Enslaved to Our Own Creation

August 22, 2017
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Society is heavily reliant on technology and not all of us use it in a correct moderate manner. Thus what is the correct way to use technology? Shall we continue our current dependence on it? Or shall we start to use it moderately? It is our civic duty to control our machinery, because if we don't - it will control us.


In the present, our ideal society is one of ignorance, corruption, dispersion, conflict. In the present, our subliminal but effective ideal is technology.  Ideals are the building blocks of a society; ideals have shaped our belief system; Ideals have defined our nature; Ideals have built and destroyed cities; Ideals have led us to the present hence we must not ignore this threat to our ideals. Society has become enslaved to our technology, by systematizing every aspect of our lives, populating our homes with machinery, and allowing such machines to dictate our future as it is the only thing our instinct desires.

Progress has not been obtained; rather as it happened in Allegory in the Cave , we have returned to our previous state of shadow watching and novelty seeking. We strive to be entertained and disregard knowledge and its power. Knowledge is currently a homeless man sitting in every corner of our modern cities, a man who is ignored constantly as the poisonous snake enters the heart of every citizen through a welcoming screen that opens a portal for the snake to consume not only the viewer's soul but inevitably their beliefs. This bacteria must be eradicated before the infection is too great and our cities deserted. This battle is not to combat oppression, this battle is to recognize that we are oppressed by the entity we hold most dear.


This giant invisible scorpion injects its poison daily, however, no one seems to notice. As Juan P. was being interviewed he spoke of his obsession towards the said poison. Four to six hours a day a significant amount of time lost on a screen, according to Juan such thing is necessary. After being asked if he was aware of the negative effects of this act- he said, "of course I am, but I can't change it, it is necessary in our society"
Necessity, what is a necessity? Is it water? Or maybe bread? Perhaps internet?   Our definition of necessity has dramatically changed. Recently a classmate of mine was writing a paper about poverty and said classmate barely spoke of starving children or of suicidal societies or of any such thing, they spoke of not being able to afford a cell phone, or not being able to purchase the most fashionable cloth. Is this what our necessity is now? Cloth? Cellphones?


The media plays a key role in creating this ideal because Television is our main source of information these days, and its content is nothing but trivial, its only purpose is to entertain, nothing more- nothing less. Our generation has been sentenced by a perplexed net. It is not my classmate's fault, It is not Juan P.'s fault, it is not television's fault, it is everyone's fault. We created our oppressor, we gave it power, we made it our home, we are guilty.
I am not saying that Technology should be eradicated. I am saying that we should eradicate our beliefs about technology. We have to change the way we think, in order to change the way we are. Unless this is done, our generation and the next to come will be destined to be slaves to our own creation.


If society is incapable of change then we will never be anything more than what we are, we will never be more than what our minds restrain us to be, we will never be more than what society allows us to be. Only those who can break the chains and knock down the walls will be fully free. Only those who will fight for truth and light will ever be complete. The rest will forever remain in the darkness of their cave.

It is time to craft a new declaration of independence and become independent from those machines that steal our time, our life, and our values. Let's all unite and win the battle against this invisible, yet harmful foe. We the people of earth must unite to destroy our common foe who disguises itself as progress. We must not be weak, we must not fall into it's tempting trap, we must break out of its perplexed net. We the people of earth must liberate ourselves, and forever remain free.

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