More Laws for Trans Rights

January 21, 2018
By AceMcCase SILVER, Morris Plains, New Jersey
AceMcCase SILVER, Morris Plains, New Jersey
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We live in a progressive society where people evolve and change everyday, no longer is everything clearly written in black and white and binarily separated into man and woman. “Gender identity is an individual’s internal sense of gender which may be different from or the same as the person’s sex assigned at birth” ( Pruitt 1). There are many gender identities that one could identify as but trans is one that is regularly discriminated against. Whether it’s using public facilities, locker rooms or just a general gender dispute, there is always an argument. The reason being is some disagree with people using their gender identity instead of their biological sex when it comes to the law. When laws were made to protect against sex discrimination, gender identity was not included. However, this is now a pressing issue for many therefore, necessitating the need for more laws to protect the rights of trans people.

In the past, Title IX was what was supposed to protect the rights of transgender students. By definition, “Title IX is the 1972 law banning sex discrimination in schools” (Pruitt 1). When these laws were made cisgender, meaning identifying with your biological sex, was the most prevalent gender identity, not transgender or any other for that matter. Although, transgender people technically fall under title IX there is still debate as to whether what the creators had inmind when they wrote the law matters. When Sean Spicer was asked this question he was correct in saying that it was not trans people (Marcus 2), which is correct.  In fact earlier in the same article it states “ any event it is “preposterous on its face” that the authors of the federal law barring sex discrimination imagined it would cover transgender students” (Marcus 1). Laws regarding trans people was not as much of an issue then as it is now. Therefore, Title IX should be revised to include laws against discrimination towards gender identities, because there still needs to be laws for those who do not fit into the gender binary. Also, in doing this it would become somewhat of a federal issue instead of a state´s one which is actually something the creators intended.


In summary, considering there is still conflict on which laws cover what situation more laws are needed to protect the rights of trans people to keep there from being any injustice. If Title IX, which was a fine law at the time it was made, when being transgender was not well known, is going to continue it should be revised to include various gender identities such as transgender, to follow through with what the authors had in mind when they wrote it, which indeed was not transgender people but nonetheless it was protection against sex discrimination and to have this be a federal problem. If we plan to continue living in this progressive society, then the laws need to progress with it.

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I wrote this back in May of 2017 so my apologies if any of the facts are outdated

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