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Philosophy of Duality

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Everything in life strives toward balance, from the wind pressure in the atmosphere to the chemical processes in your cells. Things need to reach an equilibrium with their environment. Furthermore, like in Isaac Newton’s laws, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, or, in a larger sense, everything has its opposite counterpart. These can be as obvious as night and day or as abstract as good and bad. The universal equilibrium is between any of these two given pairs of opposites. The worst possible state is in excess of one of these pairs. Again, and obvious example would be night and day. It would be disastrous if it was solely day or solely night, solely summer or solely winter, and other things like that. Good and bad is harder to understand in this sense, we have been taught at a young age to strive solely for good, but those of us who have lived know it is often difficult to make the purely good choice in every situation we run into. There are some people who lean more toward one or the other, but the equilibrium is still maintained. For every Gandhi there is a Hitler. Also important to understand, “good” and “bad” are abstract, flexible concepts, and one cannot exist without the other. If the concept of “bad” didn’t exist, there would be no concept of “good”. If there were no lies, there’d be no truth. If there was no death, there would be no meaning to life. People can strive solely for one extreme or the other, but this is often futile. The only thing to come of it is further imbalance, stress, and dissatisfaction. Nothing should be taken in excess. Even “good” can be “bad” in excess. Sometimes, striving for one extreme can cause bouncing between the two extremes. Instead of fighting toward one extreme, strive for balance. Have both “good” and “bad” in your life, and learn how to use both. Hate can be balanced with love, happiness can be balanced with sadness, pride can be balanced with humility, greed can be balanced with generosity, and extravagance can be balanced with simplicity. To have only one of the two extremes would make you half a human. We need both, but the key is balance. It’s okay to be self-serving if you also know how to give to those with less than you. It’s okay to hate, if you also know how to love those who need it. It’s okay to be cruel, if you also know how to show compassion to those who deserve it. Under careful examination, “good” and “bad” become fluid to a point where they are almost non-existent. One action may be acceptable in one situation and wrong in another. Really, there is no “good” and “bad”, there is just action coupled with an equal and opposite reaction.

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