Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Striaght. I Don’t Care. We are ALL People.

October 17, 2017
By , Yukon, OK

When people found out that I’m lesbian...

Me: Mrs. T, how’s it going?
BFF Mom: I’m sorry, you can’t stay the night anymore.
I go from basically living at my best friend’s house to having to keep the bedroom door open when I’m over there. I just want to tell her parents, “If I haven’t made a move on your daughter yet it’s because we’re just friends. And just fyi it’s not like she’ll catch the gay cold.”


When my parents met my first boyfriend (at 15) they thought we were so cute and adorable. He came to family dinners with my grandparents and he came to family parties. It was not a problem that I had a boyfriend.


When my parents met my first girlfriend (at 17) it took them two months of us dating for them to finally meet her. Getting them to talk to her was like trying to give a cat a bath. My grandparents still don’t know I’m gay.
At a family dinner, my grandma asked if I was seeing anyone and I said yes. My mother quickly jumped in saying that he was so amazing.

I know it’s hard for some people to understand the way that I love is different from the way that they love but those same people need to understand that it hurts me when you tell me that my relationships aren’t real because they aren’t recgonized by God or that it’s not right to love a woman when you are one.
I’m fully aware that the legalization of gay marriage is still new and different but you need to be aware that just because we’re gay doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings.

In today’s society, we are still scared to come out because there are haters. There will always be haters though. There is nothing we can do about that but try to explain that our relationships are as real or even more real than that of any straight couple.


Just because it’s different doesn’t make it wrong.

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