A Letter to the Atheists

January 15, 2018
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Dear Atheists (or anyone not okay with Christianity)

You may be sickened to see yet another sappy letter from the dreaded “Christian”, you’re expecting me to condemn you for no apparent reason, you’re expecting me to offend the definition of democracy for no good reason whatsoever, you’re expecting this letter to sound hypocritical. I just want to tell you something that I feel is important.

I really am sorry that so many of you had seen people who call themselves “Christians” and yet act in ways that make the whole of Christendom seem as a license to sin. We, as followers of Jesus, wish to be perfect, but like anyone else we’re not perfect, and like anyone else, sometimes we have to apologize. Our book teaches us that there is nothing we can do to reach heaven except have faith in our Savior Christ. We are supposed to strive to be like our hero, but we’re still prone to doing stupid stuff. Don’t confuse what I am saying with legalism. Some of you have lost faith because of those who said over and over again, “Be baptised and you will be saved!” The Christian faith does encourage doing good, but this is supposed to be out of love, not out of legalistic paranoia. We do good works because we are saddened by what’s going on in the world. We spread the Gospel because we really do believe that there awaits a terrible fate for non-believers and we just want as few people going down that road as possible. We’re not supposed to be like the sinister priests or the abusive politicians you see on T.V. 

In fact, the book we go by has warnings about false teachers, people who pretend to be one of us but really are not. Again, I'm sorry that many people out there have treated you poorly. I'm sorry you've met people that acted like intolerant Pharisees, I'm sorry that some of you were forced to live by a set of rules and not in a relationship with the Lord, I'm sorry that you've seen or even experienced some terrible things that caused you to think we live in a meaningless world.

Sincerely, a well meaning Christian.

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