time I've learned how to be fast and agile, and how to use some ones strength against them.
He went to grab my hair and pull me towards him, and he did so. When he pulled me to him I took the stick and shoved it into his stomach, kneeing him in his groin and then smashing my palm into his atoms apple, and it was over.
I had won the fight.
Everyone gasped in horror as I killed their beloved bounty hunter. And I climbed out of the pit and stood with the stick that had his blood on it. I slowly walked to Charlie.
"Where do you think you’re going little missy?" He reached out to grab my hand and as he did I grabbed his knife he had in his belt loop and cut his throat.
Everyone yelled and some even screamed in fear and in horror. But I ignored them, grabbing the keys and running to the pen where the children where being held.
Some of the men ran after me to try and stop me, yelling and trying to throw things at me but I was too fast for them.
I got all the kids out of the pen and away from the camp in time.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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caallliiiieeeee said...
Apr. 27, 2014 at 2:11 pm
I-I-I DIDN'T THINK YOU WERE GONNA KILL HER! OMG, good ending! Seriously. I really enjoyed this piece. There were just a few spelling errors, but omg. I REALLY LIKED IT. I saw one of your fave shows is The Walking Dead? Is that where this originated from, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Walking Dead. Anyways, great job!
Demoderby replied...
May 7, 2014 at 10:13 am
Its kind of a fan fiction of The Walking Dead and the book series Rot & Ruin. and the reason why I killed her at the end was becasuse I was going to go on, but I couldn't come up with anything else so I just killed her. I'm writing another book now but I don't think it will be alowed on this website because of the gore, killing n fighting, cussing and the sex, but other than that I am more of a poet.

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