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The Lamentations of a Sinner

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What truly differs an Atheist from a Catholic? Is it the belief in the afterlife or the proclamation that we, as sensible and somewhat intelligent products of evolution, should make the most of this life because…well…our lives last a second in comparison to eternity.

To think that before us, the human beings, “the stewards of God”, as the Old Testament states, more or less millions of years passed by. To any atheist, philosopher, or just a person of the slightest trace of wit, this concept is incredible and could easily be identified as one of the wonders of the world. Well, at least one of the intellectual ones. I doubt that it would have to take You, a reader of such contradictive works, even a minute to realize that our lives are basically anything but significant if we don’t make the most of them. The big question is…how?

Some make preposterous decisions to devote their lives to waiting around for their husbands to come home( this pretty much sums up the nauseating life of a housewife). To make matters clear, I am not offending this lifestyle. I simply cannot tolerate it if a girl, attending a school and receiving a fair education, wastes her one in a (short) lifetime opportunity and decides to live on the money earned by her spouse. Any woman truly respecting herself would brake down and cry like Katherine Parr or Katherine Howard, hearing of her ill faith. It wouldn`t pose a problem, not to any feminist. And isn`t that something that we, women of the 21st Century, should aspire to?

Yes, both men and women alive would use their lives to see the world, or at least see the other side of their country. Quite unsurprisingly, most of these people are atheists or very undevoted Roman Catholics. And why? That`s the real question.There are some exceptions though.

The real and quite honest problem which is posing for all atheists around the globe is the issue of all the pointless wars circulating around something as ridiculous as religion. To see people suffer, die and worst still, be tortured for the sake of changing somebody`s belief system is something that I, personally, have a very hard time dealing with. It depends on a person and his/her character, but no person of the right mind would hold their tongue when dealing with the question of spilling innocent blood. Of course, then the question of murder in everyday life in the 21st Century comes up. What is the answer? I think that anyone would be pleased to hear that it`s the same as one of the Ten Commandments. Killing is a crime. Putting the obvious boundaries posed by law aside, it is immoral and unjustified, no matter what the situation is. One is born and I, as a stubborn teen, do not believe that it was meant to be. But one thing is for sure, we are all unique and all equally significant. When one forgets about this, a person, in this manor, gives up his/her humanity, the one thing that separates us from other creatures occupying our planet. Such a decision doesn`t necessarily take courage, but a strong douse of stupidity, something with which some unfortunate people are born with. Such people, sadly, become the representatives of our rights and laws.

To some extent, politicians are only deluded people carried by their sick ambitions and unearthly need to shine in the tabloids. Surprised by my criticism? Really?

Look at the economy. If that`s what it takes to convey my message, so be it, but I tried not to bring the daunting recession into this, which is the major problem of today`s economy.

So, to conclude my cynical work, I confess that all problems which we are faced with are basically to do with religion or the economy. Oh how poor and damned are we all in the world we may as well nickname the Matrix. Now we just need to pinch each other on the arm and rise from our sacks of amniotic fluid. Maybe this way we`ll wake up and see reality with our own eyes. Or maybe not possessing them would be less painful than looking at our dying planet with nothing more than depressing realization.

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