May 30, 2017
By Anonymous

What is technology used for? Technology is used in all aspects of society; it is used for entertainment, learning, and solving problems. It makes things easier, but it contains a major flaw that everyone seems to overlook: it disconnects society from nature and prevents people from enjoying life to its fullest. America constantly thinks about progress and effortlessly tries to create new innovations with technology. With all this time focused on technology it takes away time spent outdoors. Nature has the capability to entirely change an individual’s mood in the matter of minutes. Technology is destroying our perspective of life and is destroying nature itself. If there wasn’t as much  influence of technology in our lives there would be less stress and more focus on enjoying a nice breath of fresh air.

Technology is used for watching tv, using cell phones, going on the internet, and playing video games. All of these activities consists most of a person’s day. These situations use little to no physical activity while they are being performed; therefore, while technology is being used, the individual’s health will decline. Humans do not get as much exercise as they should. They attend school, work, care for families and in their free time they do what they prefer: most of the time it is watching tv or a movie. Meanwhile, they receive no exercise, start to gain weight, and develop medical issues. Being healthy constantly upbrings a person’s mood and it avoids depression. Stephanie Wear of the Nature Conversary believes nature deficit disorder leads to “...obesity, cancer, heart disease, anxiety and depression”(Fox News 5/19/17) and she claimed that “...your stress hormones go down....your blood pressure goes down, your resting heart rate goes down, you feel better”(Fox News 5/19/17). Technology and bad weather are the greatest reasons why people won’t go outside, so instead of technology solving every problem, it just created one on its own.

Too much technology can be bad for the brain and eyes. If a person stares at a pixels screen all day all it does is stress the eyes trying to focus on the big image. Constantly staring at a screen will give people migraines and headaches. This is because sitting down and staring causes lack of circulation through the body and exhaustion of the eyes. In order to prevent these headaches you have to take constant breaks. I personally never took breaks and it lead to me having a terrible headache in the end. It also stressed my eyes so much that if I kept it up i would have needed glasses. So in the end it is best to control how much time you spend on staring at a screen.

Some are incapable of enjoying life to its fullest because some of the greatest adventures to do involve the outdoors. They never take breaks from working and technology. Instead they can go on hikes, compete in outdoor sports, go on bike rides, have picnics, swim, go to the beach, and go on vacation. Many people would love to go on vacation but they are prevented because technology and work prevents them from having any time off. Technology is fast paced and rushed; everything has to be done so quick or else you pay the price for it. It's unjust that we society created something so special to help us, but instead it dictates the way we live.

Although it does create that problem, it is understandable on how it is a necessity for our era. It is so involved in society and everyone is so addicted to it that it is almost impossible to get rid of. For humans to enjoy life and enjoy the nature that the earth provided us with, we must have the strength to walk away from what's taking control. We must, on our own, decide to be content with the decision to go  out into the sunlight. The wisest ultimatum is to take advantage of the situation now before technology fully consumes our everyday lives.

The author's comments:

I wanted to make people more aware of how technology controls our lives.

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