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The Reality Of God

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The Christian faith preaches the existence of God, but what is God?
With so many branches of churches, not only in Christianity, but also many other religions, it is hard to gather a basic understanding of a higher being. One may tell you that God is love, another, that God is out to get you. Some may tell you that if you do not believe, you will burn for eternity in hell, yet others don't believe in the existence of such a place. When fear is put in our hearts, we become puppets of the church. Preaching their word, and giving no thought to any other ideas simply because we are scared. 
The bible plays a huge role in the Christian faith, but what part do we listen to? The bible may tell us to treat others with respect and be decent human beings, but it also tells us to stone our children and beat our wives. Is it morally correct to take the advice of a book with such ideas? Or should we adapt new principals all together?
"The son of god", Jesus Christ, is yet another huge role in the Christian faith. He taught us to love, and live in peace, but what about his idea of God? How are we to know what he said when the story has been altered so many times throughout history? Perhaps he believed God to be a large deity in the sky, or maybe he thought god lives within us.
With the information we have been presented, it is hard to create an understanding of our creator. It is evadible to believe that god exists within or minds, as an idea of our own thoughts and principles, to be shaped by none other than ourselves, but in reality, we will never know. 

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