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Here are the most recent other novels:

The Starving Artists
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"The four art students had read Dante’s Inferno but couldn’t have started a campfire if their souls were at stake." (more »)
Sophia the Mouse
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A young orphan mouse, Sophia lives in a world where curiosity is frowned upon. Sophia's incurable curiosity is just tolerated by the mistress of the orphanage. Sophia's future looks bleak until two mice show up, looking for an Heir to a large Estate. (more »)
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Del Salto
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The 1920s are supposed to be a whimsical time for all. But what happens when a new disease runs rampant through a lone hotel? Will this newlyweds honeymoon be filled with love and lust or fear and death? (more »)
The Boy Next Door
Since they were born, Oliver and Lucy played together, until one day everything changed. (more »)
Her Tree
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James Noel is just the ordinary 23 year old. But when his now frenemy comes to town his life changes. Follow James as he discovers a new way of seeing life. (more »)
Creatures of Fear
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Narration is taken from the point of view of the ancient Greek Author of the Fates, Veronika, who is curse with humanity after speaking to an infant. She spends 1,121 years with a girl who was cursed by her father, Leo the Wise. (more »)
Without the Body, the Soul Lives
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A collection of poems and prose related to my concentration for my portfolio about the difference between a soul and a body. (more »)
Stream of Tortured Thoughts
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Book of poetry about a girl's life, love and hidden darkness. (more »)
Insert Title Here
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Okay so this description is going to suck due to the fact that this it's being weird about my previous description. Read this yo'. (more »)
The Missing Time
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This story is about a girl and her quest to find her missing brother. She has to face some hard ships and what not. (more »)
What The Wind Said To Me And You When We Were...
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Mickey Dunn has to figure out if his life is worth all of the things he has to deal with, and if he can actually let go of his past. (more »)
Once Was Blind, But Now I See
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Lily is a perfectly normal teenager,except for that she can see what others can't. After being diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Lily is admitted into a mental hospital where she learns that she is not the only one who can see. (more »)
Chasing the Stars
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Renee was a dancer, on her way to New York with dreams that were way over her head. She was staying with her three best friends, Lily, Danny, and Tyler. Join them through the good times and the bad as they chase the stars. (more »)
By , Pittsburgh, PA
A novella about a recently divorced man who falls in love with a ghost at an old beach diner. As things get serious, the line separating reality and fantasy begin to blur. (more »)
Another World
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This book is generally on how a very big dinosaur lives in a very big world. (more »)
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the Alliance
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this book has action and adventure along with romance and friendship, as well as everyday problems a girl may face. (more »)

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