Should college atheletes have to be atleast a Junior in order to enter there draft?

February 3, 2011
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How many times have you tuned into ESPN and found out that your college has just recruited a player that is suposed to lead the way for your team to win a National Championship. And then maybe one or two years you tune into the season opener and there gone. (GASP!) well its because nowadays the NCAA has not put down a rule saying, when you sign that letter of intent that you must play or participate for that school, (unless a transfer occuers). So now you are seeing people like John Wall former point gaurd star at Kentucky university. Who played for one year and then just dropped everything to go to the NBA as a 19 year old freshman!

Also there is an example in base ball, a young 19 year old man named Bryce Harper who attended one single year at the College of Southern Nevada These two increadible atheletes share common ground, they were both chosen as the first overall draft picks. And that is the excuse that the NCAA uses, "Well if they are taken #1 in a draft then they must be ready to leave a school that they as seniors had been told that they will play untill they complete there senior season. " Tell me that using that excuse is valid, because once they sign that letter of intent you should be hooked untill your senior season no matter the situation. I believe every fan could support this blogs intent, because how many Stanford fans would love to see Andrew Luck stay for that senior year? Or how many Kentucky fans would have loved to see john wall who has the talent of a number one draft pick to stick around for another three years? So for all of this to go down in a posotive note how many of you Husky fan were glad to hear Jake Locker stick around for his amazing senior year, and what a picture perfect ending that was huh? so NCAA think about your future student atheletes

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Maddog7 said...
Mar. 18, 2011 at 10:27 am
Every body please make comments Im trying to get good at blogging and need some feedback
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