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The Lure Of Sports

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Run faster, shoot better, and throw farther! These are the qualities that we idolize in school. As teenagers most of our lives revolve around sports. We play sports, watch sports, and talk about sports. Teens put so much time and focus into sports, but what do sports do for us?
Four years of high school is spent thinking that learning the business of sports is important. We tune in our skill, set solid foundations and build our skills high. It seems we are on top, but in reality when we finish school it doesn’t matter. No matter how good the foundation, all those skills we idolize, collapse and become worthless in our current life. Teens are being lured in the wrong direction, and instead of preparing for life after school, they are just making the most of not being in real life.
With no influences what so ever most teens wouldn’t make a big deal of sports. Then fewer adults would idolize teams and athletes and live their own lives. Many grown-ups seem to end up clinging onto the “good ole days” and idolize people that did make it into major leagues. As parents raise their own kids, they sculpt them to love sports so they can make the most of their “best years”. Adults give kids advice, “enjoy your high school years, they are the best years of your life” or “play sports and enjoy life well you can.” This is not true at all! In fact it’s the worst advice to give a confused teenager!
Those adults that give that advice to teens say that because they lost, and high school was actually the best time of their own lives. They don’t know any better because they focused on being a good player and it all their work and fame ended after high school. Teens shouldn’t be raised to think this way and adults definitely shouldn’t be influencing their kids to follow their “awesome” sports paths.
Sports should play a much smaller role in teen lives, and we should focus on the things that will continue to build us up for the rest of our lives. Teens shouldn’t idolize playing sports for a few years and then spend the rest of their life looking back on it like so many adults do. Nobody wants to consider the winning touchdown they made in 2010 to be their greatest achievement when they’re 30.
After high school, we should step out into the real world, and be successful. After all, high school is only a stepping stone into life, not the best part of life its self. After getting started in high school we should be ready to explore, invent, succeed, make a difference, or do whatever we love and have fun doing. Everyday is the best day and it won’t stop after high school even though sports will. Teens should not get too involved in their fantasy sports, and focus on their real life.

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