Diary of a MUNer

March 5, 2017
By , Chittagong, Bangladesh

Like every other kid, I had a dream.  Not of being a pilot or anything, but of being a world leader. There were times when I used to imagine myself as a president of a state and take decisions that would apparently change the world for good (!) I was never a spontaneous extrovert. But that never stopped me from dreaming that one day, my voice will be heard; my opinions will matter. All of these were just a dream, until one day I heard about something named – Model United Nations.

The first time I walked into an MUN conference, little did I know that this was going to change everything. This gave me the opportunity to step in the shoes of a world leader - the opportunity which I could only dream about. When I spoke for the first time at that conference, it was a feeling that you can’t describe in words. For the first time in my life I knew that all the people around me cared about what I had to say. No one raised up and made fun of me, or pointed out my flaws. Rather, for the first time, I felt like my voice mattered, my opinions were counted.

In the days of the conference, I saw my dreams come true. Representing a country, making political decisions, defending its policy, working for a better world – things I only dreamt of. The best part of MUN is the people. There’s nothing more comforting than being among a bunch of people knowing that they share the same interests as you. That’s somehow rare for teens nowadays. The bonding that is created in an MUN conference always remains a special one.

I walked out of my first conference with more than just experience. I walked out with a passion. A passion that I knew would change my life forever. It taught me that I’m capable of more than what I think myself to be. Not only it allowed me to discover a seed of a leader within myself, but also the “anti-social” tag started to fade away.

Model United Nations taught me to interact better with people; taught me to control myself under immense pressure; taught me how it feels to be a world leader; in short, made me the person I always wanted to be. For me, it’s not just another extracurricular to put up in my resume; it is a lifestyle - a dream turned reality.

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