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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles


Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Truth and Justice
This is the story of a girl named Megan. She's not normal, she has a special power, she works for the FBI. When there is a copy-cat Zodiac killer in San Francisco she is called to investigate. What will happen? Will she make it out alive? (more »)
Red Tears
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Death is a mystery to us. The narrator is someone that's obssessed with red, and disccusses her conflicts. How she feels about Life, and Death. And these obsessions and feelings lead to a major change in her- let's say evil in today's society's eyes. (more »)
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Blood in the Lake
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Josh and his friends are relaxing at their cottages over the summer when a dead body washes up on the shores of the lake. Soon, the gang is over their heads in a dangerous quest to solve the mystery... or end up just like the dead man... (more »)
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Randi has been a mistake since the day she was born. Her parents have never been there for her or her siblings. She thought her life couldn't get worse, until she met him. (more »)
The Darkness
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This is a story that hes two endings, and Its about a foster girl with one wild...imagination. (more »)
Jealousy Kills
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23 year old Lily Nelson mysteriously dies on a camping trip. Who killed her? (more »)
The Glitch in Number 104
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Charles Dillinger retraces his past as he tracks down the killer of the Monroe family. (more »)
Reality? Or Dream?
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What would you do if you found out you were in a car accident? Or more importantly what would you do if you found out it was a hit and run? (more »)
Dusk and Dawn
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A boy who plots revenge and eventually things get bad for the people he has picked. (more »)
Sing Me To Sleep
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Alexander Williams is a Junior in high school. His peers bully and ignore him except for one. Just like any other boy, he has a crush. What happens when the love of his life finds out about his violent past? (more »)
The room with no windows
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this book is about a boy who is just starting at a new school and he doesn't know what to do. (more »)
Eternal Solitude
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While wandering through the forest, tired and weak, a man comes upon a large house that will later prove to be his doom. (more »)
Knockin' On Heavens Doors
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Death is a path we all must take. Unfortunately for some, death takes us far to early than we intended. (more »)
Angel in Disguise
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Paul's destruction is at the hand of a terrifying meat grinder, eager to grind his bones into a fine powder. Paul soon realizes his fate may not be so bad, seeing the benefits of the afterlife awaiting him. (more »)
Spirit's Notebook
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Different Short Stories, I have written for the main character, Spirit, from Balance of the Elements. (more »)

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