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Here are the most recent sci-fi/fantasy articles:

The Elves Conspiracy
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Some shape changing, time travelling Faeries, and a mysterious stranger try to take over a town. Does a shoemaker, have what it takes to stop them and save his family? (more »)
The Choosing
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When Tessa is sent to a new Division, she finds that her home and her world is not quite what it seems. (more »)
Waiting For Darkness
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The beast in front turned his horse around, whipped out his sword and just quick enough for Celia to blink he severed the head from the beast clean off (more »)
The Second Children
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“…strict measures will be enforced to control the birth of two or more babies. Everything should be done to insure that the natural population growth rate in China falls to zero by 2000.”-Chen Muhua (more »)
The Underground
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Set in an alternate steam-punk world, a blue-blood teenage boy's eyes are opened to the adventurous and awe-inspiring world of the gypsies, with the help of a young street-savvy urchin (more »)
Tantibus Shadows
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It happened quickly. A single step. And I knew. I KNEW what was about to happen, but I didn’t stop it. I was powerless. I was scared….I was…. getting ahead of myself (more »)
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Incineration is about England far into the future, where a king decides to try experiments out on humans, transforming them into something quite different…a species known as the Elementals. (more »)
Constitutional Revocation
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Joseph Smith, the almighty prophet predicted the end of the world. The end of the world would end due to government corruption and there the story begins...
The whole world rests on Joseph Parker's shoulders. Can he save the world from... (more »)
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Nora Kenston isn't normal. After trying to commit suicide in 1316, she woke up the next day, immortal. Now she is trying to live a normal life. But it's not easy when you don't age, and your past keeps coming back to haunt you. (more »)
Thin Ice
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In the 4th battle between the rebels and the world, everything breaks loose.Could Mirsowell be having a change of heart since her cubs birth? (more »)
The Fallen Angel
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Not everything you believe in is what is seems. Angels aren't really angels. (more »)
Life is Not A Game
The story of a young girl who discovers a whole new world ahead of her. Can she conquer this new land and save it from an evil that is spreading fast, seeking to destroy all? (more »)
Cycle of The Lost
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Things went different. Conrad's went messier when things behind his past haunt him in the future. Dark identities began to creep into his life when he turned 16. The spirit cycle was broken, he was tasked to fix it and stop the cycle of the lost. (more »)
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Down Below. (more »)
Cains rule
By , pasco, WA
its not very good (more »)
The Lionheart Trilogy Book 1: Escape from the...
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Raven has been captured by her enemy. During her captivity, she meets some people who could help her escape. (more »)
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