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Most Recent Action-Adventure Novels


Here are the most recent action-adventure novels:

The Legend of Merynn
By , Waukesha, WI

A man named Merynn goes on a quest to save the land and all of it's inhabitants. 

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Pirates, time travel, and falling in love? Which one takes the toll on Kathrine? (more »)
Scarlett of the Burning Blades
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A young girl who has ran away from home joins a magical guild called Blue Dragon, looking for a real family.. But will her past destroy her happy future.

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Imagine having everything at your feet? Well that's exactly what Madison Brooke has everything at her feet...

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The Legendary Sword
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A young girl whose has a difficult life, but now on her life became more powerful. (more »)
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It's hard to escape something that is inevitable. This short story expresses the thoughts and feelings as well as the memories of our hero as he literally walks towards his inevitable fate. (more »)
Who Am I
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Alex Black must travel across America to save the country. Not knowing who he is, he is forced to trust someone he doesn't know in order to accomplish what he knows he must do. (more »)
The Girl Who Cried Ugly
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A twist on Alice and Wonderland. A story that will make you ask yourself what true beauty is. (more »)
The Man Part 2
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Faith's second adventure (more »)
Destiny: The Road of Tomorrow
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A shaken youth's childhood is lost, after the death of their closest companion. But through the vessel of Cyber-Battling, expressing one's feelings through combat, he begins to regain his happiness as his bonds are rewritten. (more »)
Into the Lightening
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I heard muffled snores coming from their room. I rose from my bed, stopped and cringed when the floor creaked under step. I waited till I heard snoring again, slipped the bag over my shoulders, and then gingerly crept from my room. (more »)
Apatheia Ataraxia
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In a world where freedom has been exchanged for security, Rhiannon Thompson has joined the resistance to gain the freedom she's never known, but her past may put her and her rebel boyfriend, Connor, into more danger than she anticipated. (more »)
Between Two Worlds
This is the story of a man who goes on a quest to look for the girl he is caring for when she goes missing. Instead, he ends up having to save the world from demons after he gets transported to a whole new universe. (more »)
The Man Part 1
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A girl mysteriously gets attacked by a man that she doesn't know. A young guy saves her and now she's on the mission to find out why she is wanted dead. (more »)
Love in Law
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A 1800's female rancher works with the towns sheriff to catch rustlers and falls in love. (more »)

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