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The Key to Finding

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Almost, Found, and Hopeful Wishes

Mericenne was expecting this, but she wasn't really expecting it to happen like this. She watched Dacia twirling and whirling blindly, her arms circling above. She watched Zan, whose focus was momentarily not on the mercenary for once as he chuckled to himself, was about to collide into the blind Dacia as his dance partner let go of him. She noticed that the other villagers had stopped dancing and dispersed to the edge of the crowd, leaving only the nobleman and mercenary to disastrously collide
Characters: Zan Silvermoon- a lazy nobleman from Lunaria. He's very fond of the plush lifestyle of a noble so he's not exactly happy when he's stuck doing commoner work. Dacia Willowhaven - Lunaria's most wanted mercenary. A bright albeit reckless girl, she's just a magnet for trouble. Xandelar - the 5 year old prince of Lunaria. He loves music, dancing, and things that spin in the air. He also really loves wandering off. Mericenne - the overprotective caretaker of Xandelar. Apparently her mothering the five year old boy puts her and Zan into too many heated arguments.
into one another. Mericenne winced and shut her eyes for the disaster to awaken and the nice memory of the dance to shatter when cheering and whistling was heard instead.
Confused, Mericenne opened her eyes to find...a startling sight.
Zan and Dacia had apparently found themselves in a compromising position. The nobleman and the mercenary were pressed against each other very tightly, their faces mere inches away, sweating, smiling, and grinning breathlessly at one another.
Instead of crashing into each other, Dacia had opened her eyes at the last second to rest her hand in Zan's while the other went on his shoulder. She looked baffled for a moment before locking gazes with Zan and grinning widely.
Zan on the other hand found himself to cup Dacia's rugged hand in his while the other one went to place itself on her inviting waist. He looked quite stunned as he stared breathlessly at the grinning mercenary.
And Mericenne was quite surprised when the pair didn't remove their hands off each other as soon as the music stopped. She watched amusingly as the pair became stuck in their own world, ignoring the cheer and whistles from the crowd. Zan's eyes, mud brown as ever, softened as he looked deep into Dacia's fiery orbs. Dacia's breath hitched and Mericenne could see the nobleman's face inch closer and closer to the mercenary's until...
“WOW! You two were amazing!” shouted a high-pitched voice from the crowd. A familiar high-pitched voice.
Apparently, the voice was strong enough do the trick, because in an instant, Zan and Dacia stopped staring at one another and looked wildly at the source of the voice, which happened to be a little boy.
Realizing it was the five year old boy in their group, Zan and Dacia's eyes bulged in surprise and in unison the pair cried out, “Xandelar?!”
Then, realizing even more the close position they were in, the nobleman and the mercenary let go of each other and blushed. Zan's hands were at his sides while Dacia's cupped hers at the front very shyly. The oblivious five year old just beamed and waved at them. Zan and Dacia sheepishly smiled at each other before looking away, at anywhere and everywhere except at each other.
Meanwhile, Mericenne forgot all about the dancing duo as she did a double take before her eyes reached a small figure.
Tousled white hair, midnight blue eyes that blazed with awe, the cheeky smile...
“XANDELAR!” cried Mericenne, as she shoved her way through the crowd and pulled the baffled little boy into a tight embrace.
“Hello Meri!” replied the little boy. He beamed at her.
“Where in the Realm were you?! We were worried sick!” she exclaimed as she planted quick kisses at his forehead. Xandelar only giggled and held out a shiny pinwheel for her.
“Sorry I worried you. I saw a magnificent object so I went to get it? See, isn't it magnificent?” the young boy asked as the pinwheel gently spun in the nighttime air.
Zan widened his eyes at the sight of the pinwheel. They went through all that trouble...and the boy went off to find a pinwheel?! The nobleman groaned. Dacia covered her mouth in attempt to stifle her giggle while Mericenne could only laugh and hug the boy again for his foolishness.
“Well, now that we got Xandelar back, I suppose you saw the mural.The nobleman's voice boomed as he and the mercenary came up. Mericenne nodded.
“We need to get him to Anvron, the capital of Lunaria.”
Xandelar cocked his head to one side as he looked curiously from the nobleman to his caretaker.
“Why do we need to go to the capital, Meri?” the boy asked.
Before Mericenne could reply, the nobleman stuck out a hand and ruffled the boy's wild hair, stating, because we found out who you are, and we need to get you back to your home. Your parents are worried sick. We best hurry along, we wouldn't want to worry Mother and Father too much, right, Your Highness?”
Dacia and Mericenne giggled at a confused Xandelar, who wondered why all of the sudden the nobleman was calling him that.
Walking away, the group led their horses out to Deltoris' main gate. Dacia mounted on Gwenna while Zan helped hoist Mericenne and Xandelar behind the mercenary. The nobleman mounted on his own stallion afterward before looking up at the stars. He turned back to the others perched on the white mare.
“Anvron is due east, so we have to go this way.” Zan pointed with his finger before gripping Blastaire's reins.
“And it's a far this way, so Mericenne, make sure Xandelar gets plenty of sleep. We have a lot of ground to cover before we make it to the capital.”
Then with a loud grunt, the nobleman pulled on Blastaire's reins and spurred the black stallion to canter down the dirt lane.
Dacia, Mericenne, and Xandelar waved goodbye to the remaining villagers before Dacia too, gripped Gwenna's reins and beckoned her to follow Blastaire's footsteps. The white mare neighed and reared on its hind legs before galloping after the stallion, leaving dust in her trail.
While Mericenne held onto Dacia, Xandelar made himself comfy as he rested and fell asleep against his caretaker's chest. Mericenne smiled and kissed the young boy's forehead before gazing around at the dark sky around her.
Mericenne smiled. Today had been an interesting day. Deltoris had proved to be a handy place after all, and for several reasons. Xandelar's identity was discovered and Mericenne cherished the fact that could now remember what her and the little boy's life were like before they were lost, physically and mentally.
However, dancing had proved to be the real key.
In dancing, not only was Xandelar coaxed out from his hiding, but Zan and Dacia had discovered things about themselves that they never knew could exist in them, and hopefully, Mericenne wished, they would perhaps discover more about each other before this journey of unexpected turns and surprises would end.
Mericenne softly giggled and her laughter was carried by the wind, where it met the stars that mysteriously twinkled that night.
Who knows, perhaps there would be more dancing in the future.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 11 12 13

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