The World Is the Reign of the Doers

August 22, 2017
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Society, as we see it today, is the product of the hard work and intellectual thinking of various people, but most importantly it is essential to those who are brave enough to take action and make their ideas and dreams come to life.  Doing is more important than planning because your actions define you, not your thoughts. Unless your thoughts become an action, it will not make a difference. For instance, if Hitler had only thought of taking control of Germany and killing thousands, no one would have cared. However, the fact that he did it made it a horrific and dark memory that the entire world will forever remember. And the actions that he took defined who he was. If Einstein had accustomed to conformity and had stopped wondering,  about the relationship between time and space and the ether of light, then perhaps we would still be in the dark without any understanding of time and space and the universe. If President Truman hadn’t given the order to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, all those people would still be alive but perhaps the war would have continued and taken even more lives.  What I am trying to say is the actions we take, big or small, good or bad, define us and leave a mark in history that can never be erased.

The world is controlled by those who take action. It is up to every individual to decide whether it will be Hitler’s world or Einstein’s world. Most people take comfort in thinking that there is time, that they have a plan, that perhaps tomorrow would be better. The truth is that there is no time, and there is nothing better than the present. The future is unknown, we must take advantage of every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Inaction is equivalent to failure, it does not matter how great a plan is unless it becomes an action.

Cuba is referred to as living museum because its leaders are reluctant to take action and advance. What was once the capital of the world has become a forgotten dusty museum.  That is what happens when fear and incapacity enter our hearts - life becomes motionless. The thoughts are there, the dreams are there, the goals are there in the heart of every citizen. But the doubt and fear are also there. The people are the heart and the government is the brain consumed with fear, the fear of losing control. If the heart can not fight the brain and achieve its ultimate goal then it will stay in the thinking mindset and will never reign because this world is reigned by the doers, not the thinkers who have no momentum.

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