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Author's note: I started writing Resistance when I was in sixth grade after reading a Rolling Stone article on...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I started writing Resistance when I was in sixth grade after reading a Rolling Stone article on religion and politics. It angered me and thus this was born. People can take what they want from it. It's not meant to have one decipherable theme.  « Hide author's note
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Destruction. Chaos. Fear. Panic. Death. This is all that is known now. But they all fall under one huge category: control. When there’s one person in control, people die. Everything becomes unfair and no one listens. But when the leader is feared, that’s when there is a form of stability.

But that’s what we’re fighting against.

My name is Evelyn and I’m part of the Resistance of the United States of America, more commonly known as just the Resistance. I was born into a time of no freedom, no equality, and absolutely no peace. But the turmoil was not external; other countries did not destroy the United States. No, what you need to understand is this: we destroyed ourselves.

The people who are running the United States now are called Talists. Their form of government, Talism, is brutal, yet effective. Their party has been around for quite a while, but they kept it a secret. To get into Congress, they posed as Conservatives. It took a while, but eventually, every person in House and Senate were Talists. The Supreme Court was a lot harder to gain control of. But it’s surprising what money can do; the Talists bribed most of the members into resigning. Others were just killed.

Finally, that left the President. When a Conservative got elected, the Talists somehow became his “Kitchen Cabinet.” They were the ones that chose the new Justices for him. Eventually, every person in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial was a Talist. All they needed to do then was gain control of the people.

They started off with bombs, hitting every major city: New York, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, etc. Not many people survived, but those that did were forced to obey the Talists rules. Terrified and weak, the people of what used to be the United States of America began to rebuild. Some cities completely recovered. Others weren’t so lucky and remain rubble to this day.

The Talists, despite being evil dictators, are actually brilliant warlords. Every other country in the world has tried to help the United States, but none have succeeded. They’ve tried everything, but the Talists have been ready for it. They plan for the worst and hope for the best. It’s a decent strategy.

Every citizen must follow a set of strict laws. If they don’t, they will be tortured until they are dead. The laws are:

1. All must obey the dress code. White and khaki and blue and khaki are the only allowed combinations. Red is absolutely forbidden.

2. Women are to obey their husbands. Men can choose to have up to three wives and six mistresses at a time.

3. There will be no harboring of the Resistance.

4. Civil disobedience is forbidden.

5. All must follow the vocabulary and grammar codes. All uses of “hang,” “chill,” “man,” etc. as slang terms are prohibited.

6. Women will have no communication with people outside of their families, unless permitted by their husbands, fathers, or any other male figure.

7. Punk, rock, pop, alternative, new wave, and rap have all been done away with. The only acceptable music is classical.

8. The following names have been banned from use: James/Jimmy, Edward, Johnny, Evelyn, Carrie, Freddie, Anthony, Steven, Robert, Liana, Jason, William/Billie, Joseph/Joe, Daniel, Olivia, Riley, Mary, Henry, Caleb, Jabril, and Jeremy.

9. All literature has been censored, according to the Talist ways. Any reading of unapproved books is considered treason.

10. All citizens must belong to the Christian faith.

The Talist Torture Methods are even worse than their laws. Instead of just simply water boarding (which is still bad, but on the lesser side of the scale), they use ancient and new methods. Some of these include ones that you’ve probably heard of like the Rack, rat torture, the Judas Cradle/Chair, etc. Others are new, like the injection called the Inferno Model 1. It injects a serum into the blood stream that causes your nerves to temporarily send intense pain messages to the brain. It stops after about a half an hour, but that’s usually long enough to get information or a confession.

Once these rules and methods came out, the Resistance started. On January 7, 2012, a group of teenagers (who just happened to have the outlawed names) defied all of them. They set up two branches of Resistance: the Main Resistance in New York and the California Resistance in San Diego. The Main Resistance is located under New York in the sewer tunnels, the only navigational network that survived the bombing. New York was an ideal place for a head quarters because it never recovered and remains rubble.

The California Resistance is located directly beneath San Diego, also in sewer tunnels. San Diego did recover after the bombing and is the busiest city in the new United States. It is also an ideal place for a base because one would typically not be in the proximity of a major city. Very rarely do Talist soldiers ever get down into the tunnels of either base; if they do, they die.

The starters of the Resistance decided to have two leaders: one for each base, the leader of the Main Resistance of course having the most authority. Then they gathered what little weapons they could, mostly guns and knives. They never had to worry about running out of ammunition, for they simply found metal in what used to be New York and melted it down into bullets. The Main Resistance always sent ammunition to the California Resistance. In return, the California Resistance sent back stolen guns and knives by sending “merchants” through the network of sewer tunnels.

Both branches had access to a few basic technologies. One of the members was brilliant and set up lights, stoves, phone lines, electrical wiring, a giant plasma screen for transmissions only, and running water. All of this was done without alerting the Talists (however, if we want music, we have to steal CDs and CD players from the many warehouses they’re kept in).

The Resistance started over two hundred years ago and has grown larger since. I don’t know if we’ll ever change anything. I don’t know if we’ll win. But I do know that we’re the only people that the Talists are afraid of. If we go down, then we’re taking you with us.

¡Viva la revolución!
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 35 Next »

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Potter-Enthusiast said...
Apr. 26, 2013 at 2:02 am
Hey, I'm currently on Chapter 3, taking it slow, but it's getting pretty interesting. I think your dialogue flows pretty well; the slang and occasional cursing supplements the believability of it. Also, nice word choice and sharpness in certain situations; the tone has a nice, proper "gritty" feel to it. Looking forward to character development! :)

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