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The Key to Finding

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Dacia Willowhaven the Mercenary

Sprinting against the heat of the summer sun, two horses galloped hard into the village of Deltoris. As they slowed down to the main square, a lady clad in black and purple dismounted from the white mare and surveyed the small town. Scanning from the hustle and bustle of the villagers to the bright blue banners with white crescents sketched upon, she grinned back at the others still perched on the horses.
Well, I think we're safe here. We can restock our supplies and head on our way by nightfall.”
The young man on the black stallion dismounted then, helping the child and his caretaker off the white mare before retorting, “Safe? There are guards and wanted posters of you at every corner, and you think it's safe. Have you lost your sense of caution, mercenary?”
The caretaker spoke.
“The nobleman's right Dacia, we can't afford to get Xandelar hurt.”
She looked worriedly at the young boy.
The nobleman scowled at the other woman before rolling his eyes. The worried woman shot a glare at the nobleman who clearly did not have any feeling of caution towards the young boy.
The mercenary, Dacia Willowhaven, however, waved her hand dismissively.
“Calm down, Zan, Mericenne, can't you see? This village is celebrating the Festival of the Moon. I've heard it's in honor of the heir of Lunaria. As long as we blend in with the rest of the villagers, I'm sure the guards won't take a second look at us. Besides...I thought since there's a festival going on, perhaps someone here can tell us about Xandelar.”
Dacia glanced at the caretaker. Mericenne sighed before hoisting up the five year old boy and walking off. Ever since the nobleman and the mercenary had rescued her and the young boy, Mericenne and Xandelar could not remember a single thing about what had happened before they were rescued. Although the woman and the young boy had put an unexpected detour in the planned bargain between the nobleman and the mercenary, Dacia was quite adamant to help the stranded pair in finding their homes, especially Xandelar's. Zan wasn't particularly joyous with the fact that he would be stuck on the road longer than he had planned, but the nobleman relented and the journey to find Xandelar's origins had become the main priority since.
Zan stared incredulously at the caretaker before crying out, where are you going now?”
Mericenne glared at the nobleman.
“Off to blend in with the villagers.”
She pointed at her and Xandelar's tattered clothing. Zan sighed before tossing a bag of coins to the woman.
“Well, don't take too long.” he ordered. Then he noticed Dacia following the boy and the caretaker and spluttered, you too?!
The mercenary winked and stated, “You should come with us. You're too noticeable in your fine attire.”
Zan looked at his clothing. Gold and silver were embroidered on his delicate green vest and navy trousers. The nobleman sighed.
“Alright, but we'd better not take too long. Our first priority's the boy.”
Dacia giggled and dragged the poor nobleman towards the clothes shop, Mericenne and Xandelar in tow.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 13 Next »

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