I knew this girl. She isn’t your average friend. You’d think from the outside she was overreacting to almost everything and super boy-crazy. Yes, she is both of those things. But there’s to more to her. Just like everyone else, she is not always who she acts like on the outside.

Who do you see everyday at work or school? Your foes, friends, the nerds, the populars, etc. No, what you see everyday are people. Human beings like me and you, but yet so different. We easily forget the tiny details. But we must forget what makes each one of us different and unique. From the moment you look at your arch rival, give them a smile. That lonely girl? Go and sit with her. I encourage you to use another mindset daily.

The girl I explained was so unique. She was the ideal friend. But no one saw it. They chose to drag her down due to her personality, not build her up. They used her strengths as weaknesses that they constantly made fun of. How she was not the best volleyball player. How she was so boy-crazy. And unfortunately, as well as forgetting others’ feelings, you can also forget yourself and who you are.

I lost track of all this drama. She had enough material to work with for a stand-up comedian. Probably one of the biggest reasons she was mocked daily.

“Hey, are you going to the party? If so, I’m not coming!”
“You don’t play for volleyball! Benchwarmer…”

I began to take this as the new normal. So did she. So much, I began to do it myself. Saying funny things about her that would potentially hurt her. Joking around, but taking it too far. And she was always with me when I did it. That’s what hurt the most.

One innocent day, I was working on my computer in class, doing math. I was also looking up funny photos online. Multi-tasking was sort-of my thing. I came across a really funny, yet mean photo that read “Keep Calm and Punch (insert my friends full name here)” I showed it to her and even some other friends behind me. They laughed, so did she. She didn’t want it to go viral, but it did. I showed it to some of the boys I considered cool. They laughed, showed others. I was happy of my new found popularity. But my stupid gut feeling was telling me I was hurting her.

Later on, I waved on to a boy (who normally tried way to hard to avoid me) and he listened to what I was going to say. He even explained he did this because I made fun of her. That just goes to show you how a little joke can hurt someone like that.

I ask of you to not forget about yourself and others. At the end of the day, we’re not all divided into cliques based on our personality, we’re just people. People who all are connected in some way. Friends, foes and all. Never overlook anyone. Never.

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