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March 3, 2017

Both Veronica Roth and Suzanna Collins wrote close to the same story just in different ways. In ‘The Hunger Games’ (Collins) you have districts and in ‘The Divergent Series’ (Roth) you have factions. Both main characters are tired of the way their government is running them and so they both start a rebellion. In Collins book, you have President Coin trying to help Katniss but she truly wants power just like in Roth’s book you have Four’s mother trying to help Tris but she just wants power. There is President Snow controlling the district and you have Jeanine Mathews controlling the factions. The point is if you just want money rip of someone else’s idea but make it completely your own. But if you want something that is truly worth something grow your imagination.


Take Jesse Andrews. He is an underappreciated author with so much talent in writing. He wrote ‘Me and Earl and The Dying Girl.’ It might sound like something you would never read but it is the funniest book about friendship, death, and just finding yourself in this world. The main character Greg Gaines finds himself becoming friends with a girl that has cancer but it’s not like every other story you hear. It focuses more on him than her. He struggles to see who he is. Greg Gaines believes he has no friends but that’s only what he tells himself. He has people that care about him but he doesn’t want to care for fear that his heart will be broken.


Trent Reedy wrote ‘If You’re Reading This.’ The book follows a young man who starts to receive letters in the mail from his father who died ten years ago. The letters tell him to follow his heart and do what makes him happy. Until those letters came he lived in his own bubble but afterwards he becomes a star football player and he gets lost somewhere in the middle but he comes out a mixture of his before and after in the end.


Personally, Margret Peterson Haddix is my all-time favorite author. ‘The Missing Series,’ is the best by her. The series follows Jonah and Kathrine back and forth in time returning missing people from history. Though out her books we meet Virginia Dare, Albert Einstein, Henry Hudson and many more famous figures from centuries before us.


There are much more worthy authors needing to be added to his list like Richard Paul Evan, Cassandra Clare, Rick Riordan, Rick Yancey, Markus Zusak, etc. These authors all have something in common. They all took simple ideas like super powers, Greek gods, the end of the world, a girl who loves to read and many more things, and they made it all unique. All that needs to be said is find something totally ordinary and make it your own.

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