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Fear to Die

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The world is a cruel place. The world is a useless place. All of our dreams, our goals that we set for ourselves, or are set by others, are completely worthless. We work, and slave, and perhaps, find contentment in that work while we strive towards something better. When we finally accomplish those goals, typically we are older, and realize we spent most of our lives working away, sometimes missing out on other things that could have made us just as happy. But, it doesn’t matter. We don’t regret it, because we find contentment in finally achieving our goals. That is all we find—contentment. Some overly joyous moments, some heart-wrenching sad ones. But, overall, the only thing humankind strives for is to be content. It’s somewhat pathetic, really, because as soon as we find that contentment—we die. Or we waste the rest of our lives waiting to die. It’s terrifying, but the slaving and working to accomplish our goals distracted us from the terrifying unknown of what happens when we can no longer work or be content.

No matter what religion you are or your family is or what anyone says, there is no, legitimate, cold-hard proof of what, exactly, there is in the afterlife. Only belief. Those who have a belief are somewhat lucky. Those who are able to so firmly believe where they will go or what will happen when they’re done with their working and contentment and their lives expire—they don’t have to work to distract themselves as hard from the unknown because they believe they do know, while the rest of us work and work and slave for contentment, then distract some more because we never were truly able to convince ourselves to believe in anything in particular, and so we are forced to worry away and be terrified of the unknown, what is to happen to ourselves when we die, how the world will progress without us, what our loved ones will feel or how our countries will continue and move on from us.

This is why the world is a cruel place. If you do not believe in something, you are atheist. This, in turn, makes others say you are going to hell. Which, in turn, makes you even more scared of what will happen to you when you die, and if you will actually suffer after you die, all contentment and distractions gone because you could not convince yourself into a single religion when there are so many variables to consider and simple ‘faith’ was not enough to persuade you? If you believe in something, you are most likely wrong, Bible-pushing, stuck up people who try to shove your religion down other’s throats who do not believe they need saving. Perhaps they truly believe that; perhaps some are okay with thinking that, after they die, they simply cease to exist. It makes sense.

It is useless to dwell on the subject much because it all comes down to one simple fact; we disappear. We no longer are a part of this world that we grew up in, no longer get to be apart of the society, generation, family, country, state that we were once a part of. Everything changes in a simple moment—even if our death comes long, drawn out, it still happens in just an instant—and everything is completely gone. Perhaps we become different people.

Perhaps we are put into another person’s shoes from another generation, someone completely worse off than our previous lives, but we can’t remember the family we had before, nor the lives; all we know is this terrible one we never knew before, and we can’t even understand just how bad it is compared to our previous one because we cannot remember it, and thus not appreciate it. If this is so, what is there to learn from having multiple lives? Is there anything to learn at all in this world? Everything turns around and around—people philosophize, for what? Everything changes—people die.

Philosophies stray a while before dying out, replaced by new ones that may be different or the same basis as the ones before them. It seems so… useless. We work for our goals, and achieve for contentment, we receive contentment to fear, and then we fear to die. After that, who is to say? Religions that have been passed down since ancient times, times that no one can truly understand unless they were there, those of which have been dead just as long. People always question, “What is the meaning of life?” It seems that there isn’t one. If we cannot learn, we do not achieve anything. If we learn, we cannot do anything with that knowledge. If you believe, you are content and annoying. If you do not believe, you are terrified and ignorant. That is the basis of this world and humanity. Life and death is just a matter of working until you’re content, and waiting to see if you were right or not.

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