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Happily Ever After

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“How do you
How do you say to a girl
Where is her prince charming
What her life is going to be
Maybe it’s just a phase
A phase that is only in fairy tales”

Many girls think that there is a “happily ever after” after they are grown up or when they get married to their prince. But this is not the truth. From childhood the girl is taught that someday all their wishes will get fulfilled when their prince comes.

Many a times I feel that society is just trying to make us fool .They tell us (girls) to be docile, soft spoken and be patient. But do they ever think what we want. We all are required to follow established norms of society. We grow up, get married and have children. Then only society considers us as a complete woman.

What you guys think? Is there anything we are missing? After so many years of modernisation, there is still a question lingering that “do girls have to get married and have children to say that they are happy?”   Of course not .Something about life is so precious. Everybody’s life is precious and I think we all are intended to make something great or search for the truth for some of the questions.

Independent and happy girls are my favourite kind. I myself being a girl respect all the women and girls .By judging them if they are married or have kids is obnoxious.  I truly respect women who in spite of facing violence in their life never give up. They are so strong that even if you lay thousand stones in their way they will surpass them with same energy and enthusiasm that they have lived with all their life.
A complete woman is one who is happy and contented in her own way. Her style, her ways, her limits are defined by none other than her and not the society.

A happily ever after is just an illusion to portray that life can be full of roses in spite of hidden thorns. It’s just a way to ease the problems that girls may face or are facing in some of the primitive parts of the world. One thing I’ve learned from music is that the only things that matter in life of a girl is inner happiness and what her soul truly wants. She doesn’t have to be pretty because there is no girl that is ugly. She should be helpful and kind and have brains. That will be enough to make her life worthy. There are different perceptions of being pretty.  A serenity should surround her  .


No regrets and no apologies should be made by a girl if a guy doesn’t fall for her. She will get her happily ever after not ultimately but definitely. No guy can make her dreams come true unless she strives to make them come true.  They don’t have to put lots of makeup and look like a model. It’s not at all compulsory to wear clothes that will be impressive. There is no ideal man and no prince charming. But every girl is a princess in her own way.


A skinny girl, girl with no flabs , and of course a fair and tall girl will be a choice for a man. But no one is perfect. Even a fair and tall girl may have flaws. After all in the end it only matter’s what you want and your peace of mind.  And if you ever feel alone just remember that god is by your side and also you are a princess. You ought to have a wonderful life.

So Break a leg.

Ps: this writing is based on my personal experiences and there is no intention to hurt anyone. And if it is, I apologise for it.

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